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3 Types of Facial Wrinkles

Yeah, I don't really do water bottle either. Fold, folded situation like this wrinkle fabric thing.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about three kinds of facial muscles, because if you know which type of the wrinkle goes to which area you might be able to improve that condition more quickly. The three types are. Number one, overworking muscle. Number two, coming from dryness. Number three, folded like this fabric wrinkles. I'm gonna talk about seven major wrinkles in the face from top-down.

Number one, forehead wrinkles, this horizontal one, and this one 11th. Those are definitely super red, which means always up, up, up in, in, in, overworking muscle. Blue sleeping and red is overworking. So that's, that line definitely comes from overworking muscles. So when you do skincare, you might want to do relax down, down, down, down, down, down like this one, I did a video to smoothen, how to smoothen the forehead. So check it out if you haven't watched it yet.

Number two, crow's feet. This is definitely coming from this fold, folded situation like this wrinkle fabric thing. So you might wanna do more cream like eye cream or some moisturizer to, um, iron out, out, iron the line. Same as fabric when you wanna straighten the iron right? same thing so you wanna iron it every single day. Every time you do skincare to yeah to just iron it. And also because the eye skin is very, very thin compared to other areas. And when it's get dry, I mean, it's easier to get dryer, dryer than other areas. So you use, you wanna use a lot enough moisturizer or eye cream or something to, um, keep it not dry, moisturized.

Number three, fine lines around the eye, especially the inner one that's, that's a combination from this. Some people like me overworking muscle is acting up because this levator labii superioris alaeque nasi is acting up all the time. So you wanna relax that. And I did the video, how to smile with this relaxed. So check it out if you haven't and also dryness matters too. Same thing, same story as the previous one it's a dry area. Eye skin is very, very thin So you wanna make, you wanna use enough moisturizer.

Number four, nasolabial line, laugh lines, smile line is definitely coming from being folded long time, like fabric, but this is a little bit more complicated because when the skin is sag down, because it's down and the dao muscle, you have'nt watch the dao video, please do. Dao is jerking down everything is down. So you wanna lift up your cheeks, relax saggy muscle dao. Um, that's one thing, but the other thing is, um, this is, um, folded. So you wanna iron it again with your, not here, only the next to the nose that's where you wanna stretch out from inside out.

Number five, lip line the vertical one ppp ppp ppp above the upper lip coming from folded. So like, if you straw use a straw all the time or doing this water bottle, you don't wanna do that because that habit cause more muscle memory and because the lines so stop doing, using straw as much as possible, if you can, and I don't really do water bottle either. Um, and also you might wanna relax then, the iron out, out, out, out when you do skincare cream.

Number six, this line when you do E smile this one definitely coming from being folded long time. Like the fabric again. Yeah. So the way to fix is not really moisturizer, but um, more important thing is stop doing E smile and, uh, you should do V smile.

Number seven, let's talk about neck. Neck has two kinds of lines one is horizontal one, this is definitely coming being folded long time. Because your pillow is too high. So it's like this, or you're looking down on the phone the computer always looking down, down, down.

The so skin, skin is fa- like fabric it's, it's folded too long time and it caused wrinkle. So that's stop doing that. If you know that's you have it and, um, also yeah, check your pillow size. And the other one is horizontal one like a hmm. It's hard for me to do it, but hor- no, no, no horizontal vertical one, vertical one. Yeah ppp and sometimes you might get hole in here. Because you are for example, you're very skinny person or, and or you're using this muscle too much every time you speak every time you breathe. So do the ab breathing really helps not to, not to use the neck muscle.

If you wanna know more detail, I did the video about the horizontal line and vertical line on the neck. So check it out. If you haven't got our face yoga app yet please try it. It's free download available and free trial. And also I am doing live stream for um face yoga instructor course next year. So, and you can do, if you're busy on that specific timing, you can do displayed on demand as well. So check it out. If you're interested in becoming a face yoga instructor thank you so much see you in the next video bye.
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