Why you should always just a little bit Tuck career chin.

Hi guys. Today I'm going to introduce three reasons why you should always just a little bit Tuck career chin. In

Because of long hours in front of computer or something and you might be always doing working like this and the hassle over fate of a body and then chin chin is like out. And then like this. Including me. So. But this is really bad because of three bad side effects for the face. Number one when the neck is like this. So you see that my chin and the tube but the neck is like shrink here right. Now. And then this part is just hanging.

So when this happens the neck is shrink the cause tension in the muscle and then it distribute to the skull here. B B B B B B B B B B B B. So all that when the neck has tension the skull gets harder. Lots of tension too because it's connect those are connected. And when that happens the skull gets harder harder harder.

And then it's like a pulling from like this. Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep dumped like from the top down. So 10 that's called beats like really pulling down them because a skin is attached to this skull.

The skull here is right. So this because of the gravity because of this tension on this drug. It's tagging just like a hanging down when this hanging thing. This is pulling and this skin is hanging. When you do it this position for a long period of time of course the skin is stretched too much. It's like skin is with the gravity it's pulling down. But the skull is pulling up.

So like beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep like a Perry pulling each other.

So you get more excess skin because of that sagging system. And then when you have excess skin of course you're gonna get sagging skin. It's like. The because of this position the skull gets become a little bit tied tighter and then shrink shrink. How to see it's become short the skull part becomes short and because the face is the same size the skin has to be stretched to make sense.

No wonder scalp massage really helps to see you lift up your skin because skull and face are so connected. Number two. You get longer face. So the theory is that because skull is pulling this for Head Up up up up up because of this pause posture.

Right. So. Then

It's better to do like this. Yeah. Yeah.

So the skull is pulling and then because the skin head is has gravity then this forehand becomes longer so window for head becomes longer. Obviously you look the long You look like longer face the age. It's normal that face becomes longer with with sagging with gravity big so you don't want to have any longer by increasing the height of the fore head anymore. Number three because of this bad posture all the nutrients awesome everything's top here and then it's not going to be distributed in a face even though a few even if you eat lots of I don't know like water or lots of nutritious food it's not going to come to the face if you keep doing this because this worsens and blood for blood circulation and there's a big relief not here which is supposed to detox a lot of toxins from the face to to the lymph node but yeah if you press here used to feel some pain try it please.

And then if you don't feel pain you're not pressing hard enough anyway. This has lots of big lymph node and if you are you apostate is like this. Lots of attention here and it's really about the. Talks and it's talk here. So if you

Don't want to have longer face saggy face persecution in the face please consider to have good body posture. But most importantly on just set up a bit tuck the chin. In. Yeah if you already do like this bad posture you don't have to do more more talking. But if you do like me if you are doing like this but I mean just exaggerating. But I tend to do like this when I'm working on a computer which is really bad. So this is a good reminder for me too. But if you tend to do this back posture please be careful. Just good posture and not just good posture on the shoulder side but just a little bit tuck that your chin in to fix the neck.

Thank you very much for watching.

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Koko Hayashi