Back sleeping support pillow comparison

Back sleeping support pillow comparison

Today, I'll be comparing two types of back sleeping support pillows. If you're unfamiliar with the benefits of back sleeping, please check out my other video. I couldn't find many options, but I'll review the two pillows that I have found: the Sleep and Glow Aula and the Face Pillow. These pillows have unique side support to discourage side sleeping, which I find beneficial. It's worth noting that this video is not sponsored.

1. The height comparison

The Face Pillow and Aula are quite similar in height, but the Face Pillow is slightly higher, around seven centimeters. On the other hand, Aula offers an additional cushion that can be added if the height is too much for you. Unlike the Face Pillow, which has a fixed height, Aula allows for customization. With Aula, you have the flexibility to adjust the height according to your preference. By removing the cushion, you can lower it to around six centimeters. However, please note that there is a slight bump, making it challenging to determine the exact height.

2. The shape comparison

Both the Face Pillow and Aula have a very similar shape. When we examine the inside, we can see that they share similar features. There is a dent in the pillow, with a slight elevation at one end and a flat surface on the other. The Face Pillow's company suggests that the elevated part is for the neck, while the flat part is for the back. However, I personally prefer using them in the opposite way.

3. Weight

While the weight of a pillow may not be a significant factor for everyone, it's worth noting that there is a noticeable difference in weight between the two pillows. The Aula pillow is considerably heavier, approximately 1.3 to 1.5 times heavier than the Face Pillow. In contrast, the Face Pillow is lighter in comparison.

4. Breathability

When it comes to breathability, there are some notable features in both pillows, although the specific differences are not clear to me. The Aula pillow has a hole that may help improve airflow and enhance breathability. On the other hand, the Face Pillow, which is your pillow, has five intentional holes, which could also contribute to better ventilation. Generally, it is beneficial for the head to remain cool while sleeping, even if the body tends to be warmer.

5. Memory foam

I'm not an expert on memory foam, but based on my observation, it appears that the Aula pillow is slightly harder in texture, while the Face Pillow is softer. Although both pillows contain memory foam, the Face Pillow provides a more pronounced softness. If you prefer a pillow with a softer memory foam feel, the Face Pillow may be the preferable option for you.

6. The sheet

The included sheet in the package is silky and nice for both the Aula pillow and the Face Pillow. The Aula pillow has a cotton-type sheet, while the Face Pillow may have a silk sheet option. However, it's not necessary to use a specific shaped cover. Any bed sheet cover will work just fine for both pillows. In terms of height, the Aula pillow is slightly shorter than the Face Pillow, but you can adjust the height by adding the additional cushion. Personally, I prefer the Aula pillow, but both pillows are very similar, and the choice ultimately depends on your preference.


The Face Pillow and Aula pillows have several points of comparison. The Face Pillow is slightly higher in height, while Aula offers an additional cushion for height adjustment. Both pillows share a similar shape, with a dent and different elevation points. The Aula pillow is notably heavier than the Face Pillow. In terms of breathability, both pillows have features that may contribute to better airflow. The Aula pillow has a hole, while the Face Pillow has intentional holes. The Face Pillow is softer in texture due to its memory foam, making it suitable for those who prefer a softer feel. The included sheets for both pillows are of good quality, but any bed sheet cover can be used. Overall, while there are slight differences between the pillows, they are quite similar, and the choice depends on individual preferences.
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