More cupid’s bow and shorter philtrum

I m going to introduce new exercise to develop more Cupid's ball this exercise is a very new from me and it's one of them actually could be the most hardest hardest mom it's very very difficult

I start started learning about this like yesterday I guess then I've been trying but it's very very difficult so let me show you how so actually this is not my my my face my lips because I cannot I have not mastered it yet so I just I'm showing my master's video but it's not me I'm sorry because I haven't mastered yet but I would try so the point is that I'm this one oh my gosh is so hard but anyway bear with me basically you do that this Pringles face on your lips this one without moving lower lip that's what she's doing it which is kind of impossible I didn't know that it's possible but she's doing it so inhuman humanik alley if it's possible because she's doing it right oh that's so hard let's try so first relax yeah

and then try to make the cupid ball only by moving moving upper lip no eyelid upper lip a pallet without moving lower lip oh my gosh it's so hard [Music] [Music] like this okay honestly it's so hard so let's do again so first relax and then in order to prevent moving that chin or lower lip or this muscle here upper muscle here move a user finger to kind of freeze it

and then make the QP ball use your finger to support the shape slowly so is it good I don't know I'm gonna check this mirror because the computer mirror is like reversed right side and left sides it's in Reverse it's so hard relax about relax the muscle lower chin muscle especially then open your mouth a little bit then QP ball use your finger then and try to keep it relaxed a lot lower lip relax relax it um chin - look at this - [Music] different I'd like to introduce some bad example of this exercise so if you do like this I'm using a mimosa here this is another X different exercise to lift up here

but if you're not training here so that's different that's totally different and another bad example which happens to me because I have better habit but tension in the chin and a lot of tension here that's not good yeah so try to relax the chin relax the lower lip relax the upper muscle here and then use only this muscle which is so hard but if she can do it I can do it too right I'm gonna definitely practice more and I will update you guys because you want to have defined Cupid Cupid's bow that's one of the things factors to make you look more fresher and younger with age skin gets stretched and then this cue people Cupid's bow disappear and this philtrum becomes longer too so actually if you have more defined Cupid's bow the philtrum looks shorter it with each philtrum looks longer face become longer

and you look older yeah so becoming keeping the philtrum short keeping it short and having more defined Cupid's bow is very important to make you look younger I definitely want to have more shorter philtrum so I'm gonna definitely keep practicing and keep you guys updated so let me know if you can do it

thank you very much for watching if you enter some more exercises check my website face yoga with Koko comm to get free download yoga paper and my and sugar oil and other products are listed at the face yoga with Coco calm thank you so much see you in the next video bye

Koko Hayashi