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5 Reasons Why You Should Try Back Sleeping For Antiaging, Over Side Or Stomach Sleeping

That's better than a regular pillow. I think if you have to do sleep side sleeping, but definitely, of course, my tongue it is inside the mouth.[inaudible]

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to explain five reasons why you should try to achieve back sleeping instead of doing side sleeping or back sleeping or those things. This might not apply to you. If you'readvised to do side sleeping or those things by a doctor because of some medical condition or something, but if you're a healthy person and if you want to gain a youthful appearance or keep your youthful appearance, keep watching.

Number one, this is kind of obvious. And I keep saying this, but if you do side sleeping, it's going to cause asymmetrical face. I mean, everyone is asymmetrical, I am asymmetrical you are asymmetrical to some extent, but if you're very, very conscious about this asymmetrical face, and if you want to improve symmetry, you should really think about doing side sleeping. Because if you keep doing this, that, Imean, the shoulder is like a downward pressure. This hasn't the pressure so much, but no pressure. And this is pressure and no pressure. So of course, you're going to get asymmetrical face. It's if it's like this, the chin is going to be like, like this, probably. And if it's like this, it's the eyes gonna be like sad or those things happen.

Even if this area is a little bit up, uh, some causing wrinkles and crow's feet. And no, I'm not too worried about wrinkles, but this stretch skin, skin when it's not stretched it shows as saggy jowl or aligned or those things, so better not to touch anything. And that will be possible if you do back sleeping. Also very important. The asymmetrical face comes from the asymmetrical body. It's impossible to have asymmetrical face if your body is asymmetrical. And if you keep doing the same thing over and over the side sleeping, and then you don't get to have a, because not just here. I mean, I cannot show my legs, but everything is like tilted, right? When you do a lot of sleeping. So of course you're going to get an asymmetrical body, which leads to asymmetrical face.

Number two, sleep wrinkles, same reason. If you keep doing like this, or like this stretched skin shows as wrinkle and asleep, it's called, I think sleep wrinkles. And you don't want to have that sleep wrinkles that come from not from muscle memory, because when you're sleeping, you're not doing anything, but come from stretched skin.

Number three, gravity. So if you keep doing this, you have more gravity on this side and no gravity here. So of course, you're going to get this saggier or wrinkles because of that gravity. And then think about it. Your sleep eight hours, seven or eight hours per day, every single day, always like this, this, this, this, and you might think it's a tiny gravity, but it's along hours. So its gonna show, then you might think what about some kind of special pillow to prevent wrinkle? That good. That's better than a regular pillow. I think if you have to do sleep side sleeping, but still, you get gravity. You might not get the sleep wrinkles or lines because of space, the open space, but you still get gravity on one side only. So it's not a perfect solution.

Number four, this is very interesting. Tongue sag. If you sleep like this, my tongue is easy too, of course my tongue is inside the mouth, but you know what I mean? Right. And it's impossible to not, it's not, not impossible, but it's very, very difficult, difficult to put it in the center of the palate. You guys know the importance of tongue posture, right? So if the tongue is the asymmetrical position, you're going to get asymmetrical face as well.

Number five, you might get pimples because the face is touching on the pillow all the time. Is that good, if you are back sleeping, you're not touching anything, but if you decide to sleep, it's touching and you'd have to because we sweat a lot while sleeping. And also not just that after washing your face and apply some cream face cream or something, right? And then that cream is touched, kind of being absorbed by the pillowcase. And then the pillowcase gets that cream on the pillowcase gets oxidized, which worsens the situation. So those are five reasons you should try to achieve back sleeping. I know it's hard, but you should try it. It's why it's so worth it. I'm still training, but it's getting better and better and better. And in my next episode, I will talk about how to train yourself. So stay tuned as always, if you are interested in the other exercises, we update the newest version. So let's check it out, come to our website, to free download this yoga paper and the book and the sugar, oil, and apps, and also AI Koko. So check it out, ask me any questions, if the robot can answer, I will answer. So thank you so much.

See you in the next video. Bye.
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