5 Warnings To Face Yogis With Braces

5 Warnings To Face Yogis With Braces

Hi everyone! Today we're gonna talk about braces I've never personally done it but we have a special guest with us braces and we talked about it she's doing face yoga like two months and then we noticed that some things that some kind of warning about doing face yoga if you're doing braces, so…

Hi everybody, my name is Sakura and I've been doing face yoga for about two months now and I have braces uh second round actually how did from about a year and and maybe like two months right now and I noticed some difficulties when being face yoga with braces so your Koko is here to help me… yeah… Let me know what not to do to keep my skin nice and tight.

Yes so five things that we're gonna talk about not to do what to do!

Number one, so this is kind of a hard to say but if you're considering, if you're doing braces and then this part is like reading stressed philtrum products like this stretch because of this foreign object yeah on the upper and lower so the skin is gonna be stretched but in general you don't want to stretch the skin because stretched skin show us saggy or two strikes and you lose out cupid ball or those yeah get jowl or those kind of things mm-hmm so it's like a trade off to be honest. Yeah and just gonna add to that like cuz of the braces I feel like it's a little bit popping out a little bit yeah I've done some mouthpiece when I'm sleeping and I feel like this is really stretchy here and I do like that mm-hmm yeah so but fixing teeth alignment is important yeah so if you have a choice I mean if you're young people I guess that it comes back because the skin muscle is more elastic but if you are more mature people I don't know you might want to think about some other so like I I don't know about that I…have you heard ALF? One of my clients told me about it what braces but no you pretty inside yeah instead of outside so if it's inside a come mm-hmm in my it should not bother too much right okay

Number two, rubbing habit because I know this so she's sometimes day like that I do too about like not this much you like them okay mmm-hmm what did you do that so I do it because these are the braces I'm feel like right here can I like get caught a little bit I'm gonna like reset by doing like and kind of like try to reset my lip back like an obstruction here which this is kind of like you know my insecurities I don't want this to be long so it's kind of counter productive? But you don't have to because you know you're already stretching by having them a foreign object and then it's plus you do it so just be aware of not not doing because you don't have to.

Number three, so I notice you like moving around the time kind of way everywhere yeah yeah why did you do that so I do that because I get you know food stuck in my teeth and I use my tongue to like try to get it out you know but since I want to you know make a habit of not stretching my skin what I do now is I have toothpick and I try to use toothpick to get my food out and I use on like floss I'm gonna try to get the food offset of using my tongue and like stretching my skin out and damaging my tongue. That's great idea that's great yeah cuz you're honest it's not just feel time but though you don't wanna stretch here mm-hmm you don't wanna stretch job I'll go all the way here you don't wanna stretch here but this nasolabial line thing but not yeah yeah and to be honest I used to, I might have used to teach doing this kind of all over thing because I learned how to do it in Japan but now I disagree with it so yeah if you follow me don't.

Number 4, it’s kind of same thing but if you want to do the nasolabial exercise reaching to the beginning of nasolabial is like kind of hard right for you yeah I still touch with my braces because I'm then you know you don't wanna damage the time you know one bleed so instead of using tongue you could use finger sound which you see there's a skin tempered in fact thin and flat do you know this is and this is the fact we are more fat so you sound with the flat like like reading and hold it and then one two three four five when you do it I want you to move only inside so like one two three four five and reverse one two three four five and of course the other side there are two reduced nasolabial line of the beginning you don't wanna stretch here your here just here at the beginning yeah because you cannot tongue.

Number five, shiatsu technique so you guys might know that I did the face shiatsu technique but you cannot do it really do the shiatsu around the mouth because you don't want to damage that what's the word for this? the pink area inside the mouth? it's not the gum but I guess, member under then yeah this first yeah great here like you don't want to damage inside of the mouth so don't do some shiatsu technique that I teach if you have if you have braces wait till you're done with braces because you don't want to damage, safety first. Good to know cuz I've been doing this and this…

Isn’t it painful? I was ignoring it, I was like I want to do shiatsu yeah my face but now I notice I'm not gonna do it until my yeah.. she's gonna be done the braces when?next year? on end of the year good so you can do next year, okay!
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