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6 Kinds Of Poops | What Kind Of Poop Is The Best? How To Produce It?

Hi everyone! Today I would like to talk about six kinds of poops in which one is the best and how to produce the best one. I know it's we our topic but it's very important to know because poop is like our if you are healthy you produce good poop if you're not happy you produce bad poop right? so if you check your poop and like a smell color texture all kind of thing that I'm gonna explain and if you yeah you for producing good poop you're very very healthy so it's important to keep checking every time you produce it.

As this is very important things to know in Japan keep learn how to produce go poop and at school for real and like some poop museum or some really cute poop characters so much going on.

The best poop out of six poops yes this like it's like about like a two-banana size or something like that and like a golden or like brown - golden golden each color it's ideally it should flow in the water because it has good gas in the poop and when you swipe swipe when I what's the word? swipe day but when you do it the tissue doesn't not have any color because it's good quality that's best water.

The second one is hard and kind of brown and, it's you're technically constipated it's not the worst but it's not good if there were water, move around try to reduce trash and I've sleep all kinds of stuff important.

Third one is like bunnies, the rabbits poops no maybe not out that small but the small up this is and so hard there's technically very very confident and very stressed so you really need to think about yeah change the lifestyle.

Fourth one, it's very kind of oily and dark and smelly and it's like it's you probably eating too much meat so reduce intake of meat and increase the intake of vegetables or fiber.

Next one, diarrhea try not to eat something that might upset your body at this point maybe you know what kind of products you you tend to get upset about, I mean your stomach so just be careful and try to avoid like a spicy or too too strong spice or that kind of things as well, stress is a big part of it as well though maybe you want to try meditation or walking or running or something something to reduce stress to be really it's really important if you keep doing this.

Last one is, like a water it's really bad you might you must have been cool like contagious from some disease or some things, very very serious so see a doctor immediately if it continues.

So how to produce the best poop? I mean healthy lifestyle like eating a balanced diet exercising sleeping well or not to have stress or kind of thing guys like given but recently I started trying Bellway was given this product in exchange for all this review that's why I'm doing this video and it's really good, it's so easy to just get a lot of fiber because if you have to get a lot fiber I imagine you have to eat a lot of vegetable all the time but technically you cannot do that because I need more protein to create more good collagen for the skin because I'm visitors and all that so I was having trouble I didn't I just couldn't I'm not rabid so I couldn't eat too much miserable all the time even though I try in the raw raw fruits as well but this really helps to simplify the diet but still you get the enough really good fiber so then my my poop diary is getting better and better so I think it's really working.

Skin is the biggest organ in the entire body and shows the internal health condition so if your skin is good you are healthy you cannot be beautiful without being healthy inside the body so I think it's really important to take care of your entire I mean the inside the body not just that not just the surface of the skin.

As always check my website Koko face to free download the yoga paper, book and the sugar oil. App is available, Android and iPhone as well, so stay keep in touch! Thank you so much! So that’s it! See you in the next video! Bye!
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