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Fix Frown Lines Between Eyebrows

Massage to relax the muscle. Touching my oblique like this and the 90 degree here. Reprogram the facial muscles not to in.

Hi everyone. Today, I would like to talk about how to fix 11th line this peep, peep which is not good. The reason why you get this 11th, two lines between eyebrows is the corrugator muscle, this, um, this bright red one. This is very, very strong, always in, in, in the more you do it, muscle memory and then remembers, and it's harder to fix it. So today we gonna do three exercises and tips to really try to improve this situation. Let's do it.

Number one, let's relax the corrugator muscle with fingers. I'm gonna use this one, two, three fingers, and then like this actually, I'm gonna use dominant hand so that it trains the dominant, not dominant hand and then I think because I tried to use non-dominant hand to improve my body symmetry and the facial symmetry. So use your fingers then like this one, two, three, and then just like this gentle massage and one minute, or if you like, you can do like this one, two, three, never-mind this dark thing I think it's just makeup. One, two, three, and then whichever easier for you is good. Or you can do, you can use a here too. If that's easier for you, whatever easier is good. Just gentle massage like this one minute. Yep. Let's do it. You don't have, you don't have to do that hard just to relaxing, to warming up this area right now. I like, maybe this easier.

One minute try, you don't have to do hard and then can wrinkle you don't wanna do that. So gently, gently, gently massaging like this, fingers or knuckles or this side view of the finger, like this, whichever you like is good. Yep. Okay. Actually, I already did one minute. So let's finish this. You can do like this, like two fingers like this or like this that's okay too. But the problem is that it's tend to in and out, in-out, in-out, in you don't wanna in too much because that's the bad muscle. So that's why I like using only one hand non-dominant hand, ideally, and just, just then gentle massage, I think it's safer. And then let's find the two mountains on the forehead, corrugator muscle. So use your finger, and the touch it, gently touch it. And you find a piece moves and then, there are two mountain here, right? Corrugator muscle. So that's what you wanna break down with the fist, with the knuckle by doing the face shiatsu technique. This is my favorite every time I do skincare, I do this. So hold on one side and then you find the two mountain, right? So the first mountain here break down one, two, three, four, five out. Let's do one more one, two, three, four, five, and the other side one, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four, five.

This is what I do almost every day. When I do skincare and it's gets red, but it's super temporary. So don't worry about too much. You should not feel pain. A little bit pain is okay though, just by doing this, this area might have might be little bit relaxed so check your mirror. And then the line might be a little bit reduced already. But to be honest, this massage technique is you have to do regular basis almost every single day. Ideally, otherwise, you don't see good results and it's temporary. That's why you have to do every single day. So I think it's very, very important to try not to do this use the muscle that's why the next exercise is gonna reprogram the muscle not to in.

Exercise number two, In general when you're stressed or focused, or frustrated, nervous or something we tried to focus in the eye is like this in a little bit, you I'm exaggerating, but my eye, eye is gonna be in. And the muscle is in as well. So let's recreate the, create the habit, but try not to try not to in here, which means like this, use your fingers on top of the corrugator muscle, this 11th area to prevent it. So, um, you touch it here and then on purpose, on purpose you open your eyes as big as possible, like this without raising eyebrows and then tried to like uh, in. So if I'm not using my finger, I'm doing like this inside muscle, which is not good. So you kind of tried to do the in this in that creates this, which is bad. But on purpose, you do it squint and then create the 11th line. But you don't actually do it because you're holding with a finger and stopping the motion. So it's squinting. And then, but without finger, you gonna create 11th. So with the finger you stopping the 11th line like this, and then relax then squint.

And they create, try to create the wrinkles, but actually don't create it and then relax, and then again squint and then stop the wrinkles And then one more time, two more time, relax, then squint 11th lines coming up without fingers that's why you're using the fingers to prevent it and then again relax. Don't do like this. You don't wanna, you don't wanna have bad tension in the shoulder or neck so shoulder, relax shoulder down. And then last one, squint try to create the 11th, but you are actually not creating because of the, because the fingers are stopping. And then relaxed. Tired did you get it? The purpose of this exercise is to reprogram the facial muscles, not to in not to move inward. Even when you are squinting your eyes or try to focus on something in front of mirror or those.

Number three, this is the most important thing because we gonna try to fix bad habits to do this inward motion. For example, every time I wake up, I tried to wake up early morning, so it's still dark. And then when I turn on the light, it's very bright, suddenly bright. So I tend to do this squinting 11th motion. So in order not to do that, I touch it stop that muscle, and then turn on the lights so that I do not cause from here. Basically, whenever every time you know that you are doing this motion, you wanna stop it stop. You don't have to say peep motion that's my thing I'm just kidding, but stop it. And then, for example, you're constipated and you are really trying to produce a good quality poop. And then often you do this thing. So you are, you wanna stop it and then. Also when you go out, if it's so bright and very bright people tend to if you don't have sunglasses you gonna it's too bright and then you cause wrinkle, right? So stop it. But the best solution is to wear sunglasses. So it protects the eye area as well. So never forget sunglasses, but if you have to, if you forgot for some reason, if you don't have it and then just, just like, hold it with, um, with the fingers so that it's not too bright or hold it here. And then walk, I absolutely did a video about desks. So there are two mirrors one, one all the time so that I can, I can check my face posture and make sure that I'm not wrinkling here all the time.

Body posture is super important especially when you're sitting at desk because we work or study or something at desk all the time right? And if the computer is here and then there's a, there's a screen and the computer here, see, um, this is like the angle of the elbow is like, like, like this what's the word, more 120 degree or something maybe. So we tend to look like this. And then you frown here to focus to the screen here. So I like what I like. And I recently learned, and I'm doing is putting my elbow next to myself. So it's like a 90 degree. This elbow and arm is 90 degree like this. So I have a different remote Bluetooth. Um, what's the name? Board and keyboard separately from the laptop. So that, and then I can do this. If it's like here, I have to do like this and tend to frown and the bad posture.

So I, like, I tried to put my elbow next to myself, touching my oblique like this, and then 90 degree here. And then I tried to have bigger, bigger screen as well because if the screen is small like phone, phone screen is very small. And then we tend to read it close and then frown more. So the bigger monitor you use the better. When we have to look up something and then closely like this, like this, and then see so much tension, tension, tension, tension, tension and cause so you might also wanna blink slowly. I did a video about how to blink, blink, blink, yeah how to blink, check it out If you're interested in. So, we did three exercise and tips today. First one was a massage to relax the muscle corrugator muscle and then one, two, three, four, five, or 10 break down the muscle knot muscle mountain, muscle rocks by doing face shiatsu And number two was hold it and then on purpose squint and then try to create the 11th but you're not really doing it because you're preventing, preventing the line with a fingers. So this is a way to train reprogram the muscle, not to squint not to frown here, even when you are stressed. And the last one was habit. There's so many bad habit that probably you might be doing I'm a bit, I'm doing it too. So yeah. So that's it. But the fixing the bad facial expression habit that's the most important thing. Thank you so much for watching.

We have a great exciting announcement actually I'm doing, we are doing face Olympics. What is face Olympics the details coming up soon, but, um, exciting online zoom, but the youtube live event, we are planning with other instructors and then my methods. So that's super exciting. And then we're gonna recruit other participants of course, because I wanna make it more interacting, interesting, engaging, and interactive. And of course and so stay for that and face yoga app if you haven't tried it. And if you're interested in teaching face yoga check my website and if you're interested in learning the summary of all the essential exercises check prime video koko face yoga actually face yoga 101 just search it and you find it England and USA and Japan. Thank you so much see on the next video bye.

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