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5 Facial Bone Benefits From Mewing

If you are concerned about too tall or too big nose and you're not doing mewing. I say 23 hours per day, because you mean, I mean the mewing you're supposed to be doing because.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about five benefits facial bone benefits from mewing. If you don't know what mewing is check my other video to make sure that you understand because that's the most important thing out of all the Koko face yoga method. Assuming you know what mewing is, and let's go.

Number one, face grows forward, instead of longer with age um, face become longer. That makes you look old so ideally, you don't wanna have longer face you wanna have the forward. You wanna grow the face forward. Basically, when you're doing mewing you're lifting up this yellow maxilla from this, this area in the mouth palate. So the maxilla become it's like a foundation of the all the other, other um, blue and green and red and orange and everything it's connected from here, right? So this is super important, like a base for the face. So if this is up and forward everything is gonna be out.

Number two, your cheekbones, cheekbones are going to be lifted because you lit- literally directly, directly lifting up this yellow maxilla. I mean, the name of this bone is not yellow maxilla just saying yellow, because it's easier for us to understand. But look, this is literally just like cheekbone, right? Yes, cheek muscle exercises is important, but if the bones up it's easier to do, it's easier to have higher fuller cheekbones. Not bones but the cheeks. So the face exercise to lift up your cheek muscle is important, but this is more important to be honest, cause it's more like a base, there's a ball and muscle and then fat and skin.

Number three, your nose might not look like too tall or too big because remember this maxilla yellow one is gonna forward right? If you do mewing. So if you don't do mewing, this is gonna sunk in, in, so the nose it's like more out because this base is in, makes sense? So it looks unnecessarily tall, too tall, or too big. If you're concerned about too tall or too big nose and you're not doing mewing, you should really, really, really, really, really be serious about mewing.

Number four, eyes so the same thing, same story as the nose. But because see this eye socket the base is this yellow maxilla. So when the maxilla is in, you get like a sunken eye under the eye. You don't wanna have that. So that's why it's not just around the mouth. It's so related to even cheeks, nose, even eyes.

Number five, lips so lip is upper lip is here. I mean, number five is not lips, but the lip upper lip the upper lip is here. And there's um, philtrum here, right? Because the maxilla is maxilla is moving uh, placing, growing forward out. This is gonna come out so the you get more looking like a fuller and more what's the word fuller lip only upper lip because the tongue is gonna be here. Tongue is not gonna be in the on the bottom. If the tongue is on the bottom, you might look like you might have more fuller lower lip. But what I like is fuller upper lip and I did a controversial video here so if you wanna watch it please check it out.

So those are five reasons why you should do mewing in terms of attractive bone, bone positions, bone growth, or bone structure. So the face become look move forward, not move, but grow forward, so you not gonna get longer face and fuller upper lip and the fuller higher cheekbone, not too tall nose and uh, no more sunken um, under the eye. By the way, I did a interview video with the our favorite, favorite, favorite legendary doctor the Doctor Mew.

So if you haven't checked out, please check it out. This is a little bit off topic cause not the face, but it really affects the body posture too, because let's try the experiments. You open your mouth, puts your tongue on bottom of the chin don't do mewing as an experiment. And then, and then re um, inhale from the nose or do mew mewing and close your mouth and then inhale from the nose, which is easier, or which one? I think it's obviously, um, the mewing when you do mewing, it's easier to do nose breathing so it's not just the attractiveness the, the beauty reason, but the health reason. Also, if you are not doing probably very likely that your body posture is not good either uh.

Probably like this I'm exaggerating. That goes more like a tech neck or scoliosis or lots of lots of body um, that stuff in the body as well, not just for the face. So it's important to keep doing it. I say 23 hours per day, because you mean, I mean the mewing you're supposed to be doing, because once you get you, you can do this, the correct mewing when you're awake, even when you're sleeping, you be doing it. That's why I say 23 hours per day. But not just that, I have more idea about the some muscle benefits from mewing. So stay tuned in the next video today was bone benefits, facial bone benefits from mewing, but the next one is gonna be muscle facial muscle benefits from mewing. If you haven't got our face yoga app, which is available to free download and free trial, so please try it available on Apple store and Google play. All the exercises are in app. Also we launched certification instructor certification course. So please check my website if you're interested in becoming instructor because they have really amazing course, and there's another one, another course for medical professionals as well. So if you're have medical professional, you should, you might wanna check, check it out as well. Thank you so much see on the next vide bye.
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