3 Exercises To Reduce Jowls

3 Exercises To Reduce Jowls

Hi guys today I'm going to do three tips and exercises to prevent, reduce, eliminate kill this jowls.

The reason why I wanted to do this video is that jowl is developing on my face unfortunately and it's really bothering, I hate it, I wish I had known this tip like long time ago that's why I'm doing this so that you guys can yeah start doing it. I was really regret that some things that I didn't do for a long time and I wish I had known this tip long time ago.

That first one, keep your mouth shut all the time as much as, as long as possible except when you're talking or eating or something. Since when I was kid, confession, my mouth was a little bit open all the time and I really wish I have known this thing when I was kid because I was long my mouth was open for too long time and when that happens, mouth is open now for the skin here, it's stress too much and then when your excess skin is developed and when your mouth is shut, close and then you get the excess skin as jowl which is so scary and I really hate that, I hope it's not too late for me, I don't know, I’m trying yeah the exercises to fix that because I can tell when I my mouth relax and then, see like a little bit lying here, yeah, you see this is more obvious, this is excess skin because my mouth was always open it's really, I don't know what to say, it's very very shocking I really wish I had known this thing long time ago. So please keep your mouth shut as long as possible as much as possible and when that becomes your habit then when you sleep, your mouth it should be close too, so because it's real habit when you are awake and then when you're asleep it should be you have that you are able to keep your mouth shut even when you're sleeping.

Number two exercise. So let's do this let me show you how..

The other side..

So what I'm doing the first make Pringles duck face and then keep the round shape at 45 degree up or doing so keep the run checker for doing so you're trading dish washer fling the dishwasher in the other side choose the round shape, round shape as much as possible yeah then you're trying this shoulder, you should feel this part is really pulling to this side, yeah so we are training this, it should be really used to feel that this part is really pulled like this put a lot otherwise it's not effective.

It's important to keep the round shape, the previous one so use your finger at the beginning.[Music] Some people are concerned about causing wrinkle by doing this exercise but because we do this side and this side. it's okay it's not like you're doing this pause for like three hours or anything like that right so it's okay to cause a little bit of wrinkles because we stretch right after that.

Number three, when you're resting, anti resting bitch face. Resting bitch face is like this,cause you're wrinkled and sagging this is not good so always when you're resting when your face is resting just a little bit of tiny smile by doing so you reduce the chin tension here and then lifting up the corners of the mouth which is connected to this jaw so if you're concerned about this job it's very important to keep always lifted up here so that the jaw is a little bit lifted up too.

So three tips when you're resting not talking or eating anything then you're you should keep your mouth shut as long as possible as much as possible as often as possible even when you are sleeping to prevent excess skin stretching thing. Number two exercise [Music] tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu open and yeah number three when you're resting just a little bit of tiny smile to lift up here just because it's connected jaw is connected here.

Thank you very much for watching, if you are interested to more Japanese exercises check my website face yoga with koko.com to get this free download paper, yoga paper and my book and my sugar oil and other products on listed there, also check my Instagram, Facebook, what else, twitch I started twitch recently and Tik-tok and yeah I think that's it! See you in the next video! Thank you! Bye!
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