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3 Changes Since I Started Face Yoga And Face Posture

Hi everyone. Today, I'd like to talk about three big changes on my face in my face since I studied face yoga.

I was looking at some old photos of myself, and there's a big difference, right? I posted on another social media TikTok or something, and this one of the comments said "Oh, I thought that's your mother," which is hilarious because it's me who was 20 years old 19 years old or something and I'm right now 43. So long time ago! But I look so different! Don't you think so? Let me introduce the three big changes I have gained since I studied space yoga.

1. Cheekbone

I think my cheekbones literally moved. Maybe not… maybe they did. Look at this picture—even though I'm smiling, I swear to you that these cheeks are down to here! And this one is from when I was 21 years old. Can't find any photos where my cheeks are just resting because I was always smiling in pictures, but usually, when people smile, the cheekbones go up, but even though I am smiling here, the cheekbones are down… like really low. Compare that to my friends—they have regular, normal faces with their cheeks up and everything. I think it's because at that time… I mean, I didn't know anything about mewing or face yoga back then. My tongue was also on the bottom of my mouth (which is one of THE worst things). If you ask me now where your tongue is supposed to be when you smile (tip touching teeth or not), around 65% of people won't answer correctly; instead, they'll say it's in the middle or somewhere else entirely.

2. Less visible lower teeth

I'm not sure if you know this, but when I was younger, I had a habit of showing my lower teeth when I smiled. It was really bad—I'd show my whole mouth and it just looked so weird!

I didn't know that there was anything wrong with it at first, though—I thought everyone showed their lower teeth when they smiled. But then one day, while talking to someone, I noticed that they were smiling with their upper teeth showing and not their lower ones. After that, whenever I would smile or laugh, I started noticing that my lower teeth were showing too much. It's taken me a long time to get over this habit, but now that I've changed it, people tell me all the time how much more attractive they think my smile is now.

3. Double eyelid

If you're like me, you've probably always loved the look of a double eyelid. But maybe you've also been disappointed by the fact that it's not easy to get one—and maybe even discouraged by the idea that you can't do it at home. Well, let me tell you: that is not true! Yes, there are some surgical ways to get a double eyelid (and they can be pretty amazing). But if all you want is a little lift in your eyes, there are actually lots of things you can do at home. And one of my favorites is malaris, which is an exercise in lifting up your lower eyelids.

Malaris is easy—it's just like any other facial exercise. But what makes it different from other exercises is that it works on both sides of your face at once: on the upper eyelid and the lower one. That means that when you do malaris, you're working out both sets of muscles in your face at once! So instead of just getting a little lift on one side and leaving the other side flat (like with other exercises), malaris gives both sides a lift!

Just wanted to give you a quick update. I'm taking a course from a dental chiropractor who specializes in symmetrical faces and time in Japan, so he's got all the gear and is super-specialized for symmetrical faces. He's Japanese and finished school to become a dentist, so that's why I call him a dental chiropractor. Anyway, he's coming in to teach me some awesome techniques—my study of faith yoga face foster continues for a long time, and I'm so glad to share the results with you!

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