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Create Cat Eyes | Canthal Tilt Up With Face Yoga Exercise

Up two three…


Hi Everyone, Today I’m going to talk how to create cat eyes when I was kid my nickname was Fox in Japan because or they don't call me Fox but it's called Ethernet in Japanese he'll call me today because my my cat I this town thought it was so high and both are very high but and with age it kind of goes down because everything is start sagging no we don't want to do that so that's why I winged up I would like to introduce this exercise.

I have introduced this before maybe couple years ago but I wanted to do it again because it's more updated information okay so let's do it we're gonna do one by one because we you need to do wink wink it's better to do in front of mirror though but anyway so first what you're gonna do is put your hands and then put your finger here and then it's like a lower eyelid lift up the one oh I always do Laura it's very very similar to lower eyelid lift up exercise but it's not the same complete the same it's more like I'm trying to lift up up outer really outer like not to here but more like here so use your finger like this and then weak weak weak link but if I just just regular wink just wink is happening that doesn't doesn't do anything it's not effective so it's basically in a wink but trap when you we try to lift up this area a plank wake wake wink so if you have to pull crow's feet hold it - to prevent the crow's feet you could do like this as you could do like this to prevent a crow's feet but uh it's a little bit I heard that it's a little bit hard to some people have a hard time to bring it up because of the shoulder issue or something and then if that's the case you can just do like this and then you could again also prevent the crow's feet together like this but basically trying to move the lower note the outer lower outer what's the name of this area it's not the island even it’s outside of the eyelid you know what I mean right this area so put the finger here and then link up so this time really try to like move your fingers on purpose to train the brain that you're supposed to move lift up here so let's do one two three oh sorry see I'm moving my finger on purpose right now six seven eight nine hmm and then I have about happy to close finish off this one is the one in in in in and close wrinkle it's a little bit the little bit out and up.

In my case you might not have to do this depending on your eyes so you yeah check your face and but my case a little bit out and up up and ten seconds or ten times so this time this okay so you did the moving with finger right on purpose and then this time you not gonna try to move this finger you try to move lift of the muscles but you know that to feel the movement put the figures here and then try again so out and up two three four five six seven eight nine like this do you feel it this is kind of down mostly one of the most important exercises I when I like I couldn't do it so I kind of gave up but I got some requests about um kept I and I studied the game and I the more the more you do the more you feel like because this is super sleeping area it's very very difficult but let's do the other side okay so again this is have two sets one is the on purpose you move it so let's do that one this one somehow I don't have a tension in here so I don't have to really pull I'm just putting my finger like this anyway wink wink not just regular wink but trying to lift up this area up up up up five six seven eight nine okay now do not move your thing finger on purpose and try to move this muscle only two three four five six seven eight nine I feel a little bit here the more you do the more you will get used to when we do makeup it's always kept I there is no dog.

I sometimes they do the saggy one a little bit but it's not that much always upright so we want to lift up the council tilt so if you're concerned about it if you want to keep the beautiful jet I of you want to have it I suggest you do this exercise if your interested other exercises visit my website to free download this yoga paper book and the sugar or and we launched AI Koko recently we're still building more database but you basically used to be able to ask any question and our AI Koko will give you some exercise video or if you if it's not a mail us your messages and we will answer manually hopefully. it's it's yeah if we will be really good soon so stay tuned but it's already launched so please try just put your poker face over the phone and there there's an AI Koko somewhere just pops up so just talk to me thank you so much you next video bye.
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