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5 Facial Muscle Benefits From Mewing

The saggy cheeks or nasolabial line, jowl, marionette line, or anything like saggy. Sucking on the palate to the palate here right? And not many people talk about it yet.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about five facial muscle benefits from mewing. My previous video was about other benefits from mewing but in terms of facial bones. But this time it's going to be muscles.

Number one, mewing reduce chin tension. Oh, by the way, if you don't know what mewing check my video, it's an AKA correct tongue posture. Assuming you know what it is, let's move on. But anyway, moving, shifting the chin tension from bottom up, that's the really huge thing for me, because not just for me, but everyone in general, that is a super big topic to me. But not many people pay attention yet because they don't know much about it. But anyway, this is my, um, I'm still working on it, but the red is overworking muscle, which overworking up, up, up, in, in, in, out, out, out, down, down, down.

So this is the one, you wanna relax it. And the blue is sleeping muscle that you wanna wake up to lift up your skin right? So if the tension chin has a, I have like light is so much but anyway, the chin has a lot of tension, like a, tension, tension, tension, this mentalis, and dao it's gonna bring down, down, down. If you haven't watched my dao, D A O video, please check it out cause it's interesting. Um, yeah. So if you do correct mewing tongue is up. So you, you can move the tension from bottom up. So if you're concerned about like saggy cheeks or nasolabial line, jowl, marionette line or anything like saggy or wrinkles, like especially from here, from the nose down. This is the enemy that you wanna relax it, the muscle. And then the mewing helps relax the muscle because this is shifting the tension from here to the cheeks.

Number two, reduce pain on the jaw areas, especially if you have TMJ pain or grinding or, um, those things. Again, look at this risorius masseter those are, I believe it's the overworking out, out, out, out. By mewing we move the tension from jaw to up in this, uh, maxilla up. Speaking of TMJ, if you haven't watched my TCH video, please check it out because it's important to know what TCH is teeth contact habit. And not many people talk about it yet as much as TMJ. I mean, it's so related. So basically you wanna keep, upper teeth and lower teeth slightly not touching, slightly gap open in between all the time in addition to mewing.

Number three, the philtrum and upper lip is gonna have a good tension because of mewing. Because when you mewing you're doing mewing the tongue posture sucking on the palate to the palate here, right? So this is literally this right, right below, above your tongue, there's upper lip and the philtrum here. So you get good tension, which is really good because this is a sleeping muscle that you wanna wake up to show them the philtrum keep it short and have fuller lips.

Number four, neck toning if you're a concern about saggy neck or turkey neck or double chin or whatever neck it is, because tongue is a big muscle, which is connected to the neck. So when the you're doing the correct mewing, the neck is toned all the time. And if you wanna do some specific exercise for double chin, do that, please. But in addition, I mean, exercise is only like short time. And if you're not doing mewing, your is so loose and you not gonna see good results. So in addition to the exercise, or if you don't wanna do exercise, it's okay. Just do the mewing and they will, you will have more clear, um, sharper jaw line and the toned neck.

Number five, we can train tongue muscle. So this is a big, like a core muscle for the face super important. But if the tongue is, is weak, for example, you might be, you might speak like [inaudible], you don't know what I'm talking about right? I mean, I cannot do well, but because sometimes people sound like [inaudible] because tongue is weak and it's not touching the palate when you talk. And the other thing more health reason is, uh, choking, choking.

When you eat something, the food goes to airway and then happens because the tongue is, um, tongue is weak. And because tongue is weak, the other related organs are not functioning well to move the food into this food way. I don't know the English words for this, but uh, and then the food goes to airway by mistake because the, the other organs are not moving correctly. By the way, I did a interview video with the legendary Doctor Mew. So if you haven't check that, please check it out. If you haven't free trialed, our face yoga app please try it because it's free. And we are launching a certification course, actually. So if you're interested in becoming a face yoga instructor, check my website thank you so much see you in the next video bye.
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