Face Yoga

Featured at “Shark Tank“ Oct 6th 2019!
Face Yoga methods transforms your face in just 3min/day.
Koko’s clients include Hollywood stars such as Kim Kardashian.


Face Yoga Before & After

Face Yoga before and after by Koko Face Yoga

Born and grown up in Japan where Face Yoga has been popular, Koko Hayashi has been practicing Face Yoga over a decade and started teaching since 2018. (A study shows it works!)
Her clients include Kim Kardashian and class was selected as the most popular yoga class at The Yoga Expo 2019.


Face Yoga is a great natural solution to regain your youthful appearance! Did you know that there are 2 kinds of facial muscles? Sleeping muscles and over-working muscles. You wake up the sleeping muscles to lift up the skin, and relax over-working muscles for wrinkle reduction. In addition to the Facial Yoga Exercises, you will learn how to keep good face posture® incl tongue posture® and how to stop bad facial expression habits, which are more important than Facial Yoga exercises. You know the importance of exercising your body muscles on a regular basis and keeping good body posture, so why not care for the face?

How to reduce laugh lines, frown lines between eyebrow and forehead, saggy jawlines, jowls, asymmetrical face, etc, you name it! Face Yoga is a great natural alternative to botox or plastic surgeries. (Even some plastic surgeons in Japan recommend Face Yoga exercises!)

The beauty of Facial Yoga is that you can do most of the exercise anytime anywhere. When you do facial massage, you need to first wash your face, and apply skincare cream. But for Face Yoga, most of the exercises do not require any face cream or anything. All you need is your face! Once you learn how to do, you can do the exercises on the go! Ex. when you are working in front of screen, while walking, while cooking, etc. How easy is that? Incorporate those exercises into your daily routines, so it’s easy to continue. Remember, consistency is a key for success.

Unlike injection or those medical beauty procedures, Face Yoga is NOT quick fix. It requires consistent training on a regular basis. But the more you master, the less exercises are needed. You would just need to keep good face posture®, tongue posture® and stop bad facial expression habits. Join the natural beauty journey with us and spread the greatness of Face Yoga together!

In Japan, Face Yoga or those face related exercises are common for beauty conscious people, because it really works! So it was natural process for Koko to pick up some exercises at her 20’, s. Now she is proudly 40 years young as of 2019, and excited to be more mature in more beautiful face! Don’t you want to be excited to age like her?

In fact, Koko had a plastic surgery failure at the age of 27 years old! A plastic surgeon advised her to add implant to her chin, to make it a little bit pointy and if she doesn’t like it, she can have it removed easily and the area would go back to its original shape. That’s when she realized the importance of face exercise. So she did it, didn’t like it and had it removed, but as you guessed, it did not go back to its original normal shape. Her chin got slightly distorted and tilted to a side. Of course, huge regret! That’s when she realized that she should have pursued natural beauty method such as Face Yoga!

Anyway, she moved to the States to introduce the greatness of Face Yoga at the age of 37. Soon after that, she already gained high profile clients such as Kim Kardashian. Her media appearance include not just “Keeping Up With The Kardashians“, but also “Shark Tank“, “Good Morning America”, “Fox“, “CBS“, “Popsugar“, “Vogue“, “Magic for Humans“ at Netflix and more!

Still suspicious? There is even real science study about Face Yoga. In 2018, Northwestern University proved that Facial exercise work to improve the appearance of facial aging process. Did we forget to tell you that Koko has a beauty therapist license CIDESCO, the most prestigious international therapist license?

Let us explain which areas that Face Yoga can improve one by one.

Warm up: Before you do any body exercises, you do warm up exercise. The same thing applies to the face. By vibrate the cheeks as much as possible, you can relax many facial muscles, because lips are core muscles for the face and a lot of muscles are started from the lips. So by relaxing the core muscles, other facial muscles are relaxed too. Why do you need to relax the facial muscles? When facial muscles get tense, they become less elastic, shorter, harder and show as wrinkles and/or asymmetrical face. But it is hard to relax the facial muscles, because facial muscles are close to the brains. As long as you are nervous, stressed, or concerned at something, the stress is transmitted to the facial muscles and they get tense. But this way, you can force your facial muscles to relax physically.

Before we move to part exercises, we would like to talk about face posture®. Do you notice that more mature people show grumpy face than the younger. The mouth corners start sagging with age, and show as grumpy face. Then even if you are not grumpy, the brain misunderstands that you are grumpy. Now you are officially grumpy…

Face posture® basics #1, keep tiny smile. Lift the corners of the mouth just a little to make them in a straight line or just a little bit higher within 5 degree up. If the angles are too high, you cannot continue and the skin gets stretch too much, which can result in wrinkles and sagging.

