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Create Cupid's Bow, Shorten Philtrum And Upper Lip Curl By Face Yoga Exercise

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about philtrum and cupid's bow because I must one day looking at my mirror and then where's my cupid's bow it suddenly disappeared I mean it does not suddenly disappear it was gradually disappearing with age and I didn't notice that and I was so shocked I knew some exercise to make more philtrum shorter and cupid's bow more deeper but I didn't do it so now I'm very serious about doing it but it's really happening to me with age it's normal that the cupid's bow disappear and the philtrum become longer that makes you older so let's do the exercise.

By the way there are three points in the face that I call it 3D look it should be 3D look 3D look which means the one one of them is to this ball should be like mountain and something what’s the word? mountain and down and up and down and up and down so should be up down after so that's one thing and with age that disappears that's normal and then another thing is that because we lose elasticity and strength, another thing is the upper lip curl like a duck duck duck duck duck let's start with no doubt duck clip the upper lip should be little bit up that disappears well with age because of that loss of a strong muscle another third one is this is ageosol we call it ageosol in Korean, I’m not Korean though, I’m Japanese this lower eyelid not the big eye bag I'm talking about that the one I'm talking about it's a tiny one it's like a smaller tiny eye bag but you should have it with the age that disappears so those 3d look those mountain in outside in those one two three this one is yeah three things well we want to keep it.

The exercise of energy today it's inspired or not inspired we're really taught by my follower because I was reading my comments on the YouTube and one of the comments was really brilliant that person gave me idea thank you so much so basically we do it like this shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo… ten times let's do everyone so use that finger to create the Cupid's bow you know check your mirror you don't want to you want to create the Cupid's bow so you use a finger on purpose to support the support the right put that stuff put the muscle in the right position just a little up not just like this but a little bit up because we want to lift up the upper lip to like a curl that clip yeah so like this shh shh… I mean shhh it's a 5000 of 6 7 shh shhh… so the thing I'm doing is very interesting in like last year or something I think it was last year I did a cupid for exercise which I believe it works but this really if you say shh shhh… it's then you can really feel the muscle here if you're just doing like this which I did last year it's hard but if you say I really feel like it's easy to feel that's the difference so thank you so much for the idea I really appreciate it I'm learning by the way I cannot answer all the questions on the YouTube comments so I don't but I read it I read everything and I'm learning so much from you guys I really appreciate it.

So let's do shhh shhh shhh… ten times, so use your finger and just create the cupid bow and just a little bit curl up then when you do it don't show your lower teeth don't show me lower teeth just upper teeth and then try to reduce the chin if you have to call chin tension use your finger to prevent chin intention like this or like this you could do like this or this up to you I have a bad habit to cause tension in the chin so I'm gonna use like this… ten times… shh…. like this… did you get it? I read, did you get it I really hope you feel the muscle here if you say shhh… this is genius it was like aha moment when I was reading a comment so the point use your finger, create Cupid's bow and a little bit curl up to make the lip a little bit up and then just shhhhh 10 times and then you could you could do shoo… 10 times and then shh… like 10 seconds keep it long time so we I recommend like three to five times per day depending on how concerning you are on the philtrum area so I tried really stirs and you need to do more because I'm so concerned about this.

As always if you are interested in other exercises check my website Koko face to free download this yoga paper and the book and sugar oil and app is available and you exciting contents probably we are trying to publish on some media so stay tuned with us! Thank you so much! till the next video! Bye!
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