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Create Cat Eye or Fox Eye by Face Yoga Exercises

Before-after see the eye size difference, same person.

Hi everyone. Today, I'm going to do another workout, face yoga exercise to create more cat eye. I did a video about how to create cat eye like this one in the couple month ago or something. So if you haven't watched that, please do because at the end of the video, we are going to do face yoga workout with BTS dynamite by combining the multiple exercises. So the original one, this one is very good, but I feel like a little bit harder to feel the movement of the outer orbicularis oculi muscle. Basically, we tried to lift up this outer eye muscle here, and it's very, very tiny one. So it's hard to do it. So this one I hope is gonna be a little bit easier.

First, wash your hands and then put your fingers on the crow's feet area, because this is the one, this is the one we are trying to lift up, so, and then feel it. And then also prevent crow's feet. We don't want to cause more wrinkle by doing the exercise. So even if you don't cause crow's feet, I suggest you put it here so that you feel the movement. And then this time wink,wink,wink, wink but not just regular wink, but try to lift up here instead of both. Instead of lifting down, lifting down, instead of putting the, bringing the upper lid down, don't worry about don't think about the upper lid, worry about this lower outer here is up, up, up, even though both moves. So let's do it. Put your fingers on the crow's feet and then wink, but I'm trying to, wink if I exaggerate, wink, wink, something like that, you do not have to stretch like you don't want to stretch the skin. So just simply touch it to prevent crow's feet and feel the movement of the malaris muscle, malaris muscle.

If you haven't watched that, please do. It's important to know where the malaris muscle is. Um, then do slowly. You don't want to do big, big, big, and it's too fast, if it's too fast, you not gonna feel it cause it's tiny, tiny sensitive small muscles slower the better. So it's like this wink, wink, wink, wink, wink ,wink but not just regular wink, but I'm trying, lifting up a little bit, not the fingers, but the muscle underneath the skin is trying to lift up, up. that's the most important thing. We gonna do the wink exercise. And then we gonna combine, we gonna do the previous exercise, which is this, but we don't have time to do this finger. So basically wink, wink, wink, wink this version and the previous one wink, uh not wink, but lower eyelid lift up, up, up, up, see, up, up, up, up with the mo not the mouth with the eyes open, but try to lift up here. And the third version is two at the same time. So one, first one is wink, wink. Second one is similar to wink, but the eyes open up, up, up, up and the third one is two at the same time up. Okay. Let's do it.

So watch me [inaudible] shoes on [inaudible] sing song when I'm walking home, jump up to the top like Lebron, ding dong call me on my phone iced tea and a game of ping pong. [Inaudible] bring a friend join the crowd, world up talk the talk. Just [inaudible] [inaudible]

Okay. I'm tired. So I quit. It's about two minutes, more than two minutes. So if you do this on a regular basis, you gonna have, you gonna develop stronger muscle here so that you will have more cat eye and a foxy eye, and you will not be concerned about sagging eye drop. Training other side of orbicularis oculi eye muscle is so important because it's super, super, super duper sleeping. You know, there are two kinds of muscles, sleeping muscles and overworking muscles if you haven't watched that. Please do it cause it's important to know the difference. Anyway, for example, this is before, after, before, after see the eye side's difference, same person. Yeah. So Japanese love it because we wanna have bigger eyes. Not just that, it's gonna lift up. So you will not have any eye bag. You will not have saggy eyelid, um, the hollow, you will not have that.

And lift up the little bit brows too. And reduce the forehead because the cause of forehead wrinkles, the Botox line is because eye muscle is weak. We tend to overuse the forehead muscle. So if you train this guy, you not gonna, you can keep it relaxed on forehead. So you will not have to pay for Botox. Have you free downloaded this yoga paper yet? If you haven't, you're missing out. So please do in our website and the sugar oil is available, book is available. Face yoga app is available we gonna we produced, no produce offer you personalized menu for your concern. And it has a reminder features if you wanna be reminded to do on a regular basis every day and tracking system is coming up soon. Lots of good new features. So stay tuned. Thank you so much see you on the next video bye.
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