5 Tips To Achieve Correct Tongue Posture

5 Tips To Achieve Correct Tongue Posture

Hi everyone! Today I am in a different location in San Diego and it's so freezing and cold because it was raining so hard from the morning that's why I'm wearing the hat and everything and my mind as you as long as you can see my face we can do tutorials right? So let's do it!

So today I'm going to introduce five tips to do correct tongue posture. I've been teaching tongue posture in the face for sure in the face exercise of course, up all over the place and sometimes no sometimes very often, first it's not easy to do that correct tongue posture so before that let's just quickly review what correct tongue posture is. So you uh palate here right and this is upper teeth because I'm in a different location I don't have the the teeth thing right now but this is your upper teeth this is palate, your tongue is like this probably tip of the tongue is attached to the roof top but ideally the best tongue posture is like back of the teeth is really pressing up the palate like mm-hmm [Music] see the difference? so, so there's a gap between polite and tongue so that's not good example the good example is pressing it up the tongue is up to the palate pressing up so that you feel more tension on that chin, not the chin, reduce tension from the chin or on the jaw, those overarching area and transit turn move the tension in your cheek area because you're pressing up the health, skull and yeah I mean you know right? So if you have followed my YouTube for a long time you you must know this thing so I'm not gonna go too much about it, but let's do that five tips.

Number one, this is classic tip but say and in and and say and and then that your tongue is should be really touched that's number one.

Number two, drink water it doesn't have to be water this is my chai latte for today I mean I drink too much child I did recently I never when you drink just drink a little bit though otherwise you're gonna spill and kind of tiny smile just a little bit tiny smile then drink it, just a little bit then when you swallow really try to a little bit tiny smile then you used to feel it let's do again drinking so you should feel like you see that my throat it's moving up up up because tongue is up tongue and throat neck connected. I mean the throat is connected so when the tongue is up, this part is really lifted up and it's good for toning on this on their neck skin as well.

Number three, put your tip of the tongue behind speed bump so way back now. Ideally it should be like around here not touching that particular but if it's difficult for you if it's this is difficult for you to make things easier just to put the tip of the tongue a little bit more like behind the speed bump on that palate and then touch. It you naturally come out to the front so just a purpose of just for the sake of practice you can put the tip of the tongue really way back after behind the speed bump and then it might be easier to really pressing up.

For tongue posture the tip of the time the position of the tip tongue tip tip tongue tip of the tongue it's not too important, the more important thing is back of the tongue is really pressing up and tension is happening here that's way more than more important than position of the tip of the tongue.

Number four, this is new for me it was invented by Monica who is my who attended my workshop a mindfulness Expo, few days ago in Anaheim and she she kind of oh we were talking how do we do this how do I was telling like a drinking or say and… all those things but people some people couldn't get it and she said what about this… so I don't know how to say this in English but I mean even in Japanese I don't know but when you make this noise sound… You really have to do right up touching, sagging here right that's the correct posture that's the second I'm talking about, so try it!

Number five, this is newer for me too but for some people… , earth lyme is short originally from genetics or something but I learned that tongue is a big muscle and you can train to make it longer which means you can if you train you can aha you can you can you can make the line more elastic and longer maybe not longer but more elastic because tongue can be more elastic to by doing some training like… So you should be really stretched… Like you don't have to make noise of course just exaggerating but then I feel really stressed by doing this exercise then you are this part the line becomes more elastic so that it's easier for you to really pressing up if the tongue is really short and this is very less elastic it's kind of harder to suck to the palate so if none of them works I mean the five tips today we, I introduced so yeah please try one of one or two of them or it could be even five of them and yeah last resort, not the last resort but I think this personally I'm always have long I always have long long tongue but it's possible to make the tongue more longer by doing exercise then because the tongue is can be more elastic so ah… same as here if you want if you think ah is I don't know how to say it in English or even in Japanese if that line is short originally you might want to do to train to make their line elastic so that you can easily suck it up!

Thank you very much for watching I hope some of the tips would work for you let me know because I really need to learn more and yeah so thank you very much in also I'd like to ask a favor if you're a very nice person please sign up for my face yoga class because I'm trying to get more sign up so that I my class will be selected to move to the biggest room at the Yoga Expo everything is that info that's free signup is no-commitment so it's in the description will also please check it out. Thank you very much and app is launched we are still developing but some of the major major buffs are supposed to be fixed but yeah we still of course developing and they're very excited so please free download we are trying to make 3 more exercises free for you guys so please try it! Thank you very much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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