3 Exercises For Slimming Nose

3 Exercises For Slimming Nose

Hi guys today I'm going to talk about how to make our nose a little bit more slim.

Number one, use your finger and then close one whole nostril and then and keep this 10 seconds so let's try again I'm gonna do this side so exhale. It's hard… why do we do this exercise because with age nostril become bigger unfortunately because there's muscle here and it's not really being used as much as younger age and then instead deteriorated it doesn't have to be really tightened so it becomes bigger wider um so if you are concerned about nostrils a little bit big and wanna make it smaller do this exercise.

Number two, this is the advanced version of this but this time we're gonna use two fingers and then exhale [Laughter] It’s hard, so this exercise is similar to this one but more advanced version now we're gonna make it more advanced use not finger no finger and then in exhale, cannot keep a second, but last one was a no finger and do this, also uhmm, very very very important to do nose breathing because every time you nose breathing you're using this muscle but if you use mouth breathing, this is just hanging around and not doing anything and then deteriorate it becomes wider so it's very very important to be aware of I mean not, so confused, it's very important to keep doing nose breathing all the time. Actually it's not nose breathing, it's eye breathing, if you want to know what eye breathing it is, check the link in the description below.

Last exercise, so this is a bit hard to explain because you're gonna see any difference visually but I learned this exercise really like more than 10 years ago because someone told me that we get the tip of the nose start sagging with age it becomes longer, nose become longer with age, face become longer with age including the nose and who wants longer nose like this, I don't think many people want that so yeah and then I was looking for any exercise at that time and I'm not doing as much as 10 years ago but somehow I was worried about getting the law tip of that laws become longer in the future so I was doing at the time anyway so that exercise is like this... I'm doing it I know you cannot see it but I'm doing it so what I'm doing is that just like a having tension, tightness here on tip of the nose you should touch it so that it feels better and try to lift up the tip of the nose a little bit up, that's it

I know you don't see anything but if you do it you might feel something you should have feel something like a tightness or having attention tip of the nose because this is really sleeping yeah so this is so very unnoticeable, so it's very discrete exercise that you can do whenever even in public.

So three exercise to make our nose a little bit more slim and make nostrils slimmer smaller one is this in ten seconds ten seconds and then number two if you cannot do it from the beginning use your finger, ten seconds and the last one is this tip of the nose tighten the tip of the nose whatever you, you can whenever you want and also eye breathing, not nose breathing about eye breathing, mouth breathing is out of the question right, but now the trend is eye breathing.

Thank you very much for watching be sure to check my website face yoga with Koko.com and get this face yoga paper and the books and the sugar oil thank you so much see in the next video bye!
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