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5 Face Posture Tips / Move Facial Muscles Correctly For Daily Facial Activities

Hi everyone! Today I'd like to talk about the beauty of face posture, as you may know or you may not know I did face yoga exercises my face your instructor exercises, exercise are important to wake up sleeping muscle in the face to lift up the skin and relax overworking muscleo for wrinkle reduction but I suggest you do exercises open it little by little throughout the day and in total it should be like 3 to 5 minutes per day maximum in my case my suggestion so if you're doing bad face posture that facial expression happens all the time you don't going to take a result that's why it's very very critical and I believe more important to keep good face posture and do not doing bad facial expression habit rather than exercising I mean of course exercise is important both are complimentary also equally important because it really helps to move the facial muscles correctly but the point is to move facial muscles properly or correctly for your daily facial activities like speaking or smiling or drinking or something like that those are very very important and we're gonna talk about 5 essential face posture 101.

Number one, this is the most if you don't have time to watch the video just watch this part because this is the most important but hurts resting face posture so nobody wants to be resting bitch face right so the first thing you're gonna do when your face is resting tongue is up sucking up I keep talking about this so you guys probably know if you don't know how to do that correct time poster please sir son for sure on my You Tube channel or YouTube everywhere because people talk about it so the so important that's number one like time is setting up to the pallet and number two, corners of the mouth is just a little bit up just a little bit of or flat not like this yeah you know in general if you don't if you're not aware of this with age it's very very natural that the corners of the mouth starts sagging and then when that happens it's really sagging down so you get more jowl, more saggy on the nasolabial line because it's really playing with being down you don't want that so you wanna be you wanna just a little bit up that it's been taking a long time for me to really kind of master more than yeah atleast a year but it's getting better it's getting better you just have to be aware of it and then when they're happy when becomes your default setting a resting face for sure it's much easier to continue.

Another thing about mouth when your face is resting upper teeth, lower teeth should not be touching each other, it's called TCH Teeth Contact Habit, it's not good because that creates tension and especially if you have TMJ pain please be aware that abrogation neurology should not be touching just like very very little there a little like one millimeter or like that it’s very very little gap in between.

I talked about a lot of lower face let's talk about the upper face so when your face is resting not do this lines, I used to do this lines as a bad example when I'm teaching in a setting of light so not gonna do it even if even if even though it's important to show bad example I'm not gonna do it. I refuse because that's really bad for me you know what I mean right at eye level don't do that reduce the tension that's and another thing is that when your face is resting eye tensions should be like drama inside out it's easy to cause tension on that inner eye so try to reduce the tension to the outside but this is very very difficult kind of really super difficult if you are awake so I suggest you try this from move the tension from inside out when you are sleeping I mean know when you're sleeping when you're laying it down break it down in bed and close your eyes it's easier to feel it.

Last but not least, this is kind of the most important thing but body posture so your body's fine straight shoulder down like this shoulder down and place, imagine that you put you put your head on your back above your butt not like this no like this but head is placed on your back when you're standing when you're sitting both and then tuck your chin just a little bit down not too much no like this because you wanna stretch the skin here yeah then just a little bit tuck your chin.

Number two, speaking when you are speaking let's do aeiou hat I learned in Japan so you put your finger here then aeiaou, say aeiaou without showing lower teeth yeah, so right now our Face yoga app is gonna have a cool feature that if you show lower teeth your face is gonna be supposed to be zombie but the people oppose because zombie doesn't look cute so we gonna add some cute emoji saying this so every time you show like this when you're talking the emoji is gonna allows you not to do that anyway so the point is you put finger here to feel the movement of your cheek, so when you're talking aei it should be moving not like aei but aeiaou aeiaou, that yeah I kind of difficult and it's still very difficult for me but right by practicing aeiaou, use the upper philtrum area and the cheek area and forget about the chin, you don't want to use too much like no no no like forget about it because I have that tension to have is to call attention in the chin and a lot of people do don't do that so if you don't know more about aeiou kind of exercise search how to speak on my You Tube channel.

Next one, drinking so this has was invented by me couple years ago but I wasn't sure about that so I was acting around people every time I teach and then it seems good it seems working so I would like to officially announce the what's the word? the lifting up drinking system or method or something like that so when you drink something… see there on, yeah… you don't want to cause wrinkle because you want to reduce the tension here so the way you should be drinking is it's kind so weird but they're a little smile to reduce the tension and how to tension my upper lip yeah. The key is drink very little if you drink a lot of stuff you have to use tension here otherwise it’s gonna spill so practice with very little water or something and then just a little bit tiny smile to reduce tip and use more here and I heard it this way it's easier to keep sucking the time when you swallow so if you are concerned about chin tension please try it.

Number three II when you eat so my suggestion is to get some stuff smaller pieces so that you don't have to open big mouth good moving chin is not good and then bite bite bite bite around the mouth in the mouth and then bring to the both sides not just one side not just one side, both eyes that's a key for symmetrical face and then when you chew chew with the cheeks not the mouth I mean it's important to with cheek of course but I'm just like imagine to do that by doing so we are really lifting up the cheek muscle all the time every time you drink and oh don't drink every time you eat is there amazing so you don't realize that you're doing exercise but you are doing it unconsciously if you keep doing it. You know of course in public you might not want to do this that's too much, do it with yourself by yourself but you can do in public I do like… like that and it's okay it's not strange I don't think unless you are filmed for TV or something I think that that's okay bad example is I mean exaggerating but using only here it's not good use mods here because those are sleeping and this is overworking to the side into the down both, yeah don't do that forget that this exists use here.

Even though I like burger impossible burger or vegan burger I ate sometimes but not so good idea if your concern about chin because you have to open big mouths and that you have to use a lot of food now so here to atleast so better to use chopstick or something and then small pieces that's better.

Number 5, the last one smiling so when you smile or laugh never never ever show lower teeth, I still do sometime when I'm talking so that's my room for improvement but that's good that I can become more beautiful if I fix to have it right so I'm very excited so anyway when you smile, bad example is… used to do that was cute when I was kid but not anymore coz I turned 41 years old, two days ago anyway so you see I did that I did that when I'm talking it's hard to her to fix the habit but anyway when you when your smile place the upper teeth on lower teeth and some people naturally they can do it they never show or tease women when they're talking which is really amazing and it's like oh my gosh I want to be like you oh I'm so jealous those people anyway if you're not that kind of genetic great genetic people we have to fix it so the way we fix it when you smile, put the upper teeth on top of lower teeth, and show the lower teeth, ah no, hide the lower teeth and then when you smile when you smile don't cause a wrinkle like this and I used to do like a really wrinkled wrinkled wrinkled nose wrinkled wrinkled wrinkled so many wrinkles it was so cute when I was a kid but not anymore because again I became 41 years old so don't do that if you have mature people and try to open a little bit bigger the eyes a little bit bigger than you think no more and then try take pictures and maybe it looks good or not in most of the case it looks good a little bit bigger open eyes and then reduce crow's feet we just wrinkle reduce pension from the inner side and nose as well so yeah that's smile smile training.

In fact there are many more like how to yawn how to rinse your mouth with water after brushing your teeth or they're more so I am gonna do other videos if you guys if you guys like this kind of videos so stay tuned as always check my website Koko face to free download, the yoga paper and sugar oil. book is available as well and app is available we are actually working on roku in Amazon Prime stay tuned so that lots of good things happening so even though now it's very very hard time because of the corona viruses but yeah it's very important to say and do what we can and if you're watching this video thank you so much and I really hope you will implement some of the things that I talked about today. Thank you so much! See you in the next video. Bye!
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