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5 Japanese Tips To Stay Slim | KOSO Pre/Probiotic, 80% Full, Vegetables First, Eat Slow And NEAT

Everyone knows this 80 % vegetable first, non-exercise activity thermogenesis.[inaudible].

Hi everyone today, I'm going to introduce five Japanese tips to stay slim. Why are the Japanese always have the lowest obesity, in the world, and healthiest and long longest longevity? Why is that? If you're interested, keep watching. Number one, Koso AKA Japanese kombucha. This is a great prebiotic probiotic. If you have got a problem or something like that, try this and then go to the restroom and then happens. So you will not have any problems like constipation at all. And I've known this kind of product in Japan, because if you are a beauty, conscious health, conscious people, everyone knows this. And, but since I came to the USA, I didn't find it. So I didn't try. But recently I found this so happy because this is available in the USA. And actually I got the really cool coupon code. So check the link in the description below, not the link check the code in the description below if you're interested in, but this is like one year plus fermented, more than 100 ingredients in this one. For the past 10, 20 years, a long time, but I just cannot eat much in the morning. That's my nature. I don't know why. So I easy. It's easy for me to do intermittent fasting or half-day fasting. So when I do the fasting thing, I do this with this and it's, it's really good. So if you are, if you can do fasting half-day fasting or something like that, try this.

Number two. Eight tenths, 80%, which means when I was kid, I mean, Japanese kids learn how to kind of eat. And we are told to eat 80% full in the stomach. That's our part of the education because if you, you're not supposed to eat a hundred percent full, you're supposed to eat 80% full that's why we love bento boxes. If it's bento box, each compartment has a smaller amount and tries to get more, more variety, not just one item, a big amount, but we try to get smaller amounts. But the more variety that's why bento works. Number three, vegetables first, always vegetables first, if you have vegetables, I mean, you should try to get vegetables for each meal. And if you have it, you should try to eat vegetables first because by eating the vegetable first, you can lower the risk of an insulin spike because usually like a vegetable and the protein-carbohydrate three, three items, right? So if you, if you suddenly eat carbohydrates insulin spike, it's not good for the body. It's you're going to gain more weight.

The skin cause glycation. So it's not good. So we are told in Japan, we are told to eat vegetables first, too. If you have lots of good fiber from the vegetable, you can reduce that fiber is kind of absorb the carbohydrate when you do, when you eat carbohydrates later, after you eat a vegetable, right? So that insulin spike is restricted or lowered. By the way, I sometimes use a Koso as a dressing, it's a little bit sweet and it's so good for vegetables like raw, raw vegetables. Number four, eat slowly. If you haven't watched my other video, I talked about how to eat, how to move your facial muscles correctly for eating. If you follow that, you gonna lift if you're going to use more cheek muscle instead of lower one, and then you cannot quickly eat. So that really helps if you want to lose weight, not just that, um, chopsticks, Japanese use chopsticks. And if you have, if you use chopsticks to eat something, it's kind of not easy to get the big stuff. Each one is small, so it takes longer. And then it's good for slower eating because if you quickly eat it, your brain doesn't have much time to tell you that you are full and you keep eating, eating, eating. And then hours later, Oh my gosh, I'm so full. That's not good. Then if you eat more, 120%, right, Japanese have the Japanese ate 80% full. So this really helps too. And also I noticed that since I moved to the USA, even now, I, even though I speak, I live in English every time that I eat. I say you don't have to say that as you must, but it's like bon appetit, it's like muffins. We appreciate the food. Thank you for the food. We're gonna enjoy the food, something like that. So we sit down and then itadakimasu hat slows you down a little bit. And then, okay, I'm going to eat from now instead of a sit on the sofa and watch TV and just suddenly eating, eating, eating NEAT, no exercise, activity, thermogenesis, which means that in a daily, um, activities, we should try to move more than you think. Don't have to. You don't really necessarily have to go to the gym. I mean, the gyms are closed now.

Actually, my gym is opening today. I didn't know that. I forgot. Um, anyway, if you keep moving all the time, like pick up, pick up something or getting mail or walking upstairs, getting a not just sitting a long time at a desk or sofa, but they stand up walk around all the time is better than exercise. Exercise is good, but the NEAT is this kind of a concept. So it's not exercised. So that's why I NEAT non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Some studies said that NEAT is better than more effective than going to the gym. Because if you go to the gym, you do the workout. But then after the workout, you kind of get tired or you might move less. But instead, if that happens to you, you might not necessarily go to the gym. I mean the good gyms are closed now. So a lot of gyms are closed. And then, um, you can still move around in your daily activities. That might be more effective for weight loss in Tokyo, where I used to live. There's. I mean, I didn't have a car. So lots of people take the train, Metro, subway, bus so many, so many public transportations are available here. So we walk a lot. Even if you take a bus, you have to walk to the bus stop. And then from the bus stop to the destination. You walk out, walking, walking, walking, walking, walking a lot. So sometimes, um, when I, every time I go back to Japan, I take lots of public transportation I get so tired, but it's a really good way of doing exercising, NEAT non-exercise activity, thermogenesis. Actually, I am taking a walking class tonight and filming for you guys. So if you are interested in how to walk properly, not just regular walk, the properly for lifting up your butt, losing weight and look taller and be taller. Please check it out.

Thank you so much.
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