Frequently Asked Questions

+ How Subscription plan works?

Subscription plan offers online classes on a recurring basis. Members(subscribers) save their checkout details and are charged automatically when their subscription renews. Customers can cancel their subscriptions at any time, and you can view and manage subscriptions from the your account.

+ How to cancel Subscription plan?

Members who purchase subscriptions can view and manage their subscriptions from their member account. After signing in, click "My account", and then "Subscriptions". To cancel the subscription, click "Cancel Subscription". In the confirmation window, click "Cancel Subscription".

+ What happens if my payment fails?

When your payment fails, you receive email notification. The customer's email includes a link to update their billing information.
The charge is attempted again after five days, and then for a final time five days after that. If the payment fails for a third time, the order and subscription are cancelled. Customers can update their payment information from their Customer Account.

+ Can I skip a renewal?

No. If a customer wants to skip a renewal, you need to cancel your subscription before its renewal timing.

+ Can I pause my subscription?

No. If a customer wants to pause their subscription, they should cancel the subscription, and purchase the subscription product again in the future.