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Classic Tape Method That Still Works

You can buy for this same purpose, but I think this medical tape is much cheaper and it's more available. So I hear a lot of positive comments from the people who actually do this.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to talk about three classic tape method that still works for anti-aging. The tape I'm using is regular 3M tape but for medical use, not the regular DIY paper craft, regular tape but the medical use. And I like silk tape. If you just start silk tape, this one that I'm using is in description box below, just search my, just find my Amazon shop link. But if you just start silk tape or something like that, you get the, this kind of medical tape. And then the good thing about this medical tape, silk tape is that when you, when you, when you take it off, it's easier than regular, other regular tape. Because when you put some stuff on the tape on your skin, then when you remove it, you don't wanna damage the skin. If it's too much sticky, too sticky, it can damaging. It can be skin damaging. That's why I like silk tape.

The tape method that I'm still doing every single day method number one, lip seal so you get something like probably I use like this amount, maybe like one to three centimeter or something depends on your mouth. But I use very, uh, yeah, three centimeters or something, very little small one like this, and then just lip seal when you sleep, of course, you don't do this when you're awake, but when you sleep, I need to keep my lips sealed tight, not tight, but lightly close all the time for nose breathing and other anti-aging purpose. And I think I did a video about that. So check my other video, if you haven't, if you don't understand why you should be doing those breathing when you're sleeping and it's super, super, super important to keep it sealed on when you're sleeping.

Because if it's open, you're gonna stretch the skin and you get, you can get jawl. And also, but most importantly, more importantly, for health reasons, you wanna do nose breathing and, but anyway, get something like this and then just seal it. You don't, you don't have to, in my opinion, you don't really have to make it really tight, just lightly touching it helps and then just sleep. And then when you wake up, generally take it off because this is a silk tape. It's easier to, it's not really skin damaging, but you just have to be a little bit careful when you take it off. I really like this simple method. So I've been doing almost every single day. Sometimes I forget because I'm too sleepy to do it. And then, but the good thing about this is because I'm doing every single day, it remembers to keep you seal.

So sometimes I forget, but it's still close when I wake up. So it can, it helps reprogram the facial muscles, the orbicularis oris muscle to, to rest in close position when you're sleeping. Even without this, if you do this there, um, on a regular basis. By the way, if the tape is too sticky for you, when you take it off. And then if that's the case, before you put it on, reduce the viscosity, viscosity of the tape on purpose, by attaching on your shoulder, or I don't know, hand or arm or somewhere else and then do it.

Tape method mumber two, 11th for this method, you can do this when you are awake and sleeping both. In Japan, there are multiple tape that you can buy for this same purpose. But I think this medical tape is much cheaper and it's more available. So I like it because I cannot go to Japan easily anymore because of the pandemic I'm trying next year though, next year I mean 2021.

I'm shooting this is December end of the year, I don't know when it will be published, but anyway, you get this tape maybe like this, and then you attach, stick the tape on here like this. And then if you like, you can do one more like this and then like a crossing, just be careful do not touch, do not touch the oh, do not touch the eyebrow because you don't wanna, when you tear off, you don't wanna remove the eyebrow hair right? So just not attaching, I'm just lightly doing it. You might wanna do like little bit like this so that it doesn't touch the eyebrow like this and cross. So cross like this. So one, two, but just by touching like this and then muscle, muscle kind of relaxes, that's fine. There are some kind of products like this. Um, it's, it's like this, you do this, but it's the same thing as this, right?

So I don't think we need this and just touching helps relax the facial muscle. That's the point. So if you are sleeping, sometimes you get nightmare. And when you wake up, you have lot, some deep lines here. If that's the case, you really want to relax the facial muscles, especially here. So you do this and then just sleep to help. I hear lot of good, positive comment, feedback from the clients that I do this method personally, I don't do this because I don't have that big, deep line. So personally I don't do it, but I hear a lot of positive comments from the people who actually do this. In fact, you can do this when you're awake too. Why do we do this? Because if you are having tape like this and then cause tension and then cause wrinkle 11th on purpose, and then you notice more easily so that you don't need a mirror to check your facial expression all the time.

Because when you are doing probably during this 11th line, facial expression habit too, unconsciously right? So you wanna be reminded that every time you do so that you can stop it. So this is a good way to train. I mean, good way to be notified every time you do. So just touching here, the tape is just a medical, regular tape. It doesn't have any Botox effects or anything or anything like that. So it's not, it's not the tape itself. It's not gonna fix the wrinkles, but it helps relax the facial muscles and helps you not be noticed every time you cause the wrinkle because you're supposed to not be doing it.

The tape method number three, not the 11, but the horizontal lines on forehead. So in the same idea as the 11th, you want to relax it. So you can do this when you're sleeping and when you're awake, both, you will just stick it here. And then every time you do this, the tape tells that, the tape tells you that you are doing it. So it helps you train not to do it. And also when, probably this is a, I mean, it's okay for sleeping, but I'm not sure if you are doing this one when you're sleeping, but I just hear from some clients that do this and then this, um, this line is iron when you're sleeping. So it's, uh, it's helping to reduce the lines. It's like a memory form. So if, if you iron it every single day when you're sleeping and then the muscle is relaxed and the is like a memory, please let me know if you try it. If you have any good result or not, I would liked to know your, your result. Anyway, I really love this lip seal one so, if you don't wanna try this, if you don't have to do this, you don't have to cause I'm not doing it either.

But please try this. If you think your mouth is open when you're sleeping, because this is like super long, and then it's just very short. So this last forever, not forever, but maybe like three months, five months, six months, one year even. I don't know. But I mean, I've been liking, I've been liking it so much. There are some other companies who sell this kind of a special tape formulated for the specifically for designed for the lip seal purpose, but I've tried it, but it's good. Yeah, it's, it's, uh, it may be a little bit better than this because it's easier to seal and yeah, but it's a super expensive and this is like only $3 or something and it lasts long time. So I really like it highly recommended. If you haven't checked our face yoga app yet, please try it. It's free download and three days free trial available for one year subscription. And also I'm doing face yoga instructor certification if you're interested in becoming teaching, uh, teaching instructor to help other people achieved the best version of your face. Check my website thank you so much see you in the next video bye.
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