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5 Types of Pores

Acne pore, oily pore aka white pore, oxidized pore aka black, dry pore, saggy pore. Very severe acne or acne scars, some protection like this.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about five kinds of pores.

Number one, acne pore, acne pore aka inflammation pore so the skin is infla- Inflammation is happening in there, so the skin is kind of inflated and stretched. The pore is stretched, so it looks more visual and become bigger. I think this is very common for younger people and maybe happening to you. And it's actually happening, uh, on my, my face too, even though I don't have really big acne, sometimes this can get red a little bit like a pim, pim, pim, pim, pim, pim. More like a red, uh, almost like a pimple. Then there's the pores it enlarge. If that's the case, first we need to calm down the skin and fix the acne part. Moisturize the skin very well, but not too much and sun protection like this, this is my style, but after COVID and people don't think it's weird, so I'm enjoying it.

I'm not, I'm not enjoying the COVID situation, but I'm enjoying this style and uh, balanced diet sleep well, not too much stress. By the way, when you sleep, change the pillowcase very, very important. I did video about that. So check it out. But recently I tried skincare laser treatment, which was great. So if you, especially, if you have like a very severe acne or acne scars that cannot be really easily fixed by DIY treatment at home. So I highly suggest you consider some professional help. I didn't have any severe acne or anything, but I was just wanted to rejuvenate the surface of the skin because face yoga cannot do much about surface of the skin. So I do laser sometimes. And the one I did is called clear and brilliant at Laseraway information in below.

Number two, oily pore aka white pore.So the acne pore is more like a red one and oily one, which often happens to the nose. And our T-zone is mostly a little bit whitetist- white. For this, or if this is happening you might wanna do like peeling thing that you put some stuff and then wait three minutes and then peel off and you see how much you've got it. That is interesting, but be careful, don't do too much because the more you do it, it opens up the pore, the pore become bigger, bigger, bigger, because you you're getting that white stuff oil right? So be careful about that. If this is happening to you and actually happening to me too. Cause sometimes I forgot, I forget to clea-cleanse my face in the morning since I'm staying at home after COVID anyway, um, even if you don't go out, please wash your face in the morning.

I don't wash. I don't use any moisturizer, um, cleansing clean-cleanser, or anything just rinse with water in the morning. Um, yeah, but better to do it on a regular basis every day. And also even if the skin is oily here T zone and the nose area, even if it's dry, you might want to moisturize more than usual because, uh, the skin, sometimes the skin, when the skin is dry, it produces more oil because it's dry. So if you don't apply moisturizer because the skin is dry, it try to produce more, more oils ,and the situation get worse. So you might wanna moisturize more than you are doing right now.

Number three, oxidized pore aka black. So the previous one oily one was white and when the white oily pore is ignore for long time and oxidized oxidation happens. And then that becomes the dark like black. That's why we call it black, which is very, very common for around the nose. So if that is happening, you really, really should more cleanse well. You might wanna exfoliate or scrub or something like that. But also laser is good because, uh, this oxidized black pore is uh, advanced version of the oily white pore, right? If this is more, yeah, so it's worse than the previous one. So if this is happening to you, it's kind of hard to fix it by yourself. That's why, if you can, you might wanna consider some kind of laser treatment.

Number four, dry pore, this is, this happens because the skin is dry and aka can be look like wrinkle, wrinkle pore because when the wrinkle and where the wrinkle is happening, because the skin is dry and it kind of gets create some line. And then if the pore is on the line, it's kind of stretched. And the more vis- visible. By the way, I did a video about three types of wrinkles so please check it out. If you haven't watch it yet.

Number five, saggy pore, saggy pore is bit different. The other one, two, three, four pores are more round, round shape. But the saggy one is like a teardrop. That is where I come in as a face yoga instructor cause of yeah. Other pores, I cannot do much about it because it's surface, but this pore, because it's happening because it's skin is sagging, I can do something about it. If you wanna know more about the cheek exercise cheek lift up, please check it out. So those are five pores, but it's not that simple. For example, this pore might be combination of one and two and three. This one might be combination of um, three and four or something like that. So it varies, but I hope you, the information was useful. Thank you so much for watching. If you haven't got our face yoga app, please try it. It's free download three day free trial is launched so try it if you haven't and also announcement we are starting instructor certification course for koko face yoga. So if you're interested in becoming instructor so that you can teach, in addition to fixing, improving your face, help improve other people check my website see you on the next video bye.
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