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Browgasm Relax Tension With Face Yoga, Shiatsu, Release, Guasha, Abd Fascia Release!

Hi my name is Koko I'm a face yoga instructor and my name is Monouk and I am the founder of Superselium and a brow expert and his Bruce! konichiwa!

We are here to introduce the new technic, Browgasm! Browgasm is a mixture of five great techniques starting with deep tissue massage, fascia release, face yoga, face siatsu and this amazing gwasha tools. It's only like ten minutes very quick it's actually not just for beauty sons to do to your clients but also for the clients to do on a regular basis so you're gonna learn how to teach those self-care techniques for longer lasting result.

This technique can be learned by anyone you don't have to be a professional masseuse a brow artist a beautician everything is OK we will teach you how to use your hands and stone of course and we will work all the way from the neck towards the climax of the brow because everything in in your body is connected and when we communicate we use our eyebrows to express emotion and this is one of the reason why there's so much tension stored in this area and with Browgasm we can like really relaxed is muscle and when you relax the muscle then you have like.

I think it's really important for you as a beauty expert to teach some self-care exercise to your clients in fact did you know that mega Marco learned how to do some base exercise from her beautician in New York so you're gonna learn how to fix asymmetrical brow, lift and shape and relax the tension from here all the good stuff so you will improve the result of your broad treatment. [Music]
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