10 Bad Facial Expression Habits I Found Through Face Patrol Service On Zoom

10 Bad Facial Expression Habits I Found Through Face Patrol Service On Zoom

Even if it's very very little tilting, you get more gravity on this side.

Hi everyone today I'm going to introduce 10 bad face posture facial expression habit. I recently studied the face patrol service at my zoom face yoga session so when I teach my client on zoom I recorded on purpose, and then after the session I screen capture the client um bad face posture or bad facial expression have it for room for improvement and then I learned about like mainly 10 bad stuff so I'm gonna introduce that. I'm sure I’m gonna find more as I'm doing more but for now let me introduce them.

Number one, every time you touch your face here or here or anywhere even here people have a habit to do like this and they cause wrinkles on forehead. Every time I don't know why but every time they touch their face something happens and this has to go up. You just have to be aware of it not to do it so every time you touch you just remember not to do this.

Number two, every time you're surprised or something and open your eyes a little bit bigger like this and causing wrinkles instead of open like this open open, open without this without moving forehead or eyebrow muscle, I'm doing it that's a good one but lots of people do like this and depending on forehead muscle so using this muscle this is an overworking muscle. The more you move up up up the more deeper lines you get so be careful. Also, every time you look up you might be causing wrinkles forehead so that's another thing you need to be aware of.

Number three, your head is a little bit tilting to this side or a little bit this side body is probably tilted as well but um this is very very interesting like when you're working on computer or something sitting at the desk and slightly tilting the thing about gravity is that if this side is tilting tilting tilting till always and even if it's very very little tilting you get more gravity on this side. so and then if even if it's a little bit tilting think about that you are doing this like 20 not 24 hours because you're sleeping but um long long long hours per day and every single day so this is gonna become more saggy and this is gonna be more up so if you are concerned about the asymmetrical face you really need to fix the body posture and then don't forget about the face angle as well if you have a habit to do like this like this this is no.

Number four, dominant eyebrow is moving up up up up I actually cannot do this but a lot of people can do um lift up and then cause angry eyebrows only on one side only and I I honestly I cannot do this. but um it's usually it's on your dominant eye probably if your right side is dominant right hand is dominant probably right eye is dominant as well, in general not always that case but in general so you might be doing ah uh not at the same time but only dominant one but that would cause worsen a symmetrical face so no.

Number five, eleven I don't wanna do even as a demonstration because I was doing it as a bad example when I was teaching and I I had studied more and more so I'm not gonna do it. but you know this right when you are stressed lots of emotions are start showing here around this area especially here especially now under quarantine everybody's so stressed so try not to do it I recently did how to educe or prevent this 11th line so if you haven't watched the video please check it out.

Number six, when you are talking you are showing lower teeth this is one of my biggest room for improvement as well so I'm training. I'm actually doing some voice training with uh my voice trainer who is specialized in beautiful attractive face because he believes that if you if you speak without moving chin and showing upper teeth more without showing lower teeth and then you're gonna use more muscle on the here and your your sounds better and your face structure is improved as well. as I'm still learning from the voice trainer um probably in the near future I hope to do some a good video about how to speak but basically don't on your show when you talk don't show lower teeth try not to show loyalty interesting example when you watch tv show mature actors they show more lower teeth younger actors more upper teeth that's the difference. by the way the reason why we don't want to show lower teeth is not just for the look but if you're showing lower teeth you are using more chin muscle to down, down, down, down so you're gonna get more on this nasolabial more jowl more saggy.

Number seven like this when you have something when you're talking with someone and something something bad happens and then as an expression of showing people do ..yeah no the more you do the more pulling down, down, down, down and this is the overworking muscle this one this one this one's over working muscle being pulled down so no. instead my the way I show bad face bad whatsoever though my case instead of I do this I do up up and if I do both after it's more like smiling so it doesn't work in order to show my bad face I doing my case.

Number eight, this is another thing that I have to really been trying to fix with but chin tension so when your face is resting not talking not chewing or anything just working on work or something walking or because I have a habit to cause tension in here not here but here so like this no the less you have tension in the chin the better.

Number nine similar but it's almost like I'm exaggerating but duck face duck lips some people do like this and then cooks green curing corn corn coriander.

Number 10 last one wrapping the upper lip and lower lip don't the more you do this you're stretching the philtrum, it's okay to stretch the facial muscles because stretching and training stretching training this is key for elastic skin elastic muscle, which works on more bigger muscle like bigger one jawline or neck but I don't believe this here it's like a band bam bam bam bam bam and then if you stretch too much and just breaks and doesn't come back.

I don't believe this area is big enough to come back to become more elastic by doing stretching, training, stretching things so less you stretch here the better because with age unfortunately the philtrum becomes longer and then cupid bow disappear unfortunately and then face become longer that makes you look old so so those are 10 bad face posture and facial expression habit that you might be doing it so please be careful and of course I'm sure I will find more more bad examples as I teach more so please stay tuned.

If you are interested in other exercises please visit my website kokofaceyoga.com to free download this yoga paper book and sugar oil and app is available as well we are urgently fixing some AI issues so please stay tuned. I'm so sorry for the trouble if you know but anyway thank you so much see you in the next video bye.
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