3 Face Yoga Exercises For Donald Trump

3 Face Yoga Exercises For Donald Trump

Hi guys today I'm going to introduce three exercise that I would advise to Donald Trump. The reason why I wanted to do this is that every time I see people stranger or even not stranger but regular people everywhere, if I'm not thinking anything else I might be kind of thinking oh she should do this exercise, he should not do that the facial expression or that kind of things all the time it's just my bad habit as a facial instructor, yeah so I've been thinking maybe you might, a lot of people who, a lot of people know who hear, so I think it's a great idea too interesting idea to suggest some three exercises face yoga exercises for Donald Trump.

Number one, neck exercise, this is great for double chin, turkey neck, double neck, whatever neck and I don't I'm not saying that he has those neck, I don't know what do you think but anyway I think it's a great exercise for him or even for you to do as a prevention or reduction of those aging symptoms in the neck. Let's do it!

Unless you have neck pain from sleeping posture or something you can do this actually I have some pain on in the neck yesterday and I couldn't do the exercises but now I can do today I can do so let's do it. Let me show you how… [Music]

Repeat this repetition three times, each one is five, five seconds so what I'm doing first is a look up and stretch your neck and chin is under bite I learned new English in New York Thank You Sandra for teaching me new English it's look this it's called under bight right so you do look to under bite for posture when you are looking up and stretching here especially here and then stick on your tongue and then after you do like duck face but keep, keep the under bite posture keep the stretch here and you should feel here being really tightened. Let's do three repetitions so slowly look up stretch your leg feel the stretch here and then under bite and then stick on your tongue… [Music]

Actually when you do it you don't have to scream like me…

I'm tired [Music] ohh.. I'm really tired I sure am I'm so tired I just came back from Sonoma in, it's a northern Northern California where the peanuts the cartoon Snoopy, was my favorite when I was kid his he was that the person who was drawing their cartoon was living, living in, in that city so there the airport was all about Snoopy cartoon.

Thank You Alexa, Alexa was reminding to do something right now so that is a really good exercise to reduce the double-neck of those things also I highly suggest for him.

Next exercise, advice for him is stop doing the grumpy mouth, yeah for women it's called resting bitch face, I don't know for men English for the word resting this for men but anyway he has a tendency to do it's just a little bit grumpy all the time even if he is not grumpy I don't know if he's really grump really grumpy or not anyway when you're resting just a little bit tiny smile it's very very important because with age the corners are now start sagging right so always just a little bit tiny smile and then I'll let's do at the exercise, this is grateful lifting up the corners of the mouth so by building this muscle more here it will be easier for you to do more anti resting bitch face.

Repeat this three to five times, let me show you how so first smile then show me a practice at least eight. I learned that Asian people have more smaller teeth so you might be showing the eight like me but if you are, if your mouth is really beautiful and a wider that's beautiful you and you should try to show 10 or even 12 then show that four teeth and then keep showing the four teeth especially the corners when the tongue is moving.

[Music] [Applause] [Music]

I did a video about this exercise before, so if you are interested in, check the link in the description below.

Number three this eleventh so this is really coming from facial expression and there are some exercise to reduce this prevent this how to say this wrinkle lines but the easiest way is just really try not to do it when you're resting or when you are conscious and you could even scotch tape here so that you notice ,when you cause wrinkle here you'll notice the tape tells you that you're doing it also my favorite one I don't know if he is using any skincare cream or something but if he does or if you do to use some cream like my, our favorite in your clinical sugar oil and apply it a little bit then put it on here or here yeah then use your finger as a shiatsu to do shih tzu technique like this 1 2 3 4 5 just 5 to 10 and just really hard like this, this hard to break down the muscle tension so that it's easier not to cross lines when you're resting but really important thing is try not to do it when you're resting maybe you can ask your friends or a family member to inform you when you are doing it.

Thank you very much for watching be sure to come to my website face yoga with Koko.com and get this yoga paper free download and my book and skin balancing sugar oil. See you in the next video! Bye!
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