Face Cellulite vaccum

Hi guys today I'm going to talk about how to reduce fat in the face actually this video it's not really for me because I want to have more fat in the face I've gained weight because of that actually on purpose but anyway there are people who want to lose fat from the face so this is for you if you want to lose fat and if you want to gain more fat in the face this exercise.

today's exercise is not really for you to be honest you can try it I'm gonna I'm gonna do for demonstration purpose but personally I don't do this because I want to gain more fat fat is a free filler and it's a beautiful youthful use evidence of you so it's really precious and I want to have more but anyway let's do it I'm sure there are people who want to lose fat from the face but before going to the exercise.

Did you know that face develops cellulite do you have so like I have some satellite in the body too I do go to gym on the day on the regular basis but I still have some develop some so light in it's so hard to get rid of it once you have it and the happens the face based once you have the sylvite in the face it's a bad fat right you don't want to have it and then it's hard to get rid of it get rid of it but this exercise it's a really good way to prevent before from happening also even after I have it's happening it's there it's it's helpful it's useful to effective to reduce the size of the cell like so let's do it first let me show you how easy so just vacuum all the fat from the this face like this as much as possible then 10 seconds.

huh I'm tired already um so there this is a bad example I actually cannot do this bad example but I've seen some people do this so when you do it the line should be a little bit like up not down and I cannot do this better example or purpose but this line should be a little bit up because I don't want you to pull anything from downward so make sure you do in front of mirror and make sure that the this line mm-hmm it's a little bit up yeah just a little bit up not down if you are if the line is a little bit down which means that you might be chewing more lower part instead of a part yeah so make sure that you the line it's just a little bit up but this exercise is too easy for you so I'm gonna do a little bit more advanced version of this exercise let's call it let's call this exercise cellulite vacuum so this let's do that additional advanced version of cellulite vacuum is so what I'm doing it the first do the zealot vacuum face and then slowly move to the side and slowly move to the side both each 10 seconds keep it and then when you do it try to do not change the put the vacuum position but just keep it and then move and keep it then keep it clicking here in the move it's hard try it so when I move to this side yes time it's easy to eat the meat here but it's not easy to eat keep eating the meat here that's the challenge.

So you have to even if the you are it's easy to eat here keep chewing and vacuuming the cell light here both at the same time even though it's moving to this side in the same thing it's moving to this side and both you keep vacuuming the cellulite let's do it again so first vacuum [Music] then again vacuum vacuum [Music] [Music] then slowly move right side left side right side left side [Music] repeat this sorry repeat this three to five times but the key is to do slowly and keep vacuuming when the mouth is moving thank you very much for watching if you're interested more exercises be sure to get this free download yoga paper on our on my website face yoga with coco calm and my sugar oil oil and book less is more Japanese anti-aging and see you in the next video thank you so much!