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5 face yoga exercises that I don't like | Warnings about Face Yoga

Stretching the philtrum. Sometimes I see from other people, is that like holding it. And when I came back using here worsens...


Hi Everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about five warnings about face yoga in general.

Number one,stretching smaller muscles. In general I believe stretching, stretching, and training, stretching, training.This is a good repetition for elastic skin, AKA elastic muscle. So that's great to do that, but only for bigger muscles, like a neck or jawline, those are bigger, like body areas. So it's, it's okay. I mean, you keep doing it and then it comes back to, um, it becomes more elastic muscle. So like, I, this is good, but sometimes I see other people doing some stretching, the philtrum. I don't like it because this is a smaller muscle. And once you stretch it, it's too small. And then it's too. Yeah, it's just too small that doesn't come back. Doesn't become more elastic. The more you stretch it, the more become longer. And then you know that the philtrum becomes longer with age and that makes you look older.

And so I I'm so not anti-stretching the philtrum or other areas in general, but I've seen some people doing some stretching philtrum exercise for the face. And I, I wanted to warn you guys don't do it. I don't believe that it comes back to more elastic skin because it just stretches stretches stretches. It's like a band. It's the rubber band. It's a stretch stretch, and then break it. So it don't, I don't believe it comes,become the more elastic skin if you stretch it here. So I don't like it. I still do sometimes to stretch here a nd stretch this skin and apply eye cream. So that's my favorite but, I do only one second or two seconds maximum. Don't do more than two seconds. It should be very, very quick. Another exercise that sometimes I see from other people is like, I mean, it's good if the air is up to, to, um, below the muscle what's the, I'm sorry, the nasolabial line from inside out, but see I'm trying to do more upper because you don't want to stretch here.If you stretch here, the stretched skin shows as jowl, which is not my favorite. And once you get the jowl, it's so hard to fix it. So I'm very, very scared of a job. So, if you want to do, you could do only upper,but not try not to go below this line. Cause you can, you don't want to stretch here.

Number two,wrinkles, some exercise, like for example, lower eyelid up, up, up, up, up. I don't really cause much wrinkle here, but for some people, cause everyone's face is different. So you need to watch your face in front of a mirror. And when you do it, for example, lower eyelid lift up, up, up and causing a little, a lot of wrinkles, you need to, you need to, you need to stop it like this. And then don't try to do the big movement because the lower eyelid lift up is supposed to be tiny micro movement. You don't need to do as big enough to create wrinkles and cheek squat as well. [inaudible] Because it's cheek squat it's a cheek about face exercise, you want to really target only that targeted muscle. Only the specific muscle that we are training, which is the cheek. Instead, if you are doing cheek squat, you don't want to do wrinkle, wrinkle, wrinkle, wrinkle. You want to relax everything else. And if you have to, if you cannot stop wrinkles, use your finger to prevent that like this or like this, or prevent the wrinkles with fingers. That bulldog exercise anti-bulldog like this, this cause wrinkle here. So if your concerned, you can use finger to prevent it. But in general, this wrinkle is not going to stay because it'snot coming from facial expression. I mean this one, this one this one this one come stay because it comes from facial expression habit that you might be always doing or this one. Usually it's not going to stay. This comes the verti... a vertical line is gonna to happen when you are 80 years old or 90 or older.So you don't have to too much worried about it right now because you do both sides. So it's not going to stay. I'm not too worried about it. But if you're worried about you can use finger to prevent it.

Number three, jaw dropping, Aw, like this, some exercise I've seen asking you to do drop jaw too much. The in general, the more, the less you move your chin, the better, because this is overworking muscle. The redone is overworking muscle. You don't want to really overwork the overworking muscle. This is always pulling out, pulling it down. So everything is being pulled down, down, down, which is not good. So you don't want to use it. You want to think that this is dead does not exist. So, but if you keep doing that, ah,ah, ah, ah, especially if you have TMJ pain and you might drop your jaw and click, clicking sound that's really not good.So please be careful. Don't do it. Or, um, I mean, I have some exercise dropping jaw a little bit slowly for asymmetrical check, but I, I ask you not to drop too much and do slowly. And limit the time that you do,don't overdo.

Number four, neck pain. If you have neck pain, don't ever never do neck exercise because you don't want to worsen the situation. Onetime I did this, like two minutes or three minutes or something like, like, like this, holding it. And when I came back up, it was like, Oh my gosh, it was so much pain and I never forget, but it's my fault. I overdid it. But that I was following a, one of the YouTube videos about some kind of exercise. And that person was saying three minutes. So I was following it, but it didn't work for me.So please, um careful you can watch anybody's tutorials including me. Um, but uh, you are the person who knows your condition the most. So trust yourself. Last one, overworking muscle. So some exercise I see sometimes do like a brows are up up, and up, uh, up, um, in general this is overworking muscle. It's already overworking up up up up so you, I don't believe you need to work out anymore because this, I think this may be because, uh, people concerned about the saggy, saggy brow so you want to lift up the eye brow. I understand that, but if you keep doing, up, up, up, up and you might think it's gonna lift up your brows, but instead the forehead becomes. Oh by the way, I burned my forehead with a hair curler.So please be careful. Anyway, if you're doing up, up, up, up this muscle become constricted, stiff, stiff,and then because if the forehead is so stiff, everything is going to be stiff because this is like a umbrella or it's like, this is a top and everything is all the face is attached to the forehead. If the, so that if the forehead condition is so stiff, everything is gonna be stiff and it's, it's really not good.

More asymmetrical face more wrinkle kind of thing happens.So, yeah, I mean, I don't believe that you should do lift up your eyebrows by doing some exercise. I don't think so. And the other one is, uh, like sometimes I see like this, this is over working muscle, the red one.You really don't want to overwork. You might want to work the neck because this is sleeping, but using here worsens. So I don't really understand. So those are fine warnings that I would like you to be aware of when you do face exercises and it's up to you, who you believe, which exercise you're gonna do. But,um, that's my opinion. Other people might have different opinion because everyone is different, but that's okay.Um, anyway, check my website. If you haven't got this free yoga paper, please do so free download. And the book and sugar oil, app our app added, was added 10 more or like a 12, 13 more new exercises. So it's about like this, one, like everything's almost all of this is in the app, so please check it out. And AI Koko is waiting for your questions. If the robot cannot answer, I will answer. So please check it out.Come to say, say hi to my AI Koko on Thank you so much.

See you in the next video.Bye
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