“Less Is More” Japanese Anti-Aging Secrets

“Less Is More” Japanese Anti-Aging Secrets


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Japanese Secrets to Stop the Signs of Aging

Why do Japanese women live longer, stay thinner and look 10 years
younger than their western counterparts?

Koko Hayashi, Japanese anti-aging expert and Mirai Clinical Founder, has combined many of her popular blog posts with the latest “Less is More” age-defying practices from Japan: Don’t over-wash. Don’t over-moisturize. Be wary of “miracle” skin care products!

Her helpful tips are easy to follow and integrate into your daily lifestyle. Start looking younger and feeling healthier today by practicing Japan’s “Less is More” approach to beauty and well-being.


Here Comes the Sun: Preparing Your First Line of Defense

  • UV Rays Cause 80% of Your Skin Damage

  • UV-Aging and UV-Burning

  • Don’t Eat Lemons in the Morning, But Do Eat Tomatoes at Night

  • Jackie O’s and Suncare

  • The Vitamin D Dilemma

Is Your Skin Care Regimen Aging You?

  • The Best Skin Care Cream in the World

  • Ingredients You Should Avoid

  • All Natural Is Not Always Good

  • Skin Fast Once A Week

  • Less Moisturizer on Dry Skin, More on Oily

No-Cost Ways to Looking Younger

  • Eight Areas to Wash with Soap Every Day

  • How to Get Growth Hormones, Free

  • Don’t Waste Elasticity on a Boring Guy

  • A Wrinkle-Free Face

  • Wrinkle-Free Hands

  • Wrinkle-Free Knees

  • A Wrinkle-Free Neck

  • A Wrinkle-Free Voice

Eat Your Way to Weight Loss

  • Portion Control, the Japanese Way

  • Eat Your Veggies First! Your Eating Order Matters

  • The 30-Foods-Per-Day Rule

  • The Benefit of “the Bento Box” Lunch

  • The Ninja Black Diet

  • Lose Weight by Staying Warm

  • Fat-Burning While Bathing

Your Dietary BFF’s

  • Good Skin is the Sign of Good Health

  • Food as Medicine

  • Sushi is Not Just Tasty

  • Health & Beauty in a Cup of Green Tea

  • Edamame, A Menopause Super Food

  • Seaweed, the Edible Cosmetic

  • Shiitake, the Medical Mushroom

  • The Devil’s Tongue

  • Soba, the Skinny Carb

  • Japanese Rice Crackers

Things You Don’t Usually Think About

  • Your Pelvis, The Key to Fitness

  • Look Younger with the High-Fashion Walk

  • Anti-Aging Breast Care

  • Aging Body Odor: How to Fight the “Fragrance”

  • Anti-Aging Toilet Training

  • The Poop Test

When Less is More

  • Laughter for Optimal Health

  • Life Cleanse