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Create Almond Shaped Eyes | Face Shiatsu To Break Down Knots, Aegyo Sal Exercise, Etc

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to talk about almond shaped eyes. This was recommended by our viewers so I wanted to know what it is first of all coz I didn't know. According to online thing, says, almond shaped eyes have a smaller eyelid and a longer and widow's them they're round just like an almond. I still don't understand so let's see another thing.

Another article says that their eyes with oval shape over shape that are slightly upturned at the outer corner, okay that's easier to understand. Yeah, so I'm going to do three exercises to create more almond shaped eyes let's try it.

Number one, face shiatsu massage to reduce tension around the eye, with tension a lots of tension is happening here because we are always thinking, go in front of computer, eyes have fatigue, lots of things and lots of tension muscle not is happening around the eyebrows and I area so we need to break down we need to reduce the tension so that eye opens more bigger.

There are many acupoints around the eyes but we're gonna focus on two most important acupoints here and here. Use your thumb joint, second joint of the thumb and then do like this it's a around like here yeah the first one is here it's a little bit like below the, little bit below the eyebrow yeah it's around here between the eyeball, I mean the eyeball and here do not damage the eyeball because that's that's damaging I don't want to do it's almost touching that it's kind of touching the eyebrow but a little bit below that has lots of tension and sometimes I haven't still figure mastered yet but I can feel muscle not like this big rock is happening in here, our surprised that I had it is it was so big and sometimes I can’t find it I cannot always find it but I've tried on some other people and sometimes I can’t find it so there's a rock in here it's very very tiny but obviously it's a rock and I hope I hope you'll be able to fill the rock if you have failed a rock just try to reduce them like circle try to make like a zigzag zigzag zigzag or circle and try to break them reduce the size of the not even if you don't have them find a lot that's okay you might feel pain which means lots of tension is happening there so we need to reduce the pain it should be not too painful but it's like a good pain.

Do one minute let's do it, like here, like this, but another one thing that I like you to be careful when you do it don't like this and cause the wrinkle here, I don't like that so use the other finger to like a stretch a little bit so that you do not cause a wrinkle yeah then ziggazaggazoo, I'm doing like around here zico zico zico zico zico and try move a little bit around the hair to try to find a knot muscle knot yeah secrets a good zico zico zico zico take them and are doing one minute, my phone is not showing okay yeah 30 more seconds…zico zico zico zico do you feel the pain? it's very painful to me and obvious for you to have to do the other side and so oh yeah I found it I found it like a tick yep that this is a muscle not once you find it really try to catch it because it's hard to find it, yeah I feel that sound by touching the muscle knot here yeah as I found it I'm gonna do a little bit longer yeah this could be like the wrong thing the most important thing is do not cause a wrinkle so use the other finger here yeah I feel it, it's it's like what is this it's like here here but for real I'm spit, I'm attaching a little bit below the eyebrow but obviously it depends on everyone everyone's eyebrows different, eye shape is different so I don't know where the knot is but I hope you will find it it's painful but it's good thing.

Okay let's move on to the other side, so it's a run here and again use the finger to use here second joint of thumb and then do not cause on the wrinkle on the elevens then yeah oh I feel that not again here I've been kind of trying to find that muscle not almost every day so I'm becoming better to find it, now I lost it, so do it one minute… if using a non dominant hand is harder for you to do it you can do dominant hand but again do not do not do not pose wrinkle on the forehead on the eleventh area so use the other finger so that you know cause recall the action this is easier for me what you can do like this - actually this is easier for me yeah I got a lot yeah not once you find a lot really try to tackle it, yeah one minute I don't know how long how many seconds more but yeah it's like this yep ziggazaggazoo it's very very small look man so you don't pull that skin too much it's very tiny movement.