Face posture® basics #2, tongue posture®. When your face is resting, where is your tongue? It’s touched on the upper chin (palate/pallet), swinging around in the middle, or on the lower chin? The answer is upper chin. It should be attached to the upper chin. If the tongue is not touched to the upper chin, your lower face is pulling all the muscles and skin down, which results in sagging. Actually, your tongue should be not just touched to the upper chin, but fully touched. In other words, 1/3 back of the tongue should be touched to the upper chin in flat. This “flat“ is important. Many people already have a habit to keep their tongues touched to the upper chin, but not in flat. There is usually gap between tongue and the palate. This is wrong. There should NOT be gap between them, the your tongue is lifting your heavy skull up and have some tension in the cheek areas. This way, you build cheek muscles, which usually are sleeping. The tongue force should always up, not down. Hard to keep the position? Keep good body posture, tuck your chin a bit, and place tip of the tongue after the upper teeth, and say “Nnnnn“. If that is still difficult, place tip of the tongue after speed bump. It is very important to feel tension on the upper chin.

Face Posture® #3, in order to keep the good tongue posture®, tuck your chin just a little bit, in addition to having good body posture. When your body is not in good posture, it is impossible to have good tongue posture®. By tucking your chin just a little bit, it is easier for you to keep the tongue sucked to the palate.

Face Posture® #4, avoid Teeth Contacting Habit a.k.a. TCH. TCH is a condition that upper and lower teeth are touching each other when your face is resting. Some dentists in Japan say TCH is worse than grinding, which results in TMJ pain (Temporomandibular joint syndrome). Grinding is a big cause of TMJ pain, but that happens only a limited period of time . Whereas, if TCH is happening all the time, it is way longer than grinding, even though the force is lighter than grinding. So it is important not to do TCH when your face is resting. How to do? Just be aware that the upper and lower teeth are not touching each other and there is very tiny gap in between all the time. When TMJ pain occurs, it is very likely that your jaw muscles are over developed and you might have square shaped face, instead of heart-shaped.

Face Posture® #5, stop frowning between the eyebrows. The easiest way to fix this naturally is to be aware of it all the time. You can do some face shiatsu technique to iron out the lines when you apply skincare cream, but basically it is critical to pay attention to the area when you make various facial expressions. Funny tip! tape it. If you tape the area, when you make wrinkles, the tape tells you that you are causing lines between the brows. This is an interesting training method. Try to reduce tension in the inner eye corners as well. That helps relax the muscles around eyes and eyebrows both.

Face Posture equals mind posture. There is no way to be depressed when your face posture is good! Face and brain are so close and connected.

Next let’s talk about neck. Double chin is one of the common concerns for many people. Due to excessive use of phone, more people look down for a longer time and are receiving more gravity than ever. Once a day, twice or even more, look and stretch the neck according to Koko Face Yoga. Double chin one of the easier fixes by Face Yoga. Concerned at turkey neck? Try the exercise more. A lot of exercises can be done anytime anywhere, but for those neck exercises, we suggest you do when you go to restroom and sit down on a toilet! Do not do while driving lol.

One of some areas that people might not pay much attention but Koko does is cheeks. With age, cheek muscles melt down and the face can look older. With fuller, high cheeks on cheekbones, you look much younger and fresh. We offer outer, middle, and inner cheek lift exercises + by keeping good face posture®, there is no way that you will have cheek melt down syndrome. There are 3 points that you should always try to lift up, the corners of the eyes, cheeks and the corners of the mouth.

How about jaw lines? Wether you have chubby cheeks or skinny cheeks, saggy cheeks are a common aging concern. There are multiple exercises you can do, but for example, anti-bulldog is our favorite. When Koko was working in Tokyo, every time she goes to restroom, she was doing it. Then she got heart-shaped face, instead of chubby cheeks as the before/after photos show. If you do those, + keeping good face posture, there is no way that you will be concerned at saggy cheeks. Making cheeks sharper and tone is one of the easiest by face yoga.

Concerned at laugh line, smile lines or nasolabial fold lines? No problem. Iron out the tense muscles from inside of the mouth by using your tongue. This easy trick is very popular in Japan. In fact, tongue exercise might be more popular than face yoga there, because it gives quick result. You do not have to spend for expensive filler to fill the fold, thanks to this easy, quick trick. Some people might be concerned about smiling, because they think laughing cause more lines, but if you don’t smile or laugh, the cheek melt down happens. Please note that smiling is very important to build cheek muscles. You just want to iron out the lines if you are concerned about them. BTW our method contains not just for laugh lines but for fuller lips, line reduction on the upper lip, and more!

What about eye areas? It is hard to treat eye areas with injection, laser or those medical beauty procedures, because the areas are close to eye balls. Here face yoga comes. Our favorite exercise is lower eye lift up. Basically lower eyelids are sleeping muscles. It is challenging to lift up only lower eyelids without moving anywhere else. Try it! Anyway, by waking up the sleeping lower eyelid muscles, you activate the muscles around the eyes and you get defined eye look. This is not just for bigger eyes, but also reduce or prevent eye bags. The cause of eye bags is that fat around the upper eye ball starts dropping with gravity and age, and show as eye bags. So by lifting up the dropped fat to up, you will have no eye bags. We teach other face shiatsu technique to reduce/prevent tiny lines around eyes as well.

Interested in more? Join our community by subscribing to our Koko Face Yoga app! New exercises with new AI (artificial intelligence) features to guide proper movements are being added on a regular basis, so stay tuned with us!