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3 Face Yoga Exercises & Tips For Nose Slimming | Make Your Nose A Bit Smaller & Reshape It Better


Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about three exercises and tips to make our nose a little bit slimmer. Did you guys watch the mini-session recently uploaded on YouTube with Kasturi? She was concerned about the little bit bigger nose, and we did some exercise that we're going to do today. Again, I wanted to summarize it because it was working because some people said that Kasturi's nose becomes instantly small, a little bit smaller right after the thing we did. So let's do it.

Number one nostril exercise this nostril becomes bigger with age, and there are multiple reasons, but basically this exercise, we want to train this muscle to like this. It's a little bit hard to do it, but there are three steps for this first exercise. So let's do it. Number one, wash your hands, then put your finger like this or this or this just don't do like this inside it become it enlarge the nostril bigger. So don't do that, but just, just to hold it like this or this, whatever, it's easier for you. So I'm gonna do this. Then 5 to 10 seconds. So basically hold it. And then the other open nostril, exhale, inhale, inhale from the nose and then shrink hold, um, close it as much as possible. And then keep it like 10 seconds. In order for you to do 10 seconds, you really need to exhale first. And then when you inhale, it's easier to do so let's do the other side. So first, So when you did both sides, did you notice that either one is harder to do? The other one was easier to do? If so you might have an asymmetrical nose, then you do the weaker, weaker nostril suction one more time or two more times. Other advanced versions might be you use the two fingers and then do like this, or like this. Maybe I'm going to try this way. I'm going to try this way actually, it's so funny your face. 10 seconds. So we did one side and the one side this time, you did two at the same time and then suck it suction, then 10 seconds. Actually there's another one. If you want to do more, which is my favorite do not use a finger. And first, exhale, then I couldn't, I have to exhale bigger so that I could hold10 seconds. But the idea is to thing two nostrils at the same time. And I noticed lots of comments that say that you cannot do these two at the same time. If so your nostril becomes a little bit weak, so better, worse, practicing and practice makes perfect.

Exercise number two. So this one is not the muscle training but reduce the waste fluid. The fluid is a, is, um, it's all over the face and all over the body. And when the blood circulation is not good, when it's poor, you get unnecessary fluid and then in the face and the body too, and then it becomes a little bit bigger and that makes your nose bigger. And this one makes, uh, gives you instant results. If the cause of the bigger nose is coming from fluid, excess fluid. What you need is your knuckle in my video that I did last year, I was using like this, but I think, I feel like this is safer for coronavirus thing. And also it's more stable. So I like this way now, anyway, we're going to do like, from one, two, three. We're gonna hold it and kind of, uh, bring up the nose bump from like hook it, like dig it up. And then one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Then the second one, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10.And then the last one, this is the most important one. So hold it and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Um, in my, the old one last year, I was saying five seconds, but I feel like 10seconds I've been doing with other people. I learned that 10 seconds is maybe better. I think so. As of now I suggest 10 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds, 10 seconds. Then just try to dig out, out, not down, up, but straight to out, uh, out like, so this way we are like kind of, uh, trying towhat'sthe word, bring it to the nose is a little bit more out separating that bone and the muscle so that it becomes more straight here. And then reducing the unnecessary waste.

Number three. We're gonna relax these guys, these guys, because when we make any facial expression, no smile and then the Q like this,this is bad smile wrinkle, wrinkle, wrinkle. This way we are activating this guys are up, up, up, up. When this guys are activated up, you get more visible nasolabial line, especially when you smile. Causeit'salways up. Not just smiling but when you yawn causing wrinkles or those things too. So this is easily. It gets easily activated too much. So we want to relax that. The way we do is you could use this finger, but I think I feel like this knuckle is easier. So just massage slowly down then massage down three to fivetimes. Thumb, she, go like this massage down to relax. In addition, to the exercise it's very, very important to be aware of this motion for the daily facial activities, such as, as I said, smiling, when you smile, [inaudible] try not to use this muscle when you smile. That's number one. The other thing is that when you do yawning, which I do every day, almost every day, when you yawn,[inaudible] that might be happening. Don't do that. So every time I yawn I kind of relax, I use finger,literally use my finger to touch my nose, to relax, to tell signal the brain that you're supposed to. This area is supposed to relax [inaudible] down. I literally do touch my nose every time I yawn, we have many more exercises. So you haven't got this yoga paper yet. Please do so because it's free download available on our website and book is available, oil is available AI Koko is available to answer any questions. If the robot cannot answer, I will answer. So please ask questions there as well.And, but also I read all the comments on YouTube. I cannot answer everything, but I will. I'm trying to answer on my on this video or not just this video, but videos in general and what else? AI, uh, FaceYogaapp is updated. It's getting much better than before. So I'm now confident to promote officially, so please try that. It's a free download and yep. I think that's it. So thank you.

Thank you so much for watching and you see you in the next video. Bye
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