7 Skincare Tips Under Quarantine | Skin Fast, Wash Your Face Only Once A Day, Makeup Free, Etc

7 Skincare Tips Under Quarantine | Skin Fast, Wash Your Face Only Once A Day, Makeup Free, Etc

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about seven skincare tips under quarantine.

Number one, makeup free, you do not have to wear much makeup probably as much as you used to because you don't have to you don't go outside right? so this is a great opportunity for the skin to take a rest. Every time you apply some kind of a makeup it creates friction which is not good so the less friction the better and this is really perfect timing unless you do like that I'm wearing a little bit of makeup right now because I'm shooting but otherwise if you don't do this kind of thing you don't have to wear and this is this is like really great opportunity seriously. Probably you might be doing do more Skype or some kind of weight conference good news zoom has touch-up appearance function so you can easily change the appearance a little bit better like you like a little bit blurry so that you’re pigmentation or rough skin is not gonna show up if you turn on that touch-up appearance function so you don't really have to wear makeup when you do the web conference.

Number two, no sunscreen because you don't go outside unless you work from home or sit on the chair or desk and then there's a sun hitting on you inside the house then you used to need to wear sunscreen but to be honest I'm not a big fan of sunscreen because I believe physical protection like mask or hat the glasses those are more stronger in fact I'm happy that when I go outside I really do but I do like it a few days and when I do I wear mask and gloves and glasses and hat so that even though I'm outside now I don't have to wear sunscreen sunscreen is necessary chemical for sun protection but now because of this I don't have to wear sunscreen and when I do this like even before corona virus like last year long time ago I loved wearing masks for the purpose of sun protection but when I do this in America people will look at me and they think I'm weird but now I wear it and they don't think I'm aware so that it's actually I'm happy that I can be outside without sunscreen. I believe physical protection like this a way strong way stronger than sunscreen so this is really great that you can be outside with this.

Number three, skin fast. This opportunity granting cannot be more perfect for you to try skin facile what is keep up skin fast is a concept that you don't wear anything very minimum maybe only just very little on eye area and then sleep, almost knows no moisturizer when I going your sleep because skip has innate ability to rejuvenate from inside out so if you apply too much stuff on the on the skin from outside it's a foreign object so the skin misunderstand up oh I have a lot oil so I don't have to produce it from myself that becomes so the skin become too lazy to produce its own natural moisture and oil so as you don’t wear makeup as you know sweet and much sunscreen as much as before so this really great opportunity for you to try skin fast to see how your skin feels how skin changes try like a weeks or a couple months depending of how long the quarantine continues but I really like this concept because we wanna the moisturizer should be a little bit of help for the skin to rejuvenate from inside out by itself this yeah again if you recall it skin no bees if you wear too much apply too much stuff on the skin the skin becomes a lazy and skin obesity happen so try it out from tonight there are a minimum, if the I'm in California so it's more warmer and humid so I really wear maybe I wear a little bit on the eye area because it's gets dry but otherwise I just don't wear anything if you are area is more like a cold or dry and you wear all over the skin all over the face probably but try not to do a lot the thinner the better.

Number four what's your face only once a day I do this even before corona I'm too lazy to wash my face in the morning and I have a dry skin so unless you have a very dry, very oily skin I don't think you need to wash your face every day because especially now you don't wear as much makeup as before as you used to right? so just wash your face i I do only at night the less friction less washing the better because over washing the face strips away that it's it's skin's natural oils which is necessary for the skin.

Number five, every time you wash your hands apply moisturizer on the skin I mean this is not for this thing but I'm talking about the hand skin because it's important nowadays we wash our hands, the more than ever right so every time you wash your hands try to avoid at the moisturizer and for this one I don't believe a skin fast logic on the skin because the skin is very thin it doesn't have much function to to produce all natural oils as much as a skin, Skin fat it's more skin is more on their face is more fat more thicker but this is a very thin so the more apply you moisturizer your appointment skin the better but the thing is that the frequency matters instead of the amount at one time so every time you wash your hands apply moisturizer.

Number six, hydrate because now at home it's easy to go to restroom so the more you drink water the better like I sometimes don't drink enough water or drink outside because I'm worried about what if I cannot go to restroom and I hesitate to drink but now I'm at home and then you are at home as well so drink as much as soon as possible and not maybe too much but I to some extent I don't know how many cups I drink I literally drink countless of cup of tea or drink and I go to the restroom so many times but I believe it's good for skin and body as well.

Number seven face yoga because now you are at home you don't communicate with other people as much as you used to so you do not use your facial muscles as much as you used to so now it's a great opportunity for you to learn why is face what is face yoga what is overworking muscle what is sleeping muscle or all kinds of stuff probably you already know you might know because you're watching this video but if you're new to face yoga please check other with other videos of my channel because there's so many great information and this is a perfect time for you to try something new.

If you're interested in the face that suffice it please visit my website Koko face yoga.com to free download this yoga paper, book and sugar oil. Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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