7 Tips To Anti-Age Your Hands Easily | Instant Result To Reduce Veins On The Hands, Etc

7 Tips To Anti-Age Your Hands Easily | Instant Result To Reduce Veins On The Hands, Etc

Hi everyone!Today I'm going to talk about how to fix eliminate or prevent not this one but marionette line. In case you don't know what marionette line is but marionette line is like not this one this is miselabial line and this one it's like could be like this or could be like a little bit more below or up to that person but this annoying line which no one wants I think.

Before we go to the exercise on tips let me explain why this happens so with ace everything is start starting right of course not everything but a lot of things and this part is sagging and this is like overarching muscle so if you have developed a lot of muscle here like me and then it's always really pulling down yeah so this part is gets harder and but this skin and the fat on the muscle is start sagging because of natural aging process so you get like this one is soft fat skin is sagging hanging but this one is hard this one is hard so there's like a separation between this hard chin muscle and this saggy fat that in between those two this chin and the saggy fat skin that's the line marionette line.

So first thing you're gonna do is massage the chin to break down the tension in the muscle because this is hard so you can do like this or could be like this if you do like this it's better to out you might want to add some lubricant to prevent friction but like this face yet technic like one two three four five and up or if it's not if it's up too much for you when you're waiting for your friends or something just like this massage.

And of course when your face is resting if you think you have a habit to cause tension in the chin like me always hang it up tension is up not down but always everything is up so that you will not feel you will not cause tension in the chin and my tip is I'm always checking my chin. I have a phone, this phone has a mirror here so always checking my chain on my Apple watch has a mirror filter and usually my desk there are two one each mirror like this so always taking my chin I'm so conscious about my chin.

What about massaging the marionette line that is not appropriate that is not good because this one it's not what sort this if you have if you stretch and the do like do kind of a massage or something this part gets stretched and when the skin gets stressed excessively you're gonna get excess skin and show as wrinkles show as more lines show as like a jaw for more minor large you don't want because that's excess skin and hanging down right so do not do not do not massage the marionette line but massage that chin instead.

Another tip is when you're smiling if you have a concern about marionette line you might be smiling to the side like this, of course nobody's doing that I'm exaggerating of course but your cheeks should be up when you're smiling instead of smile like this, like this if this is happening it's really playing it down and you're gonna get much in tension which you don't want so try to lift up on that chick always.

If you have a habit to smile to the side instead of up and then it's very likely that you might not be able to do like duck duck lip this duck one. You wanna really especially forget about the lower but the upper lip should be able to you should be able to curl up this oh yeah because probably because you keep using this muscle instead of this muscle so this one is weak so there's another exercise to for, to this shorten philtrum and more Cupid's bow exercise so please check the video as well.

Last tip is when your face is resting, tiny smile always just a little bit almost like corners of the mouth should be flat or just a little bit like almost like even 5 degree within 5 degree there a little smile tiny smile if it's too much and then you're gonna get stretched the skin here so that's not good so just just just a very very little tiny smile is the best and so that's this way you are really playing up the skins instead of just hanging around so you prevent that this marionette line and jaw as well.

So in summary if you're concerned about marionette line, I'm always a little bit tiny smile and chin exercise right to reduce chin tension as a lot as much as possible when your face is resting do not massage here and when you smile you might be doing to the side so training this area so that you use more lip area I mean the upper lip muscle instead of this muscle.

If you are interesting in other exercises, check my website Koko face@ yoga com to free download the yoga paper, sugar oil and the lessees monetizing book and my face yoga app with AI technology is available now so please check the link in description below or in my website or here somewhere here. Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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