3 tips to make eyes more symmetrical | How to correct asymmetrical eyes with 3 tips

Hi guys. Today I'm going to introduce three tips to make our eyes more symmetrical.

I Have done multiple videos too like space yoga exercise to make our eyes most metric. Also I feel interested in check the link in the description below. But today's one is not like exercise exercises but more like tips. The first tip is. Eye pet. Eye pet. I think it's called eye patch on you can just easily get it on Amazon or something. This is for kids and doesn't have to be for kids. But I thought this is cuter.

There are many reasons why our eyes are so not metrical but one of the major reason for asymmetrical eye is that we have. Dominant and. Dominant hand. I mean dominant. Eye and non dominant hand not dominant eye. Yeah. So my case I'm right handed and right eye is dominant and left hand left eye is non dominant. If you want to know which eye is dominant eye on non dominant eye there's a technique to find out. So check the link in the description below.

But anyway I was reading a book in the Japanese book told me that a lot of people are right handed and if so right eye is more dominant. Of course it depends on the person. But assuming your eye is same as mine and the right eye is more dominant when the dominant eye works harder because it's dominant. And then so. The I get fatigued so tired and the muscle become very tense. Tension then become kind of a shrink then becomes smaller than this one. So for the past two days I've been trying some kids. Eye patch and I just started.

This is a long shot. It's not gonna be in some fix but. I like you guys. I would like to update you guys. So this is an iPad eye patch and what I was doing is that the way you do it is a it's like this. And then if you're just straightly flat make it flop and. Attach it. It's. There's an eyelash. So even though it's not much I still have eyelash. So the eyelash touches do this part in a kind of painful and I'm a bit uncomfortable. It's not painful but it's a little bit uncomfortable. So my suggestion if you try this trick just a little bit lightly touch And then make it round so that it doesn't like this it doesn't touch the eye area. So when you blink. It should an eyelash should not be touching this.

You see there's a airing inside it. I mean there's a gap so you shouldn't do flat make you flat just a little bit more like a bee. Like Out so that eyelash doesn't touch. And then I I I was working on a computer doing something a few hours yesterday and I did today too. So after at least one hour you try this and take it off. Then I sides is big difference on my guess. Can you hear this. Raining so hard.

I don't know how long it's continue. I don't. I hope it bothers. It doesn't. It's not bothering the sound quality of this video. But anyway I have to go home. So again this is not is down resolved even though you get instantly a better eyesight after you take it off. But it's still temporary effect because yeah I have only tried two days so I'm gonna try. On a daily basis and let you guys know maybe you guys can tell the difference. Hopefully. Number two. When you use your phone use. No dominant Hand my case it's left hand is non dominant so use none left hand. The reason why we should do this is that because we tend to use more dominant hand. Right. Right hand. In and then. Because it's the right hand.

It's it's the phone is position to the right side a little bit and then you use the right eye dominant eye More than non dominant eye.

And if it's a big computer or something it's it's less damaging little less a symmetrical but because we tend we have to concentrate the eyesight to this small screen. I have to work I have to work harder and it's more damaging. So when you use your phone use a left hand if you are right handed.

Yeah. Anyway I use a non dominant hand so that it's naturally just a little bit to the non dominant side and use a little bit this non dominant.

Koko Hayashi