Okay now let's move on to the lower this is another important acupoint yep so use the joint again and then I'm gonna do here this is yeah and then one minute this one don't zigzag really try to really press press yeah, here it's like here, do not damage the eyeball just around here and then slowly press… yeah mm-hmm then because I'm sweating a little bit it moves a little bit so move a little bit from the lower part because it goes up so slowly crash and let's do the other side you might see a little bit redness but it's very very temporary it's not causing friction so that's okay as long as you you're not you're not doing like this big one you're not causing a friction so you do not need any face cream or a lubricant yes you can close your eyes if you if it you want to relax there are eyes - mm-hmm okay I feel my eyes a little bit open what do you think?

Number two, to create more oval shape which means that this part is bigger right? and in order to do that my favorite aegyo sal and lower eyelid exercise lower eyelid lift up aka a aegyo sal exercise well in case you don't know what aegyo sal, ahmm how I am going to…okay that's like this area a little bit like a smaller tiny eye bag this big one you don't want to have it a smaller one you want to have it because if you have developed lots of good muscle on the lower eyelid you should see some line here and it's a really cute because that makes your eyes look bigger and prevent eyebag also really a more defined eye look because eye becomes bigger not just because this I guess all but I itself becomes bigger because of the muscle so let's do it.

First use your finger in the middle one is inside to prevent wrinkles and then the other one is here to prevent our crow's feet and also when you do lower either lift up like like this try to move the outer one because that's the sleeping part most most of the time so try to first we're gonna look up 45 degree up and try to move only lower eyelid try to lift up lower only lower eyelid, up down up down… I'm doing my eyebrows up just 45 degree up but do not move anything forehead or eyebrow anything like that just use the lower eyelid muscle and up down up down… 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10… okay and this time next, we're gonna look 45-degree down and do the same thing this time because we are looking down you should see some movement in here but I gained normally the eyebrows no move your forehead let's do it again okay so again try to move the outer lower I did especially up down up down, three four go look shit-hot cute joo… and then last one look just look at the camera or something, screen, and then let’s do it again, up up.. some she go look she's hot cute jooo.. okay that's it! and if you become pro you don't use finger if you think you're not causing wrinkle here I still have wrinkle here so I'm used often here but touching helps the brain to tell that we are trying to lift up more outer muscle here.

Number three cat eye because for almond shape it's an oval shape but the outer corner the eyes should be a little bit turned up right so let's do I did a feel I did this video recently so you know this but you might notice but let's do their cat eye exercise so to make the outer corners open just a little bit turned up so use your fingers like this and then the other one come up and then wink wink but not just regular wink.

Regular wink is the upper eyelid and lower eyelid this is like equally closing right it's not that what are we trying to do is use really outer corner here up yeah so up and it you can use lift up a little bit like up up up up to tell the brain way that we are doing this up motion just a little bit but try really try to move this area as much as possible then up down up down um she go look shit, you see I'm my fingers are moving not just because a little bit I'm trying to move this area but I think intentional a little bit my fingers are moving up to help support the lift up motion so go look shit cut cute joo… so by by using this hand here we are kind of stopping the crowd if you have crow's feet you can do more here to stop it or if you don't have the crow's feet it's okay like that on the temple but try to fix here so that you move only this area and of course let's do the other side so up knee some she go look sheet touch cute jus and you can do 10 times or 20 times 30 times but better to do like too too toooo… that's too too fast so do it slowly like 1 2 3 4 and really try to move here that's the key for cat eye.

So those are three exercises you can do to create your um make your eyes a little bit more arm on the shape I hope it helps a little bit also I want to ask you a favor if you're a nice person if you have time please sign up for my class at the yoga Expo next year January 4th in LA even if you cannot make it because the more sign up on the website in the its in the description below but put the more sign up I get, the person, the instructor who has a biggest number of the sign up we'll move to the biggest stage to teach so I'm very excited to I would love to teach my face yoga exercise at the biggest space 4000, its accommodate more than thousand people so I would like to try that but I need your help to do that because I need lots of sign up so if you nice enough and and please please do that sign up because I really need your help! Thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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