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5 Hacks/Tips To Keep Mouth Closed While Sleeping | How To Stop Mouth Breathing While Sleeping

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about five tips that you could try to keep your mouth closed while sleeping. But before we talk about that let me explain why we should care about it, so one of the main generic coming under general reason is that if the mouth is open you're probably you doing mouth breathing right instead of nose breathing, nose breathing breathing is better because there's like a filter here so that you do not get like bad viruses in easily but if you breathe some bad virus or something from is from mouth it goes straight to lungs without any filter so you get more sick especially nowadays we're talking about viruses so we want to be careful about that especially outside you want to do nose breathing instead of mouth breathing but anyway we're gonna talk about while sleeping today.

Another reason I really want to keep my mouth shut while sleeping is that the when the mouth is open this is stressed a little bit stress right? but even even if you think it's a very little stretch think about it seven to eight hours per night and every single day it's straight straight straight so then it's accumulated to bigger stress from when your face is when you're awake and when your mouth is closed and then you get jaw because the stretch skin has nowhere to go and show a jaw or some marina I know something like that who wants that I don't want that so that's another reason that I really need to keep my mouth shut when I'm sleeping and I I have been successful for a long time I thought but sometimes I realized that oh it's open when I really when I when I wake up sometimes well it's close sometimes it's open it's a struggle then that's why I wanted to do this video.

Number one, classic tool that so many people recommend and so many people have their successful cases with the tape so I don't have tape so I'm gonna demonstrate with this I'm not sponsored but I like this press and sale because it's really sales but it doesn't have to be this so you get some kind of a medical tape ideally so that you don't get irritation rather than just regular tape so you get in my case I do like this and then cut it. I mean you don't have to use this but any medical tape is fine so you could tape your like this or like this I like doing this so that when I wake up my lips are so moisturized the tape idea is very very popular and high has a high success rate so if you're very concerned about it I think you should try it and that's my favorite too.

Number two, so this is new one this is what I kind of discovered realized recently I wanted to share you guys because tape I know it people yeah it's it's a like a common technique but the program about tape is that sometimes it's annoying sometimes I'm so sleepy and I don't want to deal with doing the tape it's kind of uncomfortable can be uncomfortable so I don't want to do it sometimes because I'm tired so sleepy and then what I realize is that there's a pillow here I'm gonna get my pillow right now just I'll be back. Okay I'm back so this is my back sleeping support pillow that I've been using for years more than three years I've been liking it if you're like if you want to know what it is check my link in the description below on the amazon that's a new store that I still front of mine anyway so I realized something when I'm sleeping like this if it's like this you see neck is stretched and then it's easy to keep my mouth open if it's like this but then if i'm a little bit the chin tuck tuck my chin a little bit it's easy to keep my mouth shut so when you sleep you don't wanna do like this because you're on a closed wrinkle here the horizontal one you don't want to do that just a little bit tuck your chin just a little bit and then it's so much much easier to keep the mouth shut I seriously was why didn't I know this before because it's so easy to keep in my mouth that's why I don't use this anymore right now I mean I'm still experimenting, I might change my mind in the future but so far so good just keep your head a little bit tuck your chin in just a little bit not too much because you don't want to have your bad wrinkle or bad breathing habit but just a little bit in and then when that tuck is no tuck is what chuck chin is tuck and then you cannot open your mouth seriously I, I was surprised I tried to open my mouth why my chin is the little bit tucked and then I cannot move my mouth so yeah so that is a very interesting discovery that I've been recommending to people recently.

I read the article if you sleep on the side, side it's easier to keep your mouth shut but I don't know I don't like that because you're gonna get asymmetrical face and that will cause more worse symptoms that you don't like so I don't like that I really really like this pillow to keep my own yeah back sleeping is the best for me.

Number three, nose exercise so why do we need to do nose breathing exercise because if the nose is congested or something wrong with it or a weak muscle here and then that's why maybe you might be doing mouth breathing that could be the reason I mean it really depends on the person that you yeah but if you think the reason why you doing the mouth breathing even when you awake and then it might be the reason, nose, we could nose muscle might be the reason nose is congested if if that's the case it's really important to try to less congested and clear the air here and also there are some exercises.

First use your mouth no mouth finger to hold it could be like this or here I like doing this better than this because I don't want to have acne here and so like this and then exhale their inhale from the balls… and the other side and then this time we're gonna do both at the same time with our finger but the same thing inhale… half like this but this way we are training North muscle which is kind of sleeping especially if you are doing a mouth breathing nose muscle is sleeping so we need to wake it up to activate the muscle here so that you can do more nose breathing rather than mouth breathing.

This exercise applies to people who are doing the nose bridge mouth breathing when you are awake so if that's the case first step is fixed stop doing mouth breathing when you awake if you want to keep your mouth shut when you're sleeping

I personally I have not tried it but I found some tool like some nose Dee dilator or to make your nose breathing better more clear and help the nose breathing there are some tools so you can Amazon that there are some tools put inside or topical sticker - like a menthol something and you can breathe better or something like that I have not personally tried it but if you're interested in check it out.

Number four, this is not immediate solution this is a long term solution but it's very very important so I would like to talk about it. One of the reasons that mouth is open could be the mouth muscle is weak so we want to train that but there's so many exercises for lip muscle but my super favorite exercise I mean it's not really exercise but the keep good face posture by 3 creating tiny smile just a little bit up just a little bit up all the time when you are awake goes when you're sleep I cannot you cannot control the motion the movement so when you are awake just try to create a little bit tiny smile all the time and that helped that create a more activated more muscle around the mouth so you can you can keep closing the mouth muscle.

Number five, this is not my favorite I don't think it works on me but for some people in my work so I would like to try, get something like this it doesn't have to be this run but I got this from amazon and then it's like a chimp supporter so just wear like this and you can control the size but and then sleep, to me it's very uncomfortable so I cannot do this but I read article that some people like this more than anything more than tape for keep mouth your shut when you're sleeping because it's like really posting up it's hard to open the mouth if you are wearing this chin supporter pant or something like that so to me this is very uncomfortable I don't think I can sleep with this but if you want to try it please try it just um maybe research search, I don't know face supporter, gym supporter band or something like that.

okay so those are five tips or tricks or hacks that you might want to try if you want to cross your mouth keep closing when you're sleeping and also I forget to tell you about one of the reason why you want to keep close mouth is that uh you don't want have bad breath you will get dry mouth when you awake if it’s open so you get more bad breath in the morning which I don't want to, who wants? so that's another reason.

Anyway thank you so much for watching where it's a paper the yoga paper oh it's here as always check my website Koko face to free download this paper to check other exercises and lots of new and success are coming up as well so stay tuned and what else,sugar oil and the book and app is available, the contents these contents are available on fire TV and rock quiz coming up also I studied the Google business so if you can review there they'll be really appreciated I appreciate it because there's no review yet, I just I just started so yeah and see in the next video! Thank you so much! Bye!
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