Before/After In 5 Years | How And Where Face Yoga Exercises Changed My Face

Before/After In 5 Years | How And Where Face Yoga Exercises Changed My Face

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about what changed in my face since I studied becoming very serious about face yoga exercises. So as you can see um this is the same cloth that I was wearing like five years ago today's what 2019 right so it was like 2014 which is long time ago so at that time I was 35 years old and right now I'm this year I'm 40 years old so even at the time I was this was filmed in Japan and I was doing YouTube and I was introducing some kind of face training equipment or something like that so I was doing some exercises but not as serious as now because I didn't know much about it I mean I knew it a little bit but two years ago I took face yoga instructor course certification course in Japan and then I started really serious about in learning about exercises more and more and then started teaching here so at that time five years ago I was doing at some kind of exercises but not as much as now and I didn't know much about it.

The biggest change that I received from face yoga exercises since five years ago is I think it's more heart shaped here it was I think I have more TMJ pain here at that time five years ago and I was grinding a little bit and yeah I had a tension because at that time I didn't know about TCH Teeth Contact Habit TCH is a bad thing so when if you have TMJ pain or some kind of tension here you might be doing TCH when your face is resting which you should not so please don't apathy no artist should not be touching when your face is resting yeah so some depth doctors dentist in Japan they said TCH is worse than grinding and because grinding is maybe like 10 minutes 5 minutes or I don't know 15 minutes or some 20 minutes or something in at night but if your face is right when your face is resting all the time and then tease apart it's not is touching that is a much less tension but it's longer hours so it gives more tension in here it gives more TMJ pain and overdeveloped this jaw line here and as you can see my before photo I think I have more I mean the body is kind of say maybe I gain weight I don't know it's almost saying around yeah but this way is more like more developed over developed here because this is overworking muscle and I was over working the overall image from here that's why I had more like notely like this heart shaped more like square shape face I think.

Another interesting difference from five years ago is like I feel like my eyes a little bit bigger don't you think I mean at that time five years ago I had already eyeliner permanent makeup so I think I'm wearing it I'm at that time I was wearing some makeup but it's kind of same right so I had permanent makeup by the time I filmed this five years ago and I still have it and I wear makeup eyeliner so makeup the same but I think eyes a little bit bigger because of because I learned the importance of using this muscle instead of not using forehead muscle.

With age, the eye muscle become weak so when you open your eyes a little bit bigger or look up or something we tend to use to use this muscle instead of this muscle so it's important to train this muscle and let's do the exercise!

First relax your face and I realize that my my nails are messy but never mind, relax and then pinkies forehead phrase your forehead with fingers and pinkies are on eyebrows yeah this is very important because when you open eyes that's big as possible and squint all to squint or to squint we're gonna do three times but during the repetition please make sure that your eyebrows are not moving and if you touch your fingers the pinkies is on on eyebrows you could easily tell the eyebrows are moving or not so let's do it!

Open that's because possible without moving forehead without lifting up eyebrows and then slowly squint try to lift lower lower lid eyelid as much as possible almost close but do not close again and then slowly open but do not move your eyebrows again as big as possible and then slowly squint lower eyelid lift up do not move your eyebrows almost close your eyes but do not close yet and then slowly open slowly slowly open as big as possible but without moving eyebrows and then last once slowly squint lower eyelid lift up do not move your eyebrows no do not close any wrinkles on your forehead… hooo! Every time I do I get wet because this is very intense ok yeah so this is a really good exercise to wake up only use this only muscle not anywhere else.

Other difference I think is more full of cheeks maybe I gain more weight I don't know but I met a really nice instructor in Japan she has a beautiful cheekbones and she's fifty something and I was totally adore her I mean impressed and I got so into her and she's really amazing and she taught me the importance of high cheek flaw cheekbones since then I'm doing lots of like this oh ahh… okay so let's do it oh ah… you don't have to say oh a but ohh waah show upper teeth at least eight, feel your cheekbone then tuck the lower lip inside then 1,2 3,4,5 ,6,7,8,9,10… and keep it as long as possible I think ten seconds but you don't have to do you could do ten seconds or more ten seconds is just a rule of thumb it just yeah just guideline but you can do longer and I think I don't know how many times I do her day maybe just could be just one day or twice but I had an alternate forehand side each or at the same time and I, I don't know I just do it because sometimes when I'm tired I feel gravity in my cheeks, I feel my face is sagging I feel it then I lift up reset the gravity again against the gravity which is so important there are more other exercises this was was our cheeks and another one, middle chick in a cheek and the more inner inner cheek exercises so check out the videos or as well if you're interested in.

Also I think the higher flaw cheek bone is made made by maintained by lift up chewing system so what is a lift up chewing system I just named it so when you eat it instead of a mmmmmm.. cheek I mean chew the thing the foods by using cheeks instead of mouth and of course mouth it's gonna move but try to just imagine that your cheeks are fighting and chewing the food.

Other interesting differences actually this is not from five years ago back to this even last year two things happen to me especially when I smile so this is very interesting when I smile I was I'm gonna use my yeah I was able to see one two three four one two three four only and but now because maybe I smile use more by using more this cheek muscle I may able to see a little bit of a one two three four five, one two three four five. A fifth teeth, fifth tooth, teeth one one so it was not happening last year but somehow I'm not really trying to sleep smile crazy but somehow I'm able to show let's see a little bit of fifth teeth which is a big improvement for me because I always wanted to do that but I couldn't last year but somehow this year I'm able to do maybe because of the lift up in the system or more exercises and more away over the tank posture maybe so many reasons but that was an interesting change.

Last difference, actually this is another another one from last year not from five years ago one from last year is I reduce this line when I slab article not this horrid miselabial line but the horizontal one which I really didn't like and didn’t know what to do but when I noticed oh my gosh it's gone it's totally dramatically still there but the reduced which I'm so happy about. I believe it those lots of exercises and lift up chewing at the same thing yeah trying to posture many things get the credit to this result. Since five years ago so many things happening so many things happen and of course I've aged five years so unfortunately there are some aging symptoms happen for example my forehead is much skinnier I get more eleventh eye even though I try not super duper super duper duper careful I get some a little bit of line here and like cross feet temples or skinnier as well and yeah but um it's okay because that's a natural aging process and I know how to fix it so I believe in my method and other people's method as well so I keep learning and keep introducing so please stay tuned.

If your interested in the other exercises check my website Koko to free download the paper and the book sugar oil and app is coming soon so please sign up for them down there in the waiting list in the description below. Thank you so much! Stay up on the next video! Bye!
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