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Choose Side Sleeping Pillow for Side Sleeping

So many wrinkles, as you can see, you can move around. It's gonna prevent you from acne. It helps you close your mouth.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about the importance of choosing the right pillow for side sleeping. But wait I do back sleeping not side sleeping because back sleeping is the best. If you wanna know the benefits of back sleeping and how to train that please check the video. But today's topic is gonna be going to be a side sleeping because there are many people who tried to do back sleeping, but it's hard. It's hard, especially at the beginning, and could be because of some injury or pregnancy or whatever reason it's hard to do back sleeping. I understand. So there's some, not some many, many, many people who are doing side sleeping and I would like to talk about the importance of choosing the right pillow today. As I don't do side sleep, I asked two of my colleagues to test sleep with this special pillow, which is designed for side sleeping.

Reason number one, if you don't do use any special pillow designed for side sleep, you will cause lots of lots of sleep wrinkles like this. It's like this. And so many wrinkles, as you can see, eh, like a crow's feet around the nose, eyes, especially this skin around the eye is very, very thin. So imagine that you are causing the wrinkles one third of the day. And then of course, you gonna get more lines, especially the eye area, not just that, the nose and the nasolabial line like this, and showing cupid jowl here. My face is terrible. So, but if you use this kind of, this is a sleep and glow pillow, which I received in exchange for honest review and sponsor sponsoring this video. But if you do this, use this, there's a pad here and here. So when you side sleep, it's not gonna, it's not going to be, um, touching that side of the face.

If the wrinkle is like here or here, it's very random area that is not gonna stay there because it's, you not gonna have wrinkle like this, unless any, you have some special condition. But, um, if it's like this, see this line, this is the same as expression line and see this crow's feet. This is same as expression line and this jowl nasolabial line. This is same as expression line. So the expression lines get deeper and deeper and deeper when you're sleeping. So when you wake up, you're not going to have good face.

Reason number two, if you don't use any special pillow like this, and then the skin, in addition to wrinkles, you gonna stretch the skin, especially around here like this, or could be here too. But, um, I'm more worried about the eye area because the skin is thin. And then imagine it's like this one third of the day when you're sleeping. Um, so you imagine that you do like this and then you might think, oh, my eyes is lifted. My eyebrows is lifted. So that's good. That's not true because your unnecessary stretching all the time. So when you wake up, you lose this fab, um, the pillow, and then it comes back right? Like back then, the stretched skin stretched skin shows as sagging because you lose the support. And unlike other bigger muscle in the body, if you just stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, stretch, the smaller muscle in the face. It's not gonna come back. It's not, it's not gonna get, you're not gonna get the elasticity back. Elasticity is gone. Same as like a band, this hair band or something band like a stretch stretch, stretch, stretch, and then it's gonna break.

You not gonna get the elasticity back. Unfortunately, so, uh, to be honest, I'm worried about the ring. Um, I'm worried about the stretching part than wrinkles. By the way, side story. But I've seen on tiktok or something. Sometimes you use tape to lift up your face and they say like Hollywood secrets or something like that. It might be okay as a temporary effect, but for long term, it's bad because you are stretching the skin and you gonna lose the elasticity.

Number three, special pillows like this is gonna prevent you from acne. Because when you sleep, you might apply lots of face cream, moisturizer, serum or so many things. And then, but if you use regular pillow like this, the serum on the skin is gonna be absorbed on the pillow. And unless you wash the pillow, unless you, you replace the pillow every single day, this the cream on the pillow, it's gonna get oxidized. And then you keep using the dirtier, dirtier, dirtier pillow, and you gonna get acne. So if you use special pillow like this, there's a space and it's not touching. So it's much safer.

Number four, it helps you close your mouth because I'm testing like this. So if you do like this, you, you, my head is on this. What's the word here bump not bump instead of a bump hole right? Hole here. So you, you, your face is kind of fixed here and it's easy to close your mouth. I think, I mean, again, I don't, I don't use this because I cannot do side sleep. So I tested with the, I asked my colleague to test it and, um, I believe it's easier to mouth close, according to their opinion. I did video why you should close your mouth when you sleep and super important for beauty and health. So if you haven't checked my video yet, please try, please check it out. But again, this is one of the most exciting part of this pillow, because it's so important to close your mouth. And I use a tape to be honest because I don't use this, but if you use this, maybe you don't need tape. Cause it's easy to close the mouth.

Number five, this pillow is good for back sleeping as well. So maybe when you sleep, start falling, falling sleep, you do like this. And then you move around this side and this side you have to move around. It's important for health. You not gonna stay here eight hours per day. Um, it's especially for symmetrical body and face. It's important to do the both side, not just one side sleep, both side sleep. So because this pillow is designed for back sleep as well. It's easily you can move around like this and like this. So that's a good part too. By the way, super exciting news to me. But the same company sleep, sleep and glow, they launched new pillow.

This one back sleeping pillow. This was more exciting to me because I don't do, I don't do a side sleep. I do back sleep. So I like this a lot because the neck part is lower. Um, yeah, so it's not gonna be like this, but like this, maybe just me, I don't know but I'm a petite person one five two centimeter height, less than five feet. So I'm maybe my body, everything is a little bit smaller than average. And then sometimes I have to do like this, but if I use this, I don't have any neck pain when I wake up, I used to have it a little bit because it's, the height is the more lower it suits me. And the cool thing about this is they have got some layer you can add on top of the pillow like this.

So if you wanna make it higher, actually you're supposed to, you're supposed to use sleep like this. This is a neck part, but I somehow, I didn't like this part. So I use the other side and you can control the height by adding this layer. But I personally, I don't use this. I use sleep like this. So those are five reasons why you should choose some special pillow like this, um, designed specifically for side sleep. If you do side sleep. And if you do back sleep, you might wanna check this out too. The pillow information is in description box below. Happy side sleeping tonight If you do side sleep bye.
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