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5 Tips To Improve Your Face At Desk-Where A Monitor Is Placed For Symmetrical Eye

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about your desk environment because under quarantine a lot of people stay at home including minute longer than ever do we work from home study from home and we are spending a lot of time at desk I think and there are some five important things that you might want to try to make to make a face more beautiful.

Number one, this is my computer and I actually use Amazon box you might want to use something more fancier - yeah bring it bring the computer up to make it eyesight, eye height because you don't want to squint you don't want to hunched over to look down the computer screen so I like using some, anything is fine but I just use Amazon box and it's working.

Every time you are hunting although you're receiving so much gravity and you're gonna sag and everything is like really sag so you don't want that so always in order to have good posture which is very very important to have good face posture and try to have the almost same eye height to your computer so it's a little bit down but it's very better than put the computer screen down on the table.

Number two, I use one mirror and one mirror between the computer so that I can check my face posture and bad facial expression habit all the time and this is great because you can control the angle so that's my favorite and it was like one I think I bought this at Daiso which is like a Japanese one dollar tree so one dollar fifty cents only and this is really yeah I love it.

Number three, this is my main computer screen and there's another monitor bigger monitor helps to reduce eye fatigue because it's easier to see if it's a screen is bigger and another thing is they're not usually regular people put another monitor on the right side is if you are right-handed because then it's easy to use it's this the monitor is designed to be placed on the right side I think but I intentionally put this too on the left side because if I'm using if I'm if the screen is here I always use my right eye more than before because I'm looking at this side this side more more more and then this is not good because my I'm a right-handed and my right eye is dominant so I'm using more if the screen is here I'm using right dominant eye overworked too much so in order to use a non dominant eye, I intentionally put the computer the monitor on the left side, makes sense but it's a little bit hard to move use the mouth because yeah not gonna go over go to detail but it's a it takes time to get used to it but if you have another second monitor and if you are right-handed if you're right right eye is dominant I highly recommend to put it on the left side to use more non-dominant eye.

Number four, sun damage try not to have really close to the window if so you might be having sun damage so it's important to cover, protect your skin from the Sun by closing window or any yeah place so this is a cool item that our company Mira clinical carries so this is a mirror but it's actually there's there's no color right right now it's so it's like clear but then if you put it here next to the window it becomes immediately another blue pink right this means there's a sun here a lot of sun so I carry this kind of a lot always so that may I make sure that I am not receiving any sound damage so I yeah it depends on the timing so I sometimes close the window or sometimes but yeah this is a great great tool to find out how much you be see this big difference. You don't necessarily have to have this kind of step because you can tell if you're having sun or not but this is a cool thing and I put this link in the description below.

Number five, get this yoga paper from our website Koko face and then put it at the desk so that you are reminded to do some exercises time to time and keeping good face posture all the time so those are five tips you might want to consider when you are working at desk, at home and as always check my website Koko face to free download the yoga paper, book and sugar oil and app is available as well. Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye
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