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5 Bad Habits To Cause Assymetrical Eyes And Eyebrows | How To Fix

Hi everyone!Today I'm going to talk about five bad habits that you might be doing you to create more asymmetrical eye and asymmetrical eyebrows but if you have not watched my video about seven bad habits to cause asymmetrical body in the face please check it out first because that's very very important, I mean you can check check it out later but anyway I really like you to see because it's very important it's like fun yeah all over the face I mean if you're worried about not just eye there but all over asymmetrical face but today's topic is gonna be specifically for bad habits for asymmetrical eyes and eyebrows.

Number one, angry eyebrows, angry a girl is like both are not it's like one side is like this and the reason why you have this only one side is like this is that you are doing it. Actually I recently learned that I'm doing this motion more than this I didn't notice because I'm so conscious about my forehead tried to freeze it all the time right because of my nature of my business but I learned that someone told me that I am doing like this moving this not this is not moving but this is moving right side is moving all the time so that this trades angry eyebrow, if you keep doing that motion all the time of course this dominant eyebrows move move move over working and up up up up and this looks saggy even though it's not sagging yeah so it's the first step, find out which one has everyone has it a lot of people has it even me I have it if you hide his face yoga so I didn't know ask around or you could talk you can film your facial expression when you're talking with someone that's um that's an interesting way to find out which one has more dominant motion.

Once you find out which one when you do skincare cream you could do a more like down down down down motion yeah instead of up I never liked doing things up because this forehead is always up so you don't oh by the way I had a tattoo thing yesterday that's why anyway it's not real tattoo though you want to bring it down down down down down down down when you apply face cream or something to relax the forehead muscle or when you do it, you could do you can do that domestic dominant one more to bring it down down down down down because I'm always up up up that's one thing to do.

Also use your finger this is an exercise of pinkies are on eyebrows pinkies are on eyebrows freeze your forehead and open as big as possible then slowly squint and then slowly open make sure both uh both eyebrows are not moving and then slowly squint thus far slowly open when you open and squint open screen eyebrow should not be moving so the P if the pinkies are on eyebrows you can tell if it's moving or not I think I did a video about this - yeah so please search like what is that forehead forehead wrinkles this is so related to forehead and eyebrow if the eyebrows are moving forehead are moving too because those are connected and in order to stop this this angry one you need to develop eye muscle instead of this eyebrow muscle so it really is effective - what's the word probably the I am and a dominant one moves more when you do this so really be careful not to move it at all and this is a great training to train the eye muscles so that you don't have you you can relax eyebrow in forehead

Number two, body posture and neck posture if you're sitting like this hunched over and then it's like this and then working on computer I'm exaggerating but if you're doing like this all the time when you look up something I'm looking up I'm gonna look up like what time is it when I can looking at the computer using this muscle because I have to look up looking up in general it's not really good idea all the time I mean wait if you want to look up don't look up I mean this looking up it's not good because you have to kind of use this muscle a lot so because this is overworking so first thing is a good posture so that you don't have to look up and the computer should be a little bit I side or should be a little bit down I like it like thirty thirty degree down so that if it's the same height I tend to do like this so I don't like it so first thing you check your posture and neck posture so that you don't have to look down like this that's one thing and also I realize because I started doing some yoga, body yoga and some kind of a mat exercise and because I don't know how to do it I tend to do look look the doing some motion and look at the look up the instructor there then when I'm looking up I'm using this muscle so in general again looking up motion it's not really good idea for because they were it uses overworking forehead so if you want to look up you're doing some body post yoga or something and if you don't look up instead we're looking up then using this muscle look up try to look you up head up so that you don't have to use this muscle that's another thing.

You might think oh but we are talking about asymmetrical eyebrow and I write so because everyone has domestic domestic dominant eye dominant eyebrows that kind of thing if you keep using that both eyes both muscle here the dominant side moves more and overdevelop so if you're ya concerned about asymmetrical or even if you're not gonna tell about this metrical I or eyebrows looking up is not really great all the time is not good idea.

Number three bangs so let's say I have a bang or let's say because I don't know let's say I'm doing like this hairstyle all the time this is like this and all the time my hair is like this all the time I'm exaggerating of course but if you keep doing the same same bangs same hairstyle all the time and this eye is hidden so I use more this one so that if you if you're eye if you like some kind of asymmetrical hairstyle all the time and don't change all the time and then that's gonna change some muscles too because it's always hidden and this is all always working or something like that so it's better to change your hairstyle if you like asymmetrical like I changed this part part what's the word divider line all the time like multiple times per day.

Number four, furniture position so this is very interesting one thing like for example this is a desk and working on something but there's a there's a screen monitor here not here here so I tend to tend to use this one more right but this is not a good example so ideally you should have if you want to have something TV or something you will have one side and one side or something like that or if you're watching TV this is my place and they work the TVs there and always watching like this and then I'm using this side more so that this eyes more then this could be and so the furniture position matters actually.

In fact now I'm talking to realize I have the TV monitor here to see some shore something and this is my dominant eye so my dominant is over working to watch this so this is not good actually so ideally I should have two monitors and use alternate this one and this one this one this one to use the both side but that's not really practical but something to think about it, I yeah I I should I actually have another TV monitor that I'm not using so maybe I should put this one here so that I use both sides.

Number five, when you look at your phone or something always using my dominant hand and using a dominant side so my suggestion number five using dominant side too much for example when you watch your number five form use when you use phone if you're using the dominant hand it's a little bit if if I use my dominant hand it's a little bit too this dominant side right side right on my so my right eye moves works more but if you use non-dominant side the phone is placed a little bit too non-dominant side so lip you might be able to use non-dominant eye a little bit more than this make sense? so try to use try to carry the phone hold the phone with non-dominant hand as much as possible that's not too easy that's that's easy actually that's not too difficult it's very easy because sometimes I necessarily do because you have to type or pppppp or something so just be aware that maybe you should want to use your phone with non-dominant hand so you use a dominant a little bit more than before and also if you too close I have to work too hard and you get fatigued not good so try to do a little bit far from you and not like this a little bit up all the time.

Those are five bad habits that you might be doing and you might want to stop doing for a symmetrical eyes and eyebrows so thank you very much for watching and if you're interested in of exercises check my website Koco face free download this paper look in the sugar oil and also we study really actively publishing some really useful content on my Instagram as well so please check it out and this one channel is available now on fire TV Amazon fire TV so if your review would be really appreciated thank you so much see you next video bye and OH app is available as well don't forget it free download and we having a really cool feature - soon available but if you share the app to your friends with your friends you get free video and you can unlock one more video up to three videos so check it out! Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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