Create Cupid"S Bow With Eyelash Glue | Hold The Shape To Let The Skin Remember The Form

Create Cupid"S Bow With Eyelash Glue | Hold The Shape To Let The Skin Remember The Form

Hi everyone, today we're going to create Cupid's bow with some glue. Before we do that with glue let me talk about five areas in your face that should be more 3D look I don't know how to in it in English I don't know how to explain but it's like a mountain and bumped and in out in out in there are five areas that you should have this out in out in shape, 3D shape to make you look younger and fresher.

First one is eyelid, double eyelid, even if you don't have an eyelid double eyelid that's monolith it's fine as long as it looks like looking supple and more what's the word elastic and the fresh not like sang King and saggy this one is a so there's a like what's the word eyelid and then in, because there's the eyelid double eyelid and then double eyelid part is out and in so that's one 3D and the next one is aegyo sal, demikoro in Japanese this one out and in not this big eyebag but this smaller one is called aegyo sal in Korean in which you should have and so this is out in in so that's the number two.

Number three is cheekbone higher cheekbone not lower but the higher cheekbones should be out and in and this Cupid’s ball out, out and in and out and in so there are two 3D here and the last one is upper eyelid should be like dark lip out not like this but out.

So let me talk about the lip area because we talked about Cupid's bow today but with age this elasticity decreases worsens and then this become more flat and then when that becomes flat you're not gonna have the line Cupid's bow anymore so you should if you wanna look younger you should have a Cupid's bow and if your teenager or something and then you hate Cupid's bow you will miss it in the future so don't worry about it too much I know I have a talk with lots of young people and they say oh I have too much Cupid's bow and I don't like it you might not like it now but you will appreciate it in the future so don't worry about it.

So this one yeah so with age become flat and yea mature people they don't have it or very very less and then when this came becomes very loose and weak and saggy you get a tiny wrinkle because there's nowhere to go that leftover skin is like nowhere to go and show us wrinkle so the skin should be kind of fold folded into this spot that's the purpose of the Cupid's bow.

In my all the video I did some exercise to create Cupid's bow so if you're interested in exercises please search that on my YouTube channel but today we're gonna use glue so this is a very interesting experiment I'm kind of trying and to be honest I have not done, I have not experienced a long enough to see good result yet but in logically I think it works so let's use glue if you have this is this glue is for actually eyelash.

It does not have to be this brand, this is a Japanese one but put the eyelash glue into the Cupid's ball like this yeah haha like this and then creates Cupid's bow with hand, hold it hold it hold it like this and then close it then when you do it I don't want you to put down but look up just a little bit up a little bit hold it Cupid's bow and then up because you wanna have the duck lip and then hold it like ten seconds or something and my recommendation is to well do this and then keep it longer then sleep so do it before sleep if you really want to have your Cupid's eye keep it separate Cupid's bow and sleep so that you don't have to make any facial expression because if I do like this it's like this and if I talk because I'm using more muscle here so it's gonna it's gonna change so keep it and ah hold it and up and then straight it's weird yeah but you will it will not stay this will not stay long time it will change but the point is I'm gonna talk, but the point is that you the muscle in the skin remembers if you keep doing the same thing over and over and for example I hear lots of people use some glue to create what sort eye, double eyelid and if you keep doing it long, many days it remembers the skin remembers muscle remembers so the same thing I think applies to the muscle Cupid's bow as well but they're important you keep it hold it and up duck lip and then sleep or you don't have to sleep but you do it when you're not making any facial expressions, like this is a bad example because I'm talking to you right now so I'm smiling and something's breaking now it's changing so do it when you're by yourself and not talking or not doing any facial expressions and keep it as long as possible and try every day and I would like to see how your result because I haven't explained experiment as long enough.

I actually thought tape my work as well, so let me try that use the tape and then tape it a little bit loose here and then create inside the tape not like this but make it like mountain and then create the create ball the light it's the same thing same thing. So this is kind of a same thing as glue whichever you prefer if you're very interested in and then keep it as long as possible but you cannot keep this hands on long time so hold it and then sleep or work on computer or read book or something and they do not make any facial expressions as long as possible and then you should do it on a regular basis ideally every day to see result if it's just one or two times I don't think you're gonna see any result yeah so this is just an experiment.

I'm gonna try for a while for a few days and if I seek a result I will keep you guys updated even if I don't seek result maybe I will update it but I'd love you to try it and let me know on the comment because I would love to know.

But seriously technically I think it works if you do on the regular basis because this kind of thing works on double eyelid to create double eyelid. I hear a lot I see a lots of comments that people use something like this and create double eyelid and the regular basis and then we eat now without the eyelid that without the glue it stays as double eyelid so I really think it works if you if you do on a regular basis.

Next video is gonna be regular tutorial so stay tuned and as always if you're interested in other exercises check my website Koko face - free download the Yoga paper and the book in sugar oil then app is available also we launch the channel on fire TV and Come Rocky's coming up so please leave a good review because we don't have review yet I mean, thank you so much! See you in the next video! Bye!
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