12 Ideas To Train Your Non-Dominant Hand To Make Your Body And Face More Symmetrical

12 Ideas To Train Your Non-Dominant Hand To Make Your Body And Face More Symmetrical

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to introduce 12 things you can use your non-dominant hand with, but first of all why do we need to do we want to use non-dominant hand? The reason why is that we have a asymmetrical body in asymmetrical face because of lots of use of dominant hand we keep using the same dominant eye, dominant hand, dominant food or some dominant side a lot of times and then our body becomes more asymmetrical if already becomes this much go you're gonna get asymmetrical face, so if you are very very serious about making your face more symmetrical please keep watching.

By the way the 12 ideas that we introduce today are in the order of from easy to difficult which I think so let's do it.

Number one, when you pick ups any objects like this use your non-dominant side, non-dominant hand could be anything could be really literally like bag or literally anything.

Number two, when you open dip lock or bag or something instead of doing that using the dominant hand use non-dominant hand.

Number three, open drawer with non-dominant hand. I try to open the door but door is kind of designed for left hand people to open it easily so it’s a little bit hard to do it I think but if it's just a drawer you can easily use non-dominant hand.

Number four, every time you wash your hands or shower or something use non-dominant hand too, yeah open the faucet or like like this screw yeah to get water.

Number five, open water bottle or any bottles with non-dominant.

Number six, brush your hair and this is gonna be a little bit more difficult than those the first five tips.

Number seven, dry your hair with non-dominant which is it's hard for me because I have long hair but sometimes I try.

Number eight use a computer mouse with non-dominant which is hard and I don't have I don't really use mouse but I have a pad so sometimes I, you try to use left hand which is hard but the more you do the more you'll get used to it.

Number nine, when you use your phone try to use the non-dominant hand thumb to do the phone thing. It's hard yeah, you just have to be really aware of it because otherwise you forget but yeah it's possible, it's hard though.

Number ten, brush their teeth with non-dominant which is so hard for me and I cannot really do it yet because if I just do the with non-dominant I feel like my my teeth are not claimed fully so I tried non-dominant and then I use dominant to, like up clean up the what sort of finish up and I tried also the flossing but that's kind of very hard and I don't I don't really understand which one is right yeah you can try it but to me flossing with non-dominant. I mean you use a both hand so it didn't really make sense to me right anyway you can try too.

Number 11, when you eat something use those utensils with non-dominant which is kind of the hardest one of the hardest one and to me it's really yeah it's hard because I use chopsticks all the time I don't really use spoon or fork unless I have to and restaurant or something I mean maybe obviously those are easier harder yeah if you want to be really really really trained for it's your concern about asymmetrical face and then it's worth trying.

Number 12, last tip, it's hand right with non-dominant which is kind of the hardest and I don't think I could do that I tried it and also when you do make up instead of using a non-dominant you can use thumb I mean so instead of dominant use non-dominant to do some makeup as well, it's hardly special around the eye because that requires a lot about to detail attention but yeah maybe if it's bigger thing you can you can try to use them yeah non-dominant.

Oh my gosh there's so many things you can do with non-dominant and it's hard but maybe if you're interesting please try it a little bit little if you do everything I want it's gonna go crazy you're gonna go crazy you're gonna kill me so don't do that I can't get too stressed so I don't want to do get too stressed but little by little yeah when you think about it yeah and also I'm in my next video which I'm gonna publish in a few days later I'm going to introduce another interesting ideas to kind of not using the left hand but from things you can do from the left side because there are so many things that you can do like the right side left side right side left side, right? But and you have a habit to do from right side if you're not dominant is rest side so why don't we try to do start with left side I mean non-dominant sides to change our behavior to make our body and brain more symmetrical so stay tuned if you’re interested in.

I read article that by using more non-dominant side your brain is more activated and it's good for brain as well like more creativity, more like a memory or something like that so which is additional good side effect but mainly I'm talking about if you're very concerned about asymmetrical face because that is coming from asymmetrical body which coming from can be lots of use of non-dominant hand so it's worth trying to use more non-dominant side.

If your interested in other exercises check my website Koko face yoga.com to free download the yoga paper and book and sugar oil and app is launch, so please check it out, android, we're still working on it I'm so sorry but the app Apple I mean that Google Play not the Google Play what so, an app store is it's good so ready to go always to developing a lot of cool features and one of the feature that I've been really excited about and haven't done even thinking about it is zombie feature so, don't know yet, I need to talk to the developer but every time you show lower teeth you know that I'm not a big fan of motif right not just aesthetic purpose but by lower teeth, you're gonna get lots overwork the overworking muscle which is here and you don't want them you don't want to overwork the muscle but by overworking muscle you're gonna get more sagging, more laughing, a laugh line and the sagging, and everything is set like really pulling it down being pulled down which is not good so every time you show lower teeth on my app, you're face become zombie, something like that, that's one thing, it's very excited, but anyway I will keep you guys updated. Thank you so much for watching! See you in the next video! Bye!
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