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We offer THE natural solution to regain/maintain your radiant appearance. Our method helps you to wake up sleeping muscles to lift up the skin, and relax over-working muscles for wrinkle reduction for 1 year access.

Give us 3 min per day. That’s it!


Real results from Koko:

When I was 27, I had plastic surgery failure. That is when I realized I should have pursued natural solutions such as face yoga! Since then, I’ve doing face yoga and Face Posture® for myself, and have transformed millions of faces!

Guess what? Koko weighs the same in both pictures!


  • Safe & Natural

    No facelift needed! Face Yoga is an effective natural, non-toxic, and painless alternative to Botox®, facial filler, and plastic surgery.

  • It Only Takes 3 Minutes a Day

    Our facial exercises are quick and easy. Do them anywhere, in an Uber, at your desk or wherever you like.

  • We Work 2 Types of Muscles

    Our facial exercise wake up sleeping muscles to lift and plump skin and relax over-worked muscles to reduce wrinkles.

  • Save Money! Skip the Surgery & Injections! 

    Did you know? The average facelift costs $8,000! Our app is free! (AI features require an upgrade.)

  • As Seen on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

    Koko teaches celebrities such as
    Kim Kardashian, and you can get the latest version of her methods here.

  • MEDICALLY backed

    Thanks to our medical partners, incl dentists, dermatologists, ENT, chiropractors and anti-aging doctors, we deep dive into the muscles and even bones.

  • Proven to REALLY WORK

    In 2018 Northwestern University studied Face Yoga and proved it works! Doing these exercises daily for just a few months has noticeable effects and can make you look years younger.