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Cheek 5 Scenes

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about 5 sins in our regular lives that you should be really try to lift up your cheeks because cheekbones cheek muscles are sleeping in general I think I posted this on our Instagram if you have followed our Instagram please do because there's very interesting information there too but anyway the point is over our key muscle and sleeping muscle so chicks are sleeping and this is overarching so in my big video recently I did a video how to why you should relax gym and how to do that but when when the chin is relaxed where's where is the face tension is going to be the answer is chicks, because when chicks are up lift it up then you get less than this salavial line you look come on fuller I mean you look more positive fresh and younger yeah and everything is up so it's it's kind of underrated over look I think but it's very very important to try to keep fuller and higher chicks all the time.

There are so many exercise for chick areas and I still do that but in addition if you keep doing the right track using the right muscles for the right purposes in our regular lives in the 5 cents I'm going to talk about you might not need even exercise so let's do it.

First one is when your faces face posture I mean when your face is resting face posture keep good good face post or not bad face posture but a good one so the basic is you probably know this but tongue posture right? Tuck the back of the tongue is should be really tucked to that upper lip yeah so that's really tension when that is dissection it's happening up you get more tension in the cheek area which I like so it's easy to relax the chin muscle and imagine you're doing the good post good to face posture when your face is resting which is so many hours per day right so that's really good cheek lift static exercise.

Number two, when you're talking when you're speaking so you should not, basic number one you should not shallow like this when you're talking that's basic tip because we feel sure largest you playing it down so that's not good into too much you're losing here too much so always upper teeth only and actually exciting news not yet but we are working on the app for the cocoa face yoga app is gonna have a feature to detect your lower teeth so every time you show lower teeth on the tip, on the app you're gonna become zombie or something like that so that's exciting project that we're working on stay tuned I'm gonna announce that and also…aeiou I did video about this before so check how to speak on my YouTube channel if you wanna know more but summary is use a finger then aei, aou so when you say aeiaou never show lower teeth and if I exaggerate the fingers are like aei aou… [Music] fingers should be moving I mean you don't move the finger but just feel the movement of the area cheek area so instead of bad example aei aei aei sliding to the side or little bit down goes a bad example so always use a finger to make sure that you're stroking we're able to say aei aou, always up up up.

Next one, yawning so when you're tired sleepy or something people do I do do…ahhh…the weird face happens and I realize that this yawning it has a lot of lots of tension lots of tension is happening when you're when you do yawn and very often chin is damp Joe is moving yours muscles are moving damn right this is extremely bad if you have TMJ pain or if you can asymmetrical chin or jaw areas it's not good so the solution is when you yawn this is so weird but it works. Like this in the smile kind of a really young with the chips instead of using Joe so weird and I was I was history to do in public before but now I'm kind of used to it I do all the time even in public and I'm sure people are looking at me if they are looking at me they think I'm strange but that's okay because I'm strange in a good way so I yeah I I really don't care what other people think of me because my I wanna I'm here my about my face more than yeah other things so every time you yawn next time you you don't try to yeah I mean you don't have to do this obviously but I didn't try to you a little bit but much less like if I just say anymore if this is like 10% 100% for regular one is a hundred percent force is coming here and then if I hear it maybe it's like fifty percent is reduced or something like that so it's really helping because I don't know how many times you're on per day.

Number four, chewing, chewing lift lift up chewing system so when you eat something smaller bite you don't have big bite if you have if you get big bite like mocha on people you have to open your mouth bigger and you use jaw muscle, chin muscle too much so smaller bite and then bite bite bite bring it to the both thigh back of the teeth and then… bite bite bite bite bite bite with chicks not with mouth with the cheeks. Imagine how many times we chew every day I don't know how many times but every time I do if I'm not in public I do big big one we are version but if I'm I'm in public I do just a little bit but still I mean I'm conscious about the chin movement so it's really working.

Last one, smiling so lots of people think smiling not lots but some people think smiling calls nasalabial line which is true but if you don't smile you're gonna lose cheek muscle so it's very very important to keep smiling and yeah you just if you're concerned about this in this salabial line you just have to do you just want to do some exercise that I I think yeah just search smile line ironing or something like that on my YouTube we call it smile line ironing uh-huh not gonna talk about that but smiling it's so important so every time you smile a lot all the time or something like that you you should feel fatigue in the cheeks otherwise you're not using it some people might smile either I have a habit to check people's facial expression all the time I mean that's my job right? So I recently I was looking at some some of the profile she's beautiful but she was smiling like yeah yeah if it could saturate it should be up no so yeah actually I'm seeing her probably soon so I'm gonna tell that she's a doctor though by the way do you have many opportunities talk in front of people or keep talking talking talking like this YouTube or something like that anyone because I do all the time and I talk to in front of people all the time and then after I've stopped talking even now right now I feel fatigue here because I'm really trying to use this muscle I am sure to show upper teeth all the time so if you feel fatigue after talking that's good if you feel fatigue on the mouth area that's not good so that's indication that your true you are able to use the upper cheek muscle or muscle when you’re talking.

As always if you're interested in our exercises check my website Koko to free download the yoga paper sugar oil and the book are available on the website and app is developing we have subscription issues and it's supposed to be fixed so please try if you have trouble please email us smile at koko face @ or delete the app the phone turn on the phone and re-download the app and please try I'm really hoping it's work it would work and yeah the contents are available on fire TV, working on Roku so your review on fire TV would be really appreciated and also what else Google, Google business I started Google business and there's no review yet because it's new so your review, we appreciate it there and I think that's it! Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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