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5 Quick Fixes For Nasolabial Lines

I will discuss five quick solutions for the nasolabial line, also known as the laugh or smile line.

1. Iron it

The first tip is to smile more often, as smiling helps to wake up the muscle that lifts the line. However, it is important to note that as we age, skin elasticity decreases, which can make the line more prominent. After smiling, you can use your fingers to gently massage the line in a circular motion for five seconds in each direction. It may feel bumpy, but this is the targeted area. It's important to focus on the beginning of the line and avoid stretching other areas. Do this on both sides of your face and remember to relax your face after the massage to release any tension. Keep in mind that these solutions are temporary and not permanent.

2. Iron with finger

Similar to the previous one, this time we will use our fingers to tighten and strengthen the skin on the face. This is done by sandwiching the skin between our fingers and the tongue and moving them around. Additionally, using sound bleaching can make this exercise more effective. It's best to do this exercise right after a big laugh or smile. I learned this technique from a beauty and face exercise expert who taught me something different but I was able to pick up on this technique because of my awareness of facial movements. And it's easy to do quickly, especially with a mask on, like in my hometown of Hokkaido, Japan where masks are mandatory due to a recent outbreak. However, it's not recommended to use your finger in public but the exercise can still be done without it.

3. Sandwich the skin with two fingers

Another one that utilizes the use of fingers. To begin, make sure your nails are trimmed short so as not to damage the skin. Using two fingers, gently press and hold the skin on the face. It's important to avoid stretching the skin too much as excessive stretching can lead to wrinkles and sagging over time. Instead, use a gentle, sandwiching motion with your fingers. And one thing you should be careful when doing this exercise at home is that people tend to overdo it and stretch the skin too much. It's important to avoid stretching the skin too much as it can cause wrinkles and sagging in the long run.

4. Use air to iron it

Is a technique that utilizes air to iron out wrinkles on the face. To begin, puff out your cheeks like a chipmunk and hold the air in the upper area of your face. Use your finger to prevent wrinkles from forming while doing this exercise. This is known as the "mirroring" exercise. It is an effective way to smooth out wrinkles and tone the muscles in the upper part of your face.

5. Skincare

If you're concerned about wrinkles around the nasolabial area, this exercise is a great option. It is similar to the one we did at the beginning, but this time you will use the tip of your tongue and apply skincare cream to the area. Using cream instead of just your hands will help the product penetrate deeper and be more effective. This exercise is similar to ironing, it can provide a quick fix but for lasting results, it's important to do it frequently, especially after a big laugh. It's also important to remember to always keep your maxilla lifted by practicing cheek exercises such as cheek squats, which are essential in lifting the cheeks and preventing sagging. If you're unsure of how to do these exercises, please check out our cheek squat video for more information.


When practiced regularly, can make a significant difference in the appearance of your skin. To begin, let's review the exercises again. The first tip is to use your tongue to press and massage both sides of your face. Additionally, you can focus on deeper wrinkles as well. The next tip is to use your fingers to press and massage the skin, using a "sandwich triple attack" technique. However, it's important to ensure that you're not stretching the skin while doing this, as that can cause damage. Finally, applying a skincare cream can also help to improve the appearance of wrinkles.

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