Asymmetrical Body Causes Asymmetrical Face | Koko Face Yoga

Asymmetrical Body Causes Asymmetrical Face | Koko Face Yoga

Today I'm going to talk about the asymmetrical face how to fix asymmetrical face.

I've done lots of video about how to fix asymmetric offers in the past but I was just reading some Japanese book and there was some interesting information that I learned from this book. And yes so I'd like to introduce the cut some kind of a theory about asymmetrical face and how to fix those problems.

So this book says that if my you check your eyes and I think my this is high ah this writes like this right. And if that's the case if this i it's higher very likely that your shoulder this shoulder is higher to where do you think.

I don't know. I feel like this is higher but I know this book says that in general if your eyes. This side at higher. You are this shoulder is higher too. And of course if this is higher this is higher too. So it's like this like this. Like this because this eye's high and shoulders high check your face in the mirror. But do use a big mirror so that you can see your face and shoulder both and just relax your body first and then

Just drop it like this and then check your face. If if the theory is true. And there is another interesting thing in this book so check your corners of the mouth

First. Relax and then just not do not try to lift up your corners but just relax and then slowly close your mouth. Which is higher

My case. This is high a little bit right.

If so you are. Is it. I don't know. Yeah

I think this is a little bit higher right. If that's the case this. App I mean the oblique

Is. I have to. Jump because maybe I can show this change. So if so the link here. Here. Is shorter. Than

This side. According to the book. So again if this I I want out of the mouth is a little higher like this. And then

This is like this. So anyway the point is that the body and the face OK so connected and especially eye area and shoulder are so connected and also mouth area lower face and pelvis are so connected

There are multiple factors to contribute to a symmetrical face in terms of face postural facial expression habit by body posture body habit movement habit model. So much to patient asymmetrical face as well so it's important to fix body body posture if you want to have more symmetrical face.

So let's work on fast. I hate not eyesight but eye height height of the eyes. So my guess is this is a bit higher and this is lower right.

So a shoulder is like like this. Yeah. So it's like this like maybe it is.

I didn't I couldn't tell.

What do you think. Maybe. Yeah. Maybe that's right. I think this is a little bit higher don't you think. I'm just relaxing just like this. Yeah. I don't know. It's almost same to me but. Could be. This is a little odd a little bit higher according.

Same as this theory. So yeah. So I know that to fix the height of the eye fast you need to fix about the

Shoulder height. Right. So you know that to do that.

My suggestion. Exercise.

Because if the muscles are so stiff you you tend to keep this bad posture like this in the working computer out driving when you're nervous or something and keep it in a worsens so every time you go to the restroom or something and just by yourself and just relax like this then maybe exercise to be good knit and shoulder connected.

Also I be careful about the back. So when you have a like a very very heavy bag you might be using this side a lot and then this becomes tense. That shoulder becomes a tense because you're always using like this or you're always like this or so it's better to use the both shoulder as much as possible.

Also hands over this this body posture is about to because when mute when you do it. Maybe I'm doing like. Like this. So this is a higher. And then I'll hand it over right. So this really worsens the muscle traits more muscle tension and this becomes the worse and worse and worse and it's harder to fix.

Next one is the height of that mouth. So my guess I think this is a little bit higher and this is lower right. Like this.

So my pelvis is this but not this side this side is high too. According to the theory. I'm gonna check that in front of big mirror. I don't have it right now so I don't know yet but yeah it might be true. Yeah. You might be true

If you're corners of the eye the mouth is a little bit high like this. And then very likely that this corner is high to pelvis is tilted to this more higher

So that can be coming from various body posture have it for example when you sit down you cross legs and you do the same side. More way more than the other side. So if you have to cross your legs do the right alternate right side left side right side left side.

Every 10 minutes I ride 30 minutes or something like that and tried to use the both side.

Also my suggestion I learned this from my um my friend's doctor he told me that I tend to I have a tendency to just stand like this. So it's like this. So I'm using this side the more smooth. I'm using this side the more than this side. So this leg has lots and lots of tension which is not good. So you said to each side of the standing like this. Use your two two legs equally so that. Yeah. We get the same tension on the same legs. Interesting way to take your attention is you check your shoes. So this is my shoes. And then this is Maddie because I was wearing it in the rain the other day but if I carefully see that gum not gum the love. What's love about. The band. The. Soft. Part. Is this is more or less this which means I'm I'm using this side more than this.

Let me know if this theory applies to you. I would love to know because I haven't really carefully checked it because I don't have a big mirror yet so I will let you guys know. Anyway thank you very much for watching. If you're just in more Japanese and beauty health tips visit face yoga. I'll talk with interest in my practice session. Check the Web site too. And also my Instagram Facebook app Coco Ohio. Since yesterday. I said tick tock. So we'll see how long I can I can continue. But we'll see because everyone is doing it so I thought I'd like to try. I think it's I call them it's face yoga with couple. Flops being the next to get out by.
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