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Aging Is A Disease

The right one is a 27 year old and was given a diet with a fewer calories, hot water, cold, hot, cold, hot is better.

Hi everyone. Today I'm going to talk about why I say aging is a disease. It's actually not me, who is saying so, but other scientists. I recently read, actually listened to audiobook of lifespan by David Sinclair. He's one of the top worldwide scientists at the Harvard University, and he's saying aging a disease. So today the book is very long. So I'm gonna summarize three tips, three tips to reverse aging.

Number one, fasting or not really entire full-day fasting. Doesn't have to be that way, but intermittent fasting or half-day fasting. This is the study by University of Wisconsin the left one 29 year old monkey was allowed to eat as much as it liked. And the other one, the right one is a 27 year old and was given a diet with a fewer calories. This is huge, isn't it? And the one of the articles says any stressors, such as fasting and other things that I'm gonna introduce later, increase your NAD+ level NAD.

Have you heard NAD? If you're anti-aging person, anti-aging guru or something, you must have heard NAD. It's very trending the past couple years and it's it's, um, anti-aging stuff that you inject or IV or supplement or something that you take in to your body, but it's very, very expensive, very expensive. I've checked the price. And, but he said any stressors, like fasting increases your NAD+ levels. So you do not need such expensive treatment. The article says that any stressors like fasting increased your NAD+ levels, which in turn, keep sirtuin a class of proteins that regulates gene expression and repair DNA damage functioning properly. Basically try to do a plant-based diet and do not eat three times meal, three meals per day do not do that. Super long time ago I did a video about a half day diet, half day fasting.

So I've been kind of doing it. It's it's not very strict, but when I wake up, I don't feel like I'm eating. So I just eat black tea or green tea or something, and just go on and try to make it one eight 1:00 PM, and then start eating. I might eat a little bit tiny snack when I wake up or 10:00 AM or 11:00 AM or something. But in general, I do not eat a big meal in the morning.

Tip number two, exercise, but not just regular exercise, but that he recommends alo breathe like HIIT exercise. The same as fasting exercise, is a really hard stress for the body. And then that increase the NAD+ level. My understanding from this book is that, um, basically we have to, we wanna live like old age people, hundreds of years ago, long, long, long time ago. Those people where running so hard or doing lots of exercise to fi- to make rice or lots of field work, or I don't know, getting some running away from some animal, or I don't know the detail, but always, always running all the time. Those activities are very, very good as, um, stressor, good stressor to increase NAD+ level that's fine. Regular exercise is good, but is better.

Number three, cold and hot and cold and hot, cold, hot, cold, hot temperature. When you're exposed to very, very cold temperature, it's a good stress. And then suddenly go to hot one and then come back to cold, hot, cold, hot, cold. Those temperature control every time when the temperature change, big, big change. It's a good stress according to him. So I liked doing shower, taking. shower in hot water and then finished in cold. I don't necessarily do as much as I should, but they said that the more ending just shower in cold water is really good when I started YouTube, which is like more than 10 years ago, a long time ago. At that time, I was not even talking about face yoga, but anyway, I did video about cold plounge and a hot, hot water, cold, hot, cold, hot.

That was really good. So if you haven't see me before, like I, I became very serious about the face my case, check it out. So those are three tips from David Sinclair, the professor at Harvard University about anti-aging secret. And those are things that you can do even from today. I think so why not? You might like it you might be able to continue it. By the way have you tried our face yoga app yet? If you have'nt, you're missing out. Try it because it's free download and three day free trial. And if you are interested in becoming a face yoga instructor, check my website see you in the next video. Thank you so much bye.
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