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7 Bad Habits That Cause Asymmetrical Eyes | Fix Asymmetrical Eyes By Fixing The Habits

Ah, always sitting like this, your hairstyle, where the TV is matter.[inaudible]

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about seven bad habits to cause asymmetrical eyes. If you haven't watched the seven bad habits to cause asymmetrical face, not the eye, but the face in general, please do, please do watch that because it's really basic and very important to know. But today I'm going to specify the target of the eye asymmetrical eye.

Number one angry eyebrow. So what is an angry eyebrow, angry eyebrow is like a beep, not like this smooth, but it's like this bigger triangle happens when you make some, um, confused or angry or sad kind of facial expression, especially in the dominant one only dominant one? I have seen some people do that and I personally cannot do it cause I'm not trying to do that. But some people, if you're right-handed, probably, probably not always, but probably your right eye is dominant and you might be able to use move your eyebrow. One only, not the two at the same time. And the one only, especially the right one. If your right eye is dominant. And then if you keep doing that facial expression all the time, of course, you're going to be asymmetrical face because you keep doing overworking through this dominant muscle so don't do that.

Number two, when you're watching something, when you're reading something, when you're working on the computer you're excessively using the dominant eye. Um, it's the same thing story as a previous one, but if you know which one is dominant and if you don't know-how, how to find out, please check the other video that I did before because it's important to know which one is dominant or non-dominant cause probably, you might be overusing the dominant eye, but how do you not use dominant eye. So if you're very very interested in, you could try something like this eyepatch and then put it on dominant eye and watch TV at least a couple hours. And then when you release it, it's very, very uncomfortable at the beginning cause after you get used to it, but when you release it, Oh my gosh, your eyesight is much better because this nondominant is, has lots of rest. So it's good for the eyes. And you could try this method and or when you, my advice, when you, when you, um, do phone, this is right-hand. My dominant hand, lots of people do use the phone on the dominant hand and try if you dominant it's on the dominant side, I use more dominant eye cause its closer. So instead of holding the phone on the dominant eye, hold the phone on the non-dominant and then try to watch, scroll up up up, TikTok, or Instagram or YouTube or something like that. And just, just try to use the non-dominant eye so that you use more non-dominant use non-dominant hand to use a non-dominant eye.

Number three furniture positions, especially TV screens. So if I'm sitting here and if the TV is this way, and this is my dominant eye, so I tend to use this guy to watch TV. So I like putting my screen on this non-dominant side. So I try to use the non-dominant eye. So if you haven't watched my desk setting video, please do because it's important. But anyway, a furniture position where theTV is matters, not just the TV, but uh, if you are sitting always here and your family always this side, then you use a more non-dominant side. So you might want to re-change what's the word re-layout your furniture position to use a more non-dominant eye.

Number four, your body posture matters for asymmetrical eyes. Because if the body is always like this typical, bad position hunched over the neck is restricted and then kind of looking down this. And then when you look up this thing happens when you do that, especially in this non-dominant one is going to happen. So body posture matters put your head on your butt or heel always and tuck your chin just a little bit, not this much, but just a little bit.

Number five, you might have a habit to do like this. Always sitting like this. Always, always, always, always and what happened is when you do this, I'm not worried about this wrinkles much, but I'm worried about this stretching. You're stretching your skin, especially if you do like here, this is worse because the skin around the eye is very, very thin. So if you don't want to stretch it, and then the more stretch it when you did not stretch it, that shows as saggy skin or wrinkles or the kind of thing that worsens asymmetrical eyes. So don't do that. You might feel like it's lifted, but it's not. It's kind of the opposite worse. So don't, don't do like this.

Number six sleeping position. Same thing. If you're sleeping on this site, it's always like this always like this.

Number seven, your hairstyle. So if you have a hairstyle, always like always like this, it's a little bit covering on this side this is more open because this is my favorite side or whatever reason it's always covering. And then you, this, this eye is not gonna work. And this is, this is always working, working, working, working. So I understand that everybody has a good side and the bad side, but, um, you better change the hairstyle. Um, if you, if you, if that your bang is covering your eye, especially then so that you are, that non-dominant eye works more. So those are seven habits to cause asymmetrical eye. Please be careful before you come, before you try to find any solution to fix asymmetrical eyes, it's very, very important to fix the fundamental cause to causes, to create asymmetrical eyes.

That's way more important than doing any exercise or whatever you are you might be doing for as a treatment fix the cause. That's, that's super important. And as always, if you are interested in other exercises, my paper yoga paper is available on our website free download book is available, sugar oils, this one oil for the skin is available and the app is available. We started the new feature called personalized. I don't know why I'm doing this personalized, um, exercise menu for your concerns. So you pick five concerns and it will give you randomly give you not randomly, but we're gonna suggest some good exercise for your concerns. So you don't have to do everything. That's crazy. You have to do everything. This one. Um, yeah, please try it. And AI Koko is available on the website. So if you have any questions, please ask there as well, so that I understand and I can, if the robot cannot answer, I will answer. So stay tuned. See you in the next video
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