3 Exercises To Fix Asymmetric Chin

3 Exercises To Fix Asymmetric Chin

Hi guys today I'm going to introduce three exercise and tips to make our chin more symmetrical. The reason why I wanted to do this video is that recently I just did the old face and so my face and I thought oh my gosh um the bent chin is a little bit better than before like this. Don't you think it's a little bit better than before it's still ugly looking I know because of the surgery failure but still it's big difference to me and then I was thinking okay so what have I done what have I been doing to make this happen, so I'm gonna summarize three things that I've been doing to make this more symmetrical.

Number one, use non-dominant hand as much as possible, by using dominant hand because it's dominant it's easy to use and keep using the body on this side more and more and then you get a symmetrical body face body. I mean face and body are so connected so if you have a symmetrical body of course you're gonna get a symmetrical face which I have known for a long time but I wasn't really doing much even though I was telling myself and then, but recently maybe like since half a year ago or something I started became very serious about it then instead of using my left hand for getting more putting back or carry something or whatever yeah I shouldn't try to do like a brush teeth in with left hand or those more technical more and more challenging things later but maybe like three months ago or something I said started using more left hand for as many as possible and that's a change that I was doing.

I truly believe that, that contributed to fixing that asymmetrical chin because body and face is so corrected you have a spine right ppppppppp, spine! me spine but Papa Papa Papa Papa PPP then neck and the skull and come here and then you got the face so if you have a symmetrical bent spine you get a symmetrical bent neck then it's symmetrical everything is metrical Scala a symmetrical forehead and everything that is metrical.

So you might be thinking to fix a symmetrical face you might be just doing something for the face but that's not that's not good I truly believe a symmetrical body posture really matters for face I'm not saying that you should go to like expensive chiropractor fractional or a Pilates or something and to try to fix that's great if you can do but my case I just simply try to use non-dominant hand as much as possible that's it.

Number two, relax your chin this is so important for me because I learned one of my room for improvements is I have tension in the chin all the time in it it's gotta be go away because I have a Symmetrical chin I know that and if I have more tension here that worsens that is metrical position because I have tension here that's why I had to really get rid of the tension and what I did is that I put, I did set lots of exercises as well check the link in the description below like this one yeah and also I put lots of mirrors all over my desk or something and even my my phone, I Apple watch has a mirror I don't know if you can see but mirror filter so that I can check my chin all the time and my phone has this one I recently got this this thing mirror on the other cover so that I can check my face all the time but I'm not really checking my face, I'm checking my chin all the time to make sure that I'm not having tension that's so important and every time I feel like I have tension I checked my face oh I have tension and then do like this, relax relax.

Recently I don't have to do this because I kind of learned how to relax chin but at the beginning I was doing this a lot to relax the chin every time I find my, I noticed that I'm have tension in here. So my advice if you have a bent chin it's very likely that you have a tension, you have a habit to cause tension all the time in the in the chin area, so it's very very very important to relax those tension by being aware of it and put you some mirrors everywhere you can find and then yes try to be not to cause tension in the chin and if you happen just do this or do this exercise and relax your chin.

Number 3, yawn exercise, this one I've been doing passed what like 2 or 3 months a couple of months on a daily basis because you yawn, I do, I don't know about you but I yawn a lot because I'm sleepy or something and every time I yawn, oh I try to like move a lot and then because yeah, oh it's chin this side right so I try to move to this side more.

So if you want to know more about the exercise, check the link description, check the link in the description below.

So those three things are the one, are the things that are I think contributed to fixing correction of my bent chin. Use non-dominant hand as much as possible and yawn exercise and relax your chin.

Thank you very much for watching, be sure to check our website face yoga with Koko.com to get this yoga pulled paper in my sugar oil and anti-aging book. Thank you so much! See in the next video, Bye!
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