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3 Exercises To Make Cheeks Fuller | Reduce Tension And Improve Circulation To Wake Up Capillaries

Resting in and I do that the one-two-three we need to wake up the sleeping the capillary


Hi Everyone, today I'm going to talk about three tips to prevent skinny cheeks in the making that cheeks a little bit more fuller, the reason why you get the skinny cheeks with aged and with age the body changes the body kind of gain weight but face those fat unfortunately I hope it was the opposite but it's not the case but we can do something about that so if you concerned about skinny chick Riga mmm I'll cougar which means it could be because this area the jawline the TMJ area is more overdeveloped so if this is overdeveloped here there's more space here more space here right in the cheek area and then that area becomes one hmm.. because this is like pulling out playing with backward and bring out so it's like a really bigger area and then you the fat is like stretched out and then you get like this so that's one thing.

The other reason is that even though I love cheek muscles higher and the flour always higher the better the more the better they're stronger the better here but the bones should be a little bit in if so that's the second thing we're gonna do to bring the bone a little bit a site because if you have more distinct more the cheekbone, not the fat or not the muscle but the bones are you're gonna against the same thing, it's more a little bit cheek area is monstrous and then this area becomes more looking hollow number three that exercise to kind of make that cheek fuller by improving the circulation and reducing attention so let's do it.

Number one is to reduce this overarching muscle relax this overworking muscle especially if you have TMJ pain so use this finger and then this this area here then like massage and I'm gonna try to do this like one minute you might feel some like a like a rock that's the muscle Rock muscle Rock so you want to break it down so it's kind of hard hard pressure like this but I'm doing like a circular motion though so up and down circular motion thirty more seconds I hope you're doing together with me relax your mouth a little bit could be open even a little bit.

Number two is the cheek from inside a press in ok so again I love cheekbone the higher floor the better but that I'm talking about the muscle always if I but this time I'm talking about the real bone should be in so use your finger like this, I don't like this hmm they feel the cheek alright then one two three four five six seven eight nine yeah pressing in and I did that the one-two three so the second one one two three four five six mmm a 9mm in the last one then one two three four relax your body six seven nine ten… okay so now we fix this fix this e and M we did that so.

Number three we're gonna make the checks boomer not the bomb but the cheek muscles reducing the tension and improving blood circulation by doing mm-hmm create that balloon air in the in the mouth no ma'am use this it's like a punching I'm oh so it's like this you're only this side and then punch you feel some the burning sensation it's like the that my favorite casa training kata means Chi means add up to means with pressure so you are adding the pressure by doing so when you release it when you release it of the lactic acid that humanity is moving around you might want to check vibration to reduce the lactic acid but this way you really work towards you are improving the blood circulation so let's look at the side ummm.

There's some in doubt this is tiring did you feel it let me talk about the logic so if you have like training biceps this is good but but if you do press pressure is bottom but I'm trying to lift up like a resistance training it's harder than just doing a bit right so that's that's the same thing so this is like real resistance training but when you release it used to feel a lot of lactic accumulated lactic acid is moving around like release and then that that movement is very very important because that that's the one wake up the sleeping camp your capillaries the and then the capillaries distribute the oxygen and nutrients to the skin so we need to wake up the sleeping capillary by doing this resistance training makes it has retired okay so the three things we did so the first one is to reduce this overworking muscle is becoming out so you're gonna yeah do the massage thing one minute at least and the next one was that bone cheekbone inside like this 1 2 3 and 10 seconds 8 and then the last one was punch cards the training register for training mmm 10 seconds each to freedom this yoga paper good and this sugar oil but you still must see the next video bye.
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