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Anti-Aging Hair Care | Twist Hair Pieces While Applying Hair Mask

Hi everyone!Today I'm going to talk about anti-aging hair care, updated version.

One of the things I started doing recently is do the hair mask and I kind of do on the regular basis but I started doing it seriously which means I’m going to show you how. The product that I've been using lately is this revive deep repair hair mask really good and it smells really good too, I'm gonna show you what it's like like this.

In my hair case I used a lot so I'm I'm gonna I'm not gonna waste it but I just wanted to show you how much I use because I have longer hair yeah, it's thinner I didn't made it being thinner because it was too much trouble to take everything lately, but still it’s long so I used like this amount maybe a la right a lot then the way to apply is a key point this is god this is a learn new learning from my another person who does say stranger vanishes like it not like she is 70 years old and she claims that her beauty secrets is like really hair it's a big part of it hard look because of course this video gosh it looks great amazing but her hair is so full so the way she does is so wash your face and things in hair and then when you apply, do like really not just that papapapapapa and not just like that because it doesn't penetrate if that's too easy so do not like really like a brushing you could almost use like some skull brush if you have I guess and do like really a lot I don't want to do from that too much on the scalp area because that can be only because I don't wash my hair every day so it depends on you but I do like really thoroughly do like this a lot yeah and then yeah of course yeah applying the mask first all over and then do like thoroughly thoroughly thoroughly thoroughly and then her secret was to get some pieces like this and then like wrap it what what's the word? twist it twist it yeah twist it then hold it and if you can you can hold it you can like like a band or something but I think it's too much trouble for me to do so I'm not going to do that she was not doing it so that's okay do like this and hold it and then she was literally doing like this one piece and then another big piece so one then another one so kind of all over.

So I did all over here so when you do it it's different look because it's the hair’s wet the hair has a mask and then so do one by one some pieces and then take at least five minutes so I started going to judge new gem that has a steam sounder which is really cool so I do this first in the shower and then go to the steam sauna and then try to stay there at least five minutes of course where the shower cap so that it stays here so and then it is really good because especially I dyed my bleached my hair color so it looks as a pigment it's really damaging it's easy to get more damaged so I need to take care of it very thoroughly so this is a perfect opportunity for me to do really good.

Because I bleached my hair it was so damaged especially at the end of the hair like yeah but now it's I don't know if you can see but it's more smoother it's more straight and it was before like more bumpy like people like it was like folded yeah like a really pip pip it was folded but now it's more like a smooth and more straight.

Then after rinsing drying her hair when you use some hair dryer I started doing more from instead of doing this from top down I starting from bottom up like this like this then my hair is more fuller I think, so from using the dryer from bottom up is better than tucked down in my case and of course massaging the scalp it's very important as well so whenever you have time like I'm in uber or something and I'm not doing anything just waiting for something and then I keep doing a lot of lots of scalp massage all over the scalp because whenever you feel good on the scalp, that area is needed needed to be relaxed in my case kind of all over the top so whenever I have time I do like this like this neck area to all over which is really good for not just a face but hair growth as well so those are three tips today anti-aging hair care one is when you do a mask like a twist it twist it twist it twist it and then like all over and then wait at least five minutes and the next one was the hairdryer not from top down but from bottom up to make it more fuller and get air in the hair and massaging any time any time has it any time as needed or any time you'd like any time when you're waiting on something.

As always, visit my website koko face to free download this yoga paper and the book and the sugar oil. Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